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(8 reviews)

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Excellent Service

We had a great experience. Melanie really helped us out with our concerns and questions. Was very attentive sales representative. Very patient with our questions.


Just Purchased a Vehicle and it has been great! The...

Just Purchased a Vehicle and it has been great! The customer service was exceptional and the delivery was very quick and efficient I would recommend this dealership



Excellent process from start to finish. Justin was fair, accommodating, and very pleasant to deal with. Once we reached an agreeable price, Justin and Nina made the paperwork as efficient and “painless” as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend House of Cars to friends. It was worth the drive from the Tucson area to Scottsdale.



Seeing customer service on TV its not like that at typical dealership. At the house of cars it was. This is my second car from them and I would refer anyone!!!


Awesome experience!

Boutique experience! Very informative and 10/10 sales experience. Awesome selection of cars!


best experience ever

By far the best car buying experience I have ever had. After finding out that the transmission was going in my current car I searched everywhere to try and get financing for a new vehicle. Lets just say I was credit challenged and had a previous repo on my credit. When contacting some of the large dealers none of them would touch me. Then I found House of Cars Arizona and spoke with Isaiah who was a gem. I was still hesitant because of all the "no's" and was honestly giving Isaiah a hard time because I didn't want to waste his time or mine. Then I received a call from Melvin and he finally got me to come in and I am so glad he did. I was able to get a car that I actually liked instead of just a car a dealership says they want you to put them in. I absolutely love my car. To top it off. Tim was able to get me into a better car with lower payment and a better interest rate. As we all know used cars have little things that always need worked out. For instance I had a out headlight and tail light. The manager Derrick had it fixed immediately. So it doesn't stop at just selling you a car they go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. After my last tragic car buying experience I was so nervous to buy again. But I would honestly not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from them in the future. All I can say is Thank you Guys for taking a chance on me I really appreciate it.


Great experience

I first would like to thank House of cars for their professional treatment. I came in with less than perfect credit, asking for a car that I thought was out of reach. They not only got me my BMW, they got my term and payments where I asked. I can’t say enough about this awesome place. Top notch all the way. Thank you again George T Plaas



I filled out a credit app based on a vehicle that they had for sale. I was strung along for 5 days stating we are still working on your approval. Obviously they ran my credit with multiple lenders, lowering my score. on the 6th day I receive a text saying "I have great news for you, we got you approved, but there is a slight snag, we sold the car this morning" I reached out to the finance manager and he said " I knew we were waiting for finance on the car, but I sold it anyway" I ask would it not have been ethically correct to reach out to me knowing I had waited for a week, and let me know you had a second buyer, would I like to leave a deposit to hold the car? He said yes that probably would have made sense. So long story short, they are dishonest, will string you along, and have no moral or values. Derek was nice, and offered to try and find me another car, but this was after I turned down two cars expecting to buy this one. Lots of other car dealers out there!