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Be Careful very careful with this car lot

Well to start i was dealing with a guy name Abraham he seemed okay in the beginning he told me a customer had monies down on the vehicle i wanted then he called back a hour later and said did i wanna purchase vehicle .He kept calling until the purchase was done so first thing he jept prolonging getting it here .Then i had to keep calling him to ask where is it and can he send me the transporter info.It took anout 5 days rougly to get the info .Then when it arrives i test drive it snd it says on dash it says SRS safety non operable.So i called him and he said let me check with my guy and found out and i will call you back well again no call i called him he said letvme check wnd call you back in a hour .Again no call 2 days went by and i filed w bbb report cause at this point he called and called until he got monies then after that he stop calling .I would have fo call and call .He even swore to me on his kids about this truck smh .Then i asked for the title and he said he was going out monday woth title clerk which i think they dont have one.Shortly afterwards i called the car lot number and a guy supposedly name Mike answered hd says oh all the titles were mailed on friday i said well Abraham said monday he said no i remember looking at that one .They tell you stuff to buy more time for whatever ever they got going on . I have mailed informed delivery to see incoming mail today is friday nothing yet .Be very careful with these people and i dont see how they sleep at night taking advantage of people and lying to them .Be Careful


Great Experience! Knowledgeable Staff! Cool Cars

They have a great selection of 7 Series Bmw's. I went to many other dealerships and the quality of and selection of these vehicles was a joke. Excalibur Auto Sales seems to specialize in higher end vehicles. I bought a 2009 Bmw 750Li. I also bought a warranty from them at a fair price with great coverage. It is not smart to own a high end car with a warranty they are known to break down all the time.... but they drive like nothing else. Cudos Excalibur Auto Sales


Do not do business with Excalibur Auto sales!!

Beware of Excalibur Auto sales!! My wife bought one of their cars online and only had 91,000 miles on it 2007 750 LI. We pay $10,200 to have it delivered from the dealership in great running condition. When the car arrived here and had a dead battery I had bought a battery and had it towed to my mechanic who said the transmission was bad then had it towed to the tranny shop and this is the very next day that I got the car and they said the transmission was bad I was so upset I called up Rick from Excalibur order who I really believe name is Mike and he just said oh there was nothing wrong with the car it needed to be reset the transmission is fine now keep in mind that he lowered the price of the car to $8,900 I believe with 91,000 original miles on it. With tax and delivered $10,200 I knew the deal was too good to be true Abraham who sold my wife the car online again we live in Tennessee the dealership is in Palatine Illinois. Excalibur Auto sales are crooks Abraham lied if that's even his real name the car had a bad transmission and the hood latch was broken you couldn't even open the hood when the mechanic got the hood open there was duct tape around the air intake. What a joke you think these people would go through these cars now today the tranny mechanic got the transmission out and then ended up being a used transmission out of a junkyard so these people knew about this problem already!!!!!!!¡2007 with 91,000 miles on it they put a junkyard transmission in it which was no good. They will not stand by their cars I purchased a rebuilt transmission and had to go get it in Florence South Carolina for $2,800 with a $500 core and my mechanic charge me 750 to put it in and program it so was it a good deal and Mike from Excalibur Auto sales is a total unprofessional person who shouldn't even be able to deal with cars or the public. I have notified the better Business bureau and my attorney who says they cannot do too much unless they don't send us the title which they have not yet I'm waiting 30 days patiently before I call the attorney back do not buy a car from these people do yourself a favor spend a little more money!!


Beatle Mania! Great Convertible Great Price

Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly!! I.bought my vw beetle from Excalibur Auto Sales. All around great experience! Most of the Beetle convertibles i looked at were in poor condition they had the nicest one I looked at.


Drive like king

I am immigrant. Not know much. I buy Range Rover here. Nice people, nice car. They work with me because I am slow and don’t understand. Now I understand. Range Rover much good. In my poor country before Russia destroy king drive Range Rover


Easy Preezy

Abe was great. Cars are nice. Free CARFAX. Came in for a BMW X5 and I left in a Range Rover. Lots of luxury vehicles available.


Wrangler in up some fun!

Nice cars, fast transaction, knowledgeable staff! I had 10 million questions about the Jeep Wrangler I was interested in. Abe was happy to do a virtual test drive, take specific pictures of the Frame and email me the CARFAX. I’m happy with my Wrangler.


Never replies back

Never replied to my emails or texts. Quite disappointing. Was looking to buy within the month. Wasted time and effort. Never dealt with a dealer who never replies.


Fast And Easy! Quality Product

I found the Bmw I wanted on Cars.com. I called the dealership. They made every aspect of buying it simple. They have a lot of nice European vehicles in stock! This is a small facility without any frills, the staff consists of 2 or 3 people and they were all pleasant to be around.


Great Experience! Great Buy!

They had a beautiful 750Li that I have been looking for! Easy to deal with and straight to the point. Abe the sales guy was knowledgeable. The dealership is small but and a little dated but I wasn't in the market to buy a dealership so I didn't care.

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