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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(48 reviews)

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Service is horrible. I took my car in for regular A maintenance. I had to wait 45 minutes for a loaner reserved over a month ago when appt was made. I received a text the next day that read once my car was inspected 8 systems failed and needed immediate attention. Once I spoke with the service rep to get an explanation, he backtracked that BS and said they recommend those services every time you bring your car in for service. LIES!!! He tried to get over me because I’m a woman. My car has only been serviced there and that BS was not recommended and it certainly didn’t say “Immediate Attention Required”. Those services were not needed on my car when I’ve put less than 5k on that car in 16 months. I am offended and will but take my car there again and will not purchase another MBenz. The experience has been horrible from day 1.


Not Trustworthy

Park Place Motorcars - Dallas sold us a vehicle with hail damage. They FAILED to disclose the hail damage on any car report that was given to us prior to purchase. Within 5 hours of purchasing the vehicle, we notified our salesmen. The next day the salesmen stated the manager was unwilling to repair the damage. Park Place motors has a duty to disclose any issue or defect that might affect the merchantability of a vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, damage sustained in a prior collision (even if repaired), flood damage, and whether the vehicle is subject to an open safety recall. After 30 years of doing business in the car industry, Is park place incompetent or malicious in their attempt to sell a vehicle without disclosing its defects? Park place lacks integrity and doesn't appear to be trustworthy.

Dealer response

Arian, a representative from our management team reached out to you to assist you and address your concerns. Please confirm that this has been resolved. We can be reached at (214) 736-5753. You may request to speak with Rola Belew, Pre-owned Sales Manager. Thank you.


Buyer Beware

Buyer beware!! Bait and Switch!! Long story but the bottom line is do not give this dealership a deposit until you have a binding agreement in hand. Our sales person was Mark Hayden……run!!


Not good at all.

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!! This dealer took my car in and never called me about it. I did not have any information about my car from Saturday to Wednesday. I called 6 times before anyone would actually do something and communicate with me. I left voice mails with Robert Salazar and he never called me back. When I finally got in contact with him, he blamed the voicemail for not getting my message. He Robert, it's 2021! That excuse is so 1995. Dustin answered one time and told me he would email Robert AND the managers and NO ONE ever got back to me. Everyone at this service department passes the buck and is just out there drinking the coffee in the exotic waiting lounge. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I’ll never bring my car here again.


Terrible service

Terrible service and terrible customer service (my vehicle was super late and the "loaner" was limited in miles. I was at this location for over 1.5 hours and they didnt seem to care (just empty apologies). Beware all you rich people.


Rola's Belew ruined experience

Terrible experience. I was ready to buy entry level SUV. After asking what's the difference between GLA 250 and Q3 in the same price range, I was told that why I am bothering to come to Mercedes if I consider Audi. Sales person refused to answer any further questions, stating that Mercedes is just better car and no point even explaining. I felt very disrespected and unappreciated. The same day I went to Audi dealership and bought Q3. Well, all you lost is my business.


Diesel E350 never the same since serviced

I took my vehicle for service at the Park Place Mercedes dealership on Lemmon Ave in Dallas, TX. Initially I took it to the dealership because my AC wouldn't turn on, was hearing some odd squeaking in the suspension, and because Firestone identified that we had an oil leak at the oil pan. A few days later the dealership called and stated the car was ready for pick up. When I picked up the car the first time, as soon as I drove off of the lot the check engine light came on. I turned right back into the service department and had to leave it there a second time. The dealership analyzed the check engine light and stated that we needed to replace the timing chain. Timing chain was replaced! The dealership called a stated that the car was ready. I went and picked up my vehicle and everything seemed fine.... UNTIL we got home. The next morning I walk up to my vehicle and I see an oil spot. I thought, MAYBE, this spot was from my son's car so I put a cardboard underneath to confirm if the car was leaking. IT WAS. I called the dealership and they sent someone to pick up the vehicle. Dealership contacted later and stated that they found a leak at the Turbo charger outlet tube connection. The seal was replaced and dealership called me to let me know my car was ready. I picked up my vehicle for a 3rd time. All seems good for now. I get to the on ramp for the Dallas North Tollway (less than 2 miles from dealership), I accelerate and the car doesn't accelerate. If anything it bogged down the more I pressed on the gas pedal!!! Oh did I mention I had my family in the car at this time!! The car would not go passed 40 MPH and I am now on the tollway!! I drove the car back to the dealership (VERY SLOWLY) and left it again. Before I left I spoke with the service manager (Mike) and expressed my dissatisfaction with the service at this time. He stated he would make sure it is handled. I get a call from the dealership and they state my car is ready. They state that the seal was incorrectly installed and that the car is good to go. I pick up the vehicle and drive off of the lot. It all seems good when accelerating at lower speeds. Then I pick up speed after a complete stop and I feel a jerk in my car as I get into 2nd gear and sometimes feel it when it hit 3rd gear. I hoped that this issue would self heal so I took it home and drove it for a few days. The jerking never stopped. So guess what??? I took the vehicle back to the service department. This time the dealership recommends an overdue transmission flush! Yeah right!! I am not leaving my car there again. I declined that service. I instead took the vehicle to a 3rd party European shop to get the Transmission flushed. Can you guess the result??? The car still jerks. Mercedes was going to charge me over $500 to flush my transmission for a wild guess to the solution. At the present time my car is STILL jerking!!!! It is very frustrating because I didn't take it in this way. What is more frustrating is that the service department states that they test drove the car every single time. I don't believe that one bit. I found these issues immediately within a mile from the dealership!!! I took the car into the dealership on Dec 19, 2019 and on April 21, 2020 is when I gave up. I have this darn jerk that I am trying to get used to every single day and I have yet to be able to ignore it. I would NOT recommend taking your car there. On another note our service representative Kortina Chandler provided us the best customer service. If it wasn't for her I would've reacted in a very irate manner as a result of this experience. She did everything she could to keep us happy. Unfortunately we are not happy and very disappointed. We hold Mercedes to a very high standard and they fell very short this time.



excellent service, great sales person who had knowledge of the car. He handled the trade in properly and was all around excellent. Dealership was spotless and very comfortable.


Deeply Disappointed!

I was excited to take my brand new CLA 250 to the dealership for my first prepaid maintenance. I scheduled an appointment for 9:45 AM. I arrived early in hopes of getting on with my day at 9:30. When I scheduled my appointment, I let them know I would need a loaner vehicle which they said would be no problem and it would be waiting. I waited one and a half hours to get my loaner vehicle and be on the road. I did not leave their driveway until 11 o’clock expressing my disappointment to my Service advisor who simply said they were waiting on loaner vehicles to be returned. I feel like I could’ve been notified there was a shortage in advance as not to waste my time. I feel like they had no consideration that my time is valuable too. Upon returning the loaner vehicle and receiving my car back, due to a “Rush” they were unable to wash or vacuum my vehicle. After spending $1000 for maintenance and minor repairs it is very disappointing they disregarded the Exceptional customer service which is written about everywhere and just let me go on my way with my dirty car and overall hassling experience. I was excited to see it clean and shiny like new, but that was evidently an inconvenience to them. Between the ridiculous wait when I dropped it off and a 30 minute wait on my dirty car to be driven to me, I feel like I won’t be returning to this dealership again.


Keith Beitter a Pro! Park Place Porsche 1st class!

For over a year I've been reviewing, visiting dealers and I found Keith Beitter to be a true professional and I was also so very impressed that Park Place Porsche is such a high quality 1st class operation!

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