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This seller has been on since July 2020.
We have a dedicated and friendly sales staff offering no pressure sales on Nissan Altima Frontier Pathfinder Juke Murano and more! We want to help you ride away in the car truck or SUV of your dreams with no questions left unanswered. We take pride in building long-lasting relationships as we firmly believe customer service is just as important as the cars we sell.
We treat our Customers with the Highest Priority!

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(3 reviews)

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Shop here if you hate yourself

TL;DR - Shady, incompetent, juvenile, scam-artists. Car in the repair shop the next day. Keep away from these scoundrels. If you want to feel like an idiot after buying a car, then nissan of union city is the place for you! Just 10 miles off the lot and three issues arose with my vehicle that weren't present in my test drive. I don't know how they jerry-rigged the vehicle to maintain a good first impression because I'm unfamiliar with how crooks operate. If your salesperson is Cameron Gaines (Cam), immediately ask for someone else! I knew more about the vehicles I went to see than he did. We barely made anything more than small talk because every time I asked him a question he didn't know the answer. Luckily I had a friend who already owned the car I was looking at and was familiar with it. Sadly, I didn't inspect the car thoroughly enough. Now I'm paying for it. Cameron Gaines is a scammer, as is the dealer fee (which is twice the GA average). He doesn't give a crap about you, he's not interested in finding the right car for you, he doesn't care about your wants and needs, and he doesn't go the extra mile to help you make an informed purchase (let alone a full mile at all). Cameron said they would make two credit pulls, which is what I asked for, and they made three. Cameron said he would have a second key for me the next day, they didn't. Cameron said he would be there the next day, he wasn't. Cameron said the vehicle had just been inspected, and I had low tire pressure (which ended up being 20 out of a max 44 PSI) once I made it several miles off the lot. Cameron Gaines said I reminded him of people from his home town. I wonder how much he hated those people. Again, if you're approached by Cameron Gaines, WALK AWAY. The dealership doesn't give a crap about you at all. These people want your money and that's it. When returning the next day, no one could get Cameron on the phone about the second key, the manager talked to me via a middle-man, and the salesperson himself treated me like he couldn't care less about my situation. No one cares at all. They didn't want to make right the situation, didn't offer any advice or help whatsoever. They said too bad, and walked away from me. They treat you like a floor mat, and nothing more. In addition, the staff are all frequently lounging around like a pack of wolves waiting to strike on the next person to enter the lot. They constantly are fooling around, yelling, and goofing-off. Even if they're right next to you when dealing with a salesperson, trying to converse, the other staff is obnoxious and boisterous. NO ONE has any respect for you or your business. The ONLY person who does their job with no BS at this dealership is the man in the back right office, right next to the service shop, who does your down-payment and final paperwork. He definitely isn't a talker, but he zipped through the process with ease and corrected an error in the paperwork before he could blink twice. Best person in there. Didn't catch his name After I post this review on every review site possible I'm going to negotiate getting out of the deal. I'm working with someone who knows the state and federal laws and they've found several glaring issues. Will update with the outcome.


Save your TIME... don't go!!

Bought new tires... awful cust service. Dude started to have a temper tandrum. Scared the xxxx out of me!! Because I asked questions regarding an incorrect invoice.



I brought my car in for diagnostics and was told that my car needed a litany of repairs totaling $1500. I took it elsewhere for a second opinion and when they looked at it, the mechanic found that not even one of the repairs Nissan of Union City suggested was necessary! The problem was an easy and inexpensive fix. Fast forward and I come back to Nissan Union City (against my better judgement at this point) to purchase a vehicle. When my salesperson pulled up in my selected vehicle, a 2015 Rogue, it was making all sorts of noises . Basically, they were trying to sell me a lemon. I got outta there as fast as I could. Fast forward again, my dad tells me that he is taking his vehicle to get serviced. So he tells me that the place he went to gave him a laundry list of things that were wrong with the car and an estimate of $1500 for repairs. He was told that the vehicle needed a new rack and pinion. I drive the vehicle often so I knew that was complete BS. I asked him where he had taken the vehicle. Well well well, whaddya know, he had gone guessed it....Nissan of Union City! Due to my prior experience with them, I suggested he take the car to Nissan of Morrow, as I had dealt with them before and had a much better experience. Not only did Nissan of Morrow not charge to look at my vehicle, I was told that the issue (leaking fluid) was due to a cap that was not fully tightened. He tightened my cap and I have not seen any leakage since! Imagine if I had not gotten a 2nd opinion and blew $1500 on unnecessary repairs! This place is greedy, dishonest, shady and unscrupulous. If you want a Nissan, go to Nissan of Morrow! STAY AWAY FROM NISSAN OF UNION CITY!!!!!

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