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You have been warned

Talked to a guy a week about getting 2 cars. He failed to mention it was an auction and when we got there they didn't even bring out either of the cars I asked to see. The appointment I made to see them was the time the man on the microphone started calling everyone stupid for not wanting to buy his rattling dented cars. He was also terrible at the auctioneer chanting crap. Also none of the prices on the website reflect their bottom dollar on those vehicles that is also IF your pick is still in their inventory that they 'cant update'. Wasted a tank of gas and hours of my time.





No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Glad I'm seeing these reviews, because I was thinking of going there....but after these reviews, I don't think so.... I'm used to inspecting and driving a vehicle before final decision to buy, seems like they don't allow that....


Can't Believe Cars.com Will allow This to go on!

Why would Cars.com allow this Pretend dealer auctionship use their logo to be in all of this reported fraud and scammery associated with their brand. They almost got me.


Rip offs ?

From these reviews sounds like a rip off joint . I won't be buying anything from there . Keep the comments coming . People need to know their business practices .


Do not do it it’s a auction not a car lot

I went there with cash in hand. When I arrived I was told they are done selling cars.. I asked what do they mean they supposed to close at 8:00 I arrived around 6:20 or so I took a Uber there thinking I’ll be driving home but they told me it’s a auction and they stopped selling cars for the day because it’s raining… didn’t apologize or nothing and I had my 4 children with me so let’s just say I was upset and couldn’t believe it


Blown engines and flooded cars!

Worst place in Houston! Went there thinking it was a regular car lot based on the advertisement and got caught up in an auction. So why not say off the rip that it’s a car auction? Anyway the guy Eric is very deceptive he does not stand by his discounted mark downs. He does not disclose that cars have blown engines and flood damage and by the way the car that we got stuck with happened to have both issues. Went back to talk it over with him thinking he would have some human decency but he instead walked away from us and left us standing there like we were a pair of idiots with the plaque. This guy should be put out of business immediately. We wound up spending over 5000.00 to get the car repaired and paid him over 5300.00 for a car that was literally just a shell, who in their right mind would knowingly pay that kind of money for a car that has a blown engine and flooded!!! Please stay away, just trying to save the next person from such an awful experience.


These guys are crooks!

These guys are crooks! They will not give you the correct information. and will lie about stuff good thing I know cars. These guys are crooks!


Shady auctions, seconds to inspect. Stay away!

After two visits with empty promises and much reflection, I believe this place employs some shady tactics that benefits them at the expense of buyers. Even though this place puts up ads for cars with cash prices, this place only sells cars via an auctioning system, where they bring the vehicle up for seconds and ask for bids, though you can request a specific vehicle. Here's why it benefits the sellers more than the buyers (you): (1) Bidding makes it sound like buyers could get a car for a steal, but the foreman actually controls the bidding prices tightly - they have a reserve and they know what they can get out of it. (2) They claim that a certain vehicle will retail for several grand more than what is paid, but there are several problems with this. Firstly, they are happy to quote the upper end of the price range for a car. For example a 2008 BMW might be in the 5 to 9k range but it depends a lot on the condition. Still they will claim the value at 9k therefore enticing you to buy at 5k. Bringing me to my third point... (3) Secondly, there's a significant 15% buyers fee and $700 auction fee AFTER the bidding price. That wipes away a lot of the potential value. (4) Thirdly, they bring the car up for a few seconds, demand that people bid on it, then whiz it away if they don't get a good bid. Think about it - they want buyers to compete and jack up the price on a car they only get seconds to view with barely any inspection. The only thing you can glean from mere seconds is that it runs and drives at least a little, and appears alright. In other words, buyers are made to compete and pay more for a vehicle they can hardly inspect. (5) It's also sketchy that they advertise actual cash prices on their website and Facebook, but when you get there, they make everyone go through the auction, sit and wait till the car they want gets on the block. (6) Many online reviews have stated that buyers' cars break down very shortly after purchase. While this place clearly states that cars are sold as-is, they skew the odds against buyers by giving them mere seconds to inspect and purchase. Now to my personal experience. I wanted to buy a specific vehicle. I texted a lady beforehand, they said it was available, so i made the 40 minute drive to their place. Then I find out after sitting there for an hour through all the auctions for other vehicles, that the vehicle I'm interested in isn't even ready for sale because it needs some mechanical work. I came back three days later when the lady said it was ready but it was still not ready. I actually snuck out into the back and inspected the vehicle itself while the auction was going on, and found it dirty and some electrical work was going on. At that point I put everything together and realized that everything about this system benefits the seller and not the buyers. The seller gets the most money they can for their vehicles, on their own terms. They run the auction at their own time and pace, making people wait, and make people sit through many vehicles they're not interested in, hoping they'll buy other vehicles. What they're doing is not illegal, but shady. I would prefer buying a car outright from a dealership with the opportunity to test drive and inspect it the regular way, and to be quoted a clear price. I'm sure some people come out on top, but I bet most people end up paying market price or even a little more anyway.



This place is a Pure Scam. Advertised price is, in fact, a lie. This is an Auction of Junk Cars.... beat up, worn our, and vehicles having been in an accident. They advertise a great price to get you in the door then BAM!! THE CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH.

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