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(33 reviews)

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New car sales excellent job

My car salesman Jeff olson did an awesome job and the management team was awesome I would recommend Jeff and baron nissan to everyone great car leasing experience


Horrible experience

I was looking to lease a new car as I had been a previous customer and was promised a vehicle at a certain price, pouncing on my lack of knowledge at the time, the salesman did not write up a contract write away and stated a price and that he would order the car in my exact specifications. Everyday I would call the dealership and ask if the car had arrived and he would reply, "today or tomorrow" or I'm with a customer, I'll call you back. Did I ever get a call back? Needless to say two weeks later as my prior lease was almost up I went back to the dealership to see what was going on, ah well, now the price was higher than what he has stated perviously and the car was still not in. The sales manager attempted to 'resolve' the situation but stated that he would not honor the price stated and that this time, the car will really be there tomorrow, sales associate again said, I will call you tonight. Did he call? No. I went in the next day and although the car was finally available I stated I wanted to ask a couple of questions about the lease before I sign a contract. I suppose they don't appreciate questions from someone who became informed of their runaround scheme. The salesman walked away from me. Can you say disgusting customer service? Upon this the sales manager arrived and I said I will be reporting this horrible experience to customer relations to which he replied, "then I won't lease you the car." Question, is that even legal? I am entitled to complain about their lack of professionalism, runaround tactics, bait and buy scheme and overall disgusting behavior. My review, STAY AWAY from this dealership.


fair and honest people!!

i was looking to get out of my existing leasing which had 22 months left on it and i was unhappy with the car i was in. went to 2 other dealerships and got the whole typical song and dance dealerships and sales guys do. The most famous one is the sales guy telling you the car your in not is "not worth anything" anyway i walked into baron Nissan and meet with Jory and all i can say is WOW! This guy and every single person in that dealership shoot me straight! not only did Jory give me a good trade in value, he gave me very very fair price on my new lease and was straight and honest through out the entire process! i;ve never been to a dealership like this in my life where people are so fair and honest! no joke i was in and out the the dealership in 30 minutes. i highly recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a car!


I highly recommend this dealer!

During my search for a new car I have been to many dealerships. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by Allison she was very warm and friendly. Allison had then introduced me to the GSM Jory who I also felt positive vibes off of. Jory was very helpful and knowledgeable. After Jory appraised my car he had introduced me to his salesman Joe K. Joe had gone over all options available in the 2014 Rogue. After I decided the option I wanted to go with Joe had then introduced me to Brian who made me feel very comfortable. After meeting Brian I had gone on a test drive with Joe and completely fell in LOVE with the Rogue! Joe was very knowledgeable with the Rogue I had test drove and he went over the entire SUV with me showing me all the features. I left the dealership after an hour and a half of arriving with my brand new 2014 Rogue!, I feel Valerie is an ASSET to Baron Nissan, as she was also very helpful while going through all the paper work, so I can drive off with my new Rogue! I have since recommended this dealer to all friends and family! Thanks for taking your time with me! -Lorella


It Couldn't have been a more immaculate!

It Couldn't have been a more immaculate or a beneficial experience!! From the first online exchange with Allison Emanuel from the Internet Sales team to the onsite test drive and paper work process with salesmen Jory Baron & Joseph Kurowski. All were extremely professional, friendly and efficient! On top of an excellent customer experience we also got an incredible deal that no other dealer would meet or even come close too. I am completely satisfied and hope the experience continues with all! Thank you for making me feel part of the Baron family! Carmine Petruzziello


Underhanded Untrustworthy people

Made a deal for a used car, then when we came to pick it up, it had already been sold, they made no attempt to tell us the car was being sold, had to drive all the way out there and receive the bad news. On the test drive we ran out of gas, and were stranded for half an hour until one of the other employees gingerly took their time, in bringing a can of gas. Employees were friendly, but the manager was an outright disrespectful person.


Amazing Service!

Satish Massand, my salesperson whom I have leased now four cars from is amazing. He is extremely honest and proficient. He made the process of turning in my 2011 lease in for a 2014 so smooth and easy. He was able to get me the exact car I wanted at the price I needed. The car was ready within a few days and I could not be happier. I have and will continue to recommend Satish and Baron Nissan to my friends and family!


Great Dealership

My experience at Baron Nissan was very positive. Marc Rathaus (my salesman) gave me the best price for my lease. He was very accommodating and made sure that I got the color car I wanted. He delivered it on time and was very patient when he explained its operation. Jory (manager) was genuinely sincere when he guaranteed me that my requests would be satisfied in a timely manner and they were. Valerie (finance manager) presented all of the financial information very carefully so that I understood my benefits and responsibilities as the leaser of the vehicle. My Murano is a pleasure to drive. I highly recommend this dealership. Each potential customer is treated with respect and dignity.


Got the Sentra we wanted!

Our experience was excellent here. The Sentra is one of our favorite cars, and we found the perfect used one and got it for a great price. Very satisfied!


Not bad, not good either

I had made an appointment a couple days in advance to see a particular car. There is always a risk that the car will sell, especially since this one was offered at a great price. That is exactly what happened! When I called to confirm my appointment, I was told it was gone. The key being that I called them, rather than getting a call from the salesperson. This dealer is 80 miles from my home, so it would have been a drag if I went there for nothing. Hence the middle of the road review.