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Welcome to the Hyundai of New Port Richey website a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a new or used Hyundai car truck or SUV you will find it here. We have helped many customers in or near New Port Richey Holiday Trinity Palm Harbor and Clearwater find the Hyundai of their dreams!

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(168 reviews)

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Not Ethical AT ALL!!

Please read below a statement from Hyuandai's Business Ethics page suggesting that the company strives to build friendly relationships with customers...Ha! You'll find the entire ditty on the Corporate website. Please note that the handling of peeling paint on vehicles is anything but ethical. "The ultimate purpose of ethical management is to enable long-term, stable and sustainable growth through markets’ and customers’ friendly evaluation of the company." I have purchased three vehicles from THE HYUNDAI GIANT over the past several years and until recently, NEVER complained about the paint bubbling and peeling off any of my vehicles. Havin driven a diverse collection of cars; three Hyundais, two Volkswagens, one Ford, one Chrysler and two Mercedes, (two of these vehicles had 250, 000 miles on them), I NEVER had a complaint about peeling paint until my Pear White Elanta's paint started coming off in large pieces. The reports of this problem are too numerous to count.The paint is defective. Period. Both the dealer and Corporate refuse to acknowledge the problem as a manufacturer defect, which is been clear to the paint specialist who examined the peeling paint as well as a myriad of friends and coworkers. Sadly, Hyundai's disrespect for me has led me to take new action. I work for the largest grocery supplier in the USA with various communication platforms that provide an excellent vehicle to warn my fellow 28,000 coworkers against purchasing a Hyuandai. In addition, we find ourselves parked in many very busy supermarket parking lots daily, many of which are in Pasco County, HOME of the HYUNDAI GIANT. My new car signs, citing THE GIANT , as well as Hyundai Corporate for their disrespect should garner plenty of attention in that market. Mary


Honesty NOT!!!!!!!

All of a sudden they’re not gonna honor my signed maintenance plan with plenty of miles and years left on the plan. I don’t recommend this dealership no more since they don’t honor their agreements.


PermaPlate Mandatory $2K add!!

$2,000 PermaPlate added to all cars, but not shown up front on pricing info. I thought tactics like this went away back in the 80's! I get it, the market is hot, but just be up front about it like many other companies (and their website) are doing. Feels deceitful and a waste of my time.


Website is misleading, run away

On the wait-list for a vehicle for months and when it finally arrives I'm told that since they don't charge a dealer mark up fee, I will be forced to purchase their $2,000 Pherma-Plate. Their website says "transparent pricing" and "no dealer mark up" completely false, they just call it something else and until the last minute to drop it on you and give you a conciliation gift.


Hands Down Best Buying Experience

Today I went into Hyundai of New Port Richey. I was met at the front door by my salesman Michael Leonard. I worked with him to buy a new Santa Fe for my wife. Mike was a total gentleman. I had a great experience working with him. He did not pressure me in any way. We came to a quick agreement on price. It was a very easy process and was without hassle. I got a great pricce for the vehicle and for the trade in. I met with Sasan Sahili to finance the vehicle. He was very easy to work with. He did not pressure me into plans we did not need. Michael and Sasan were both excellent. Both of them treated us better than any car dealer we have ever been to. Michael and Sasan were respectful, courteous and professional. In all my years today was the best auto sales experience that I have ever had. I would 100% go back to buy another vehicle.


Advertised price is not THE price! Add about $6k!

Drove all the way out to New Port Richey thinking maybe we could get away from all the false and misleading advertising. Apparently we didn't drive far enough. Car was advertised at $23,200 which was exactly in line with online car pricing guide dealer rates only to find out after getting there that they wanted an additional $6,000 in Scotchguard, undercoating, VIN etching and other useless fees to include dealer reconditioning. The car only had 5,000 miles on it, what in the world did they have to recondition?! Just put the price you want on the car when you list it, don't lure people out with one price and then jack it up with undisclosed fees when they show up. Thanks, but I will most definitely be purchasing my next car FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE!!!


False Advertisement!

This is the definition of "False Advertisement"! These fees are mandatory and non-negotiable: Reconditioning.........$1379 Dealer fee……..……$999 Perma plate………..$ 1999 $32,000 advertised price is actually $36,377 Sleazy! Sleazy! Sleazy!


Don't do it , isn't worth it.

This car lot charges a ton of fees that they do not list in the contract. It's been a terrible experience for me. I walked in to buy a car for 20k and left with a 20k car costing 30k. Totally ridiculous. I really feel taken advantage of. I had to pay a CERTIFICATION fee for a certified pre-owned vehicle, that's just one thing that isn't a reasonable fee in my opinion. You also get charged a reconditioning fee, for a car in pigpen condition. Dont let me forget the Perma plate fee for $1500, says it's for 84 months but what is it?? Who tf knows. Go elsewhere.


Shane Ippolito uses High Pressure Dishonest sales

Salesman Shane Ippolito uses High Pressure Dishonest Sales Tactics on my elderly mother of 85 years old Shame on the dealership for allowing such things to occur after 10 years of her doing business there.


Buyers Beware Really!!!!!

Tried to purchase a car which included a $2k reconditioning fee and another $1500 government fees. Finally when I mentioned I had my own financing I was told that I had to pay another $1000 to accept my check from USAA. After all that I was told that they did not do sales out of state due to the long wait for registration. Up to 9 months in some cases. When I said that I could do this myself they said that it was illegal for me to register my vehicle myself and it is required by law for the dealership to register my vehicle or it would be subject to a fine for this violation. Buyers beware.

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