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Five-star safety ratings. Innovative technology. Award-winning design. These are just a few of the many reasons to drive a Kia. Stop by our showroom and one of our helpful staff will assist you in finding the perfect Kia model.
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(5 reviews)

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Horrible Customer Service

I purchased a new 2020 KIA Stinger GT2 back in August 2020. When I purchased the car there were a number of issues that I pointed out to my salesman and he assured me they would not be an issue to fix. That was a complete lie considering it took me multiple trips to the dealership for them to just look at car, and finally in February 2021 they agreed to make the promised fixes. It took them several months to work on the car and they didn’t even perform all the promised repairs. There are several paint defects on the car as well as interior defects that they did not tend to. In addition to the poor customer service this dealership is engaged in shady business practices as they upcharged me for the car without me realizing. I’m from Virginia and they told me that I’d be charged for Maryland sales tax. Ok no issue. However that was in fact not the case as they instead charged me for VA sales tax and threw in BS warranty protection packages without my knowledge. Stay away from this dealership. They will not treat you correctly and will do all in their power to scam you.


Worst Experience of My Life

*1 star because I cant put 0 Vislitng this KIA dealer was the worst most humiliating experience of my life. Day of visit: April 9, 2021 My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year and I told him an Audi Q5. That was, until I saw a commercial for the Kia Telluride. I know what you’re thinking, "you would voluntarily get a Kia instead of an Audi???" Well, the answer is: I thought maybe. And here’s why: I was super intrigued about the eight person capacity and the intercom system, as well as all the device ports the ad said the car contained. So on a rainy day, my husband took off work early, picked me up (in my sweatpants), strapped our kids in the car, and we headed down to King Kia in Gaithersburg Maryland. As we parked and unloaded our kids we stopped and looked around for a few minutes at the models in the parking lot. I was a bit surprised that no one from the show room came out to greet us even though they were all watching us from the window, but OK fine, it was raining they didn’t want to come outside. No problem. When we entered King Kia we approached the unsmiling, unfriendly, curt receptionist and asked to see a Telluride. Without saying anything she pointed to a salesman who then walked over. He immediately tells us they have no Tellurides to show us, but even if they did they wouldn’t let us test drive one unless we’re already preapproved to buy one at their asking price. He goes on to tell us that their cars routinely sell over the MSRP and that before we could even try one we would have to agree to the price AND prove that we could pay what they were asking. He then added that even if they had the exact car on the lot that we wanted to buy that they wouldn’t let us test drive anything but the most basic model before buying. He then leaves to go check on when he would have more cars in stock and while he was doing so I let my kids take a closer look at the cars on the showroom floor. Please note that there were no other customers in the dealership at the time so we weren't annoying any other customers. However one of the ladies behind the customer service desk did not appreciate that my toddlers were looking too closely at her cars and she runs over to the salesman and commands him to hurry up with the information and get us out of there as fast as possible. He then walks over and handed us his card and told us maybe they’ll have some more models next week. As we were leaving it occurred to me that they took one look at us and assumed we couldn't afford to buy their car. I am pretty sure they thought we wanted somehow take a test drive without any intention of buying. Is it because I was in sweatpants? Or perhaps it was because we are a multiracial latino household? I guess one has to dress up to impress a car salesman these days (even at a Kia dealership). I told my husband I wouldn’t buy a Kia if they were the last car on earth and I mean it. They took one look at us and assumed we could not pay for a Kia and treated us like trash. They didn’t like the way we looked and they didn’t appreciate that we bought our kids to go car shopping. I thought to myself, Kia is trying to sell a family car like the Telluride but they don’t want us bring our kids to shop for the car!! To say that we would have to prove that we could afford a car before they would even let us sit in the vehicle it’s so insulting that I could not bear to be in that dealership one more moment. I would just like to add that despite their assumptions about who we are, I am a lawyer and my husband is a senior government officer with an ABC agency. However, even if this car was a financial stretch for us NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED THE WAY WE WERE TODAY. They need a lot of customer service training and I urge anyone interested in a KIA to use a different dealership because they are obviously not interested in selling their cars, unless, of course you come dressed up in your Sunday best and leave your kids at home.


Shady Dealer - Stay Away

King Kia is easily one of the shadiest dealers out there. Their deceitful practices are borderline fraud and illegal. I recently purchased a brand new Kia from this dealership and later found out that the salesman, Boris Alvarado, lied about the associated "mandatory non-negotiable fees." He explained to me that the sales tax, which was listed at an abnormal $3,000, was bundled with a few other fees such as registration, plates, and acquisition. Turns out the sales tax was only $1,250 and the remainder was comprised of useless protection/ maintenance programs. Stay away from this dealership - they are extremely dishonest, deceitful, and are on the edge of breaking the law.

Dealer response

Hi Brian My name is Ryan Aschenbach - One of the Sales Managers here at King Kia. Please give me a call regarding this issue. I would like to look further into it but am unable to find your name in our system. Thank you Ryan Aschenbach 301-948-3330


My Kia so plus 2014

The car I bought is a 2014 Kia soul plus and it was and is junk I've had problem after problem with it only had it for 2 yrs and had to have a motor put in and I always keep my oil changed and maintenance up on my car when I went to have it looked at every time I have it in there shop there so rude to me until they realize I still have it under there warranty this was my first big purchase and I was really disappointed in the whole situation


Kia Soul lx 2020

Great company, great people recently bought a 2020 Kia Soul from them. Quick transaction unbeatable price, the staff didn’t rush me and was very kind.

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