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We are the go-to spot for Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee and Waukegan Drivers seeking a new or used Honda car, truck, or SUV. At Zeigler Honda of Racine, it's about much more than just selling cars, it's about building everlasting relationships with our neighbors and customers while leaving an impressionable footprint in our backyard. With Zeigler Honda of Racine you're getting a dealer with a positive reputation, a great selection, guaranteed low prices, a fantastic Certified Pre-owned Program, immediate vehicle care, easy online shopping and much more. Access to over 2,000 new and pre-owned vehicles throughout our 22 store dealer network.
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(142 reviews)

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Hidden fees not disclosed

Beware hidden fees. Take a very good look at your contract, they hide fees. The contract showed three spots where $1000 was added. There were even negative discounts!


Hassle-free experience

Such a hassle-free experience! The whole process took less than half an hour. One shop stop! The staff is friendly, approachable and extremely professional. Highly recommended!


Satisfied Customer

Racine Honda dealer provided an excellent service. The employers were friendly and willing to cooperate with the customers to have the best deal. The atmosphere was welcoming and comforting to shop there. Our car dealer was Josiah, who was cheerful, encouraged, motivated and willing cooperate to help us. He helped us to have the best deal compared to other Honda locations. I do recommend him for his expertise, service, and personality. He motivates the customer and prioritize them more than anything. He is also able to answer any questions and willing to guide the customers step by step to understand whatever process the customer wants to learn.


Wow, wow, wow!! What service!

Special shout out to the Racine Honda for all you did for me and my family! George Bell (manager) ensured I was taken care of through the whole process! He even came in on his day off to ensure I was in the best of hands. Mario Zuniga, was AMAZING! He was so knowledgeable about the entire Honda line up and honestly was one of the nicest people I've met. He made sure we knew EVERYTHING about this beautiful SUV (CR-V EX-2021 AWD)and spent so much time with my son and I while the process was working behind the scenes! Randy in finance was so helpful too! He was able to get me all I needed while maintaining a manageable payment. I know there was one more financial guy that deserves MAJOR credit but I did not get a chance to meet nor thank him personally. Please know I am so very grateful for this whole team!! Hands down the BEST service I have ever received at a car dealership! Thank you, thank you for allowing me to stay with a trusting brand and for making me feel like family through this whole process!


Retired Police Officer

This was an amazing experience thanks to our sales person, Antonio Scott Jr. We love the dealership and the people working there. Everyone was so nice making us feel so comfortable. No pressure at all. Sales person so informative and thoughtful. We will be back and recommend this dealership to anyone asking. We got a new Honda CR V and love it!!!!!


Outrageous fees!

I was looking at a car they had listed for 7k .,When they showed me what it would cost after over an hour, it was 9800. Almost 3k in fees on a car that has a value of 6k. Really?? Keep in mind this was a week after buying a car from another dealer that sold their vehicles at the price they had listed out the door. This vehicle from racine also had a broken frame bracket.. Buyer beware!!


A Positive experience

I initially negotiated a new car purchase at my local Honda dealer. I was able to negotiate a great price on a new 2019 Honda Pilot. This deal fell through when they were unable or unwilling to get the vehicle in my choice of color. I left and as I was leaving ,as could be expected, I was offered an even better deal. Enter Racine Honda, after an exploratory phone call I was informed that the car and my choice of color was available and I was introduced to Mr. James Leipski . James is the personification of competence and professionalism. I say this not only because he was able to honor the new lower price I had been offered at my local dealer but his attention to details was remarkable . It was impressive how smoothly the process went. The finance end went smoothly and options were explained thoroughly with a pitch that did not include any pressure tactics. The car was brought in, running boards added, (clean professional service department) I got in the car drove home.end of story


Worst customer experience of my life.

Head and shoulders above the rest, no competition even close, Racine Honda provided the worst buying experience of my life. The transaction was a two week long multi-faceted disappointment with contributions from the support staff to general manager, and especially salesperson George Bell. Among other things, the Racine Honda Team was unprofessional, unprepared, unsupportive, uncoordinated, dishonest, disrespectful, high pressure, and displayed a near-total inability to listen to the customer. Racine Honda made weeks of missteps that led to a representative of the dealership calling me with demonstrably false information, followed by a text message that stated “...we need cash...I can have someone pick it up at your home.” The experience is best divided into the purchase, the follow-up, and the settlement. Purchase: I made an appointment during the Safer at Home Order to view a specific vehicle. I arrived on time, but was greeted only after one associate groaned to another “can you take this one.” George Bell drew the short straw. George Bell, Salesperson: Unapolagetically used the slimiest well-known car sales techniques Did not possess basic knowledge of the vehicle I had an appointment to drive Repeatedly lamented his heart condition and divorce during the sale Forgot sensitive documents in the scanner Told bold-faced lies, like that I would have his support after purchase When asked if I should use cash or check for down payment, advised check Dawn, Customer Relations Manager: Refused to accept “no” as an answer to an extra product Financing Manager: Attempted to bully me into buying what I refused to buy from Dawn Entered wrong value for trade-in on paperwork Argued about it until the General Manager confirmed the value Follow-up: Dawn, Customer Relations Manager: Did not return my phone call George Bell, Salesperson: I emailed George asking to be mailed a copy of the warranty information No response email No warranty received in the mail Inger, Office Manager PNC Bank flagged the down-payment check for an irregular signature (A Bank) I called immediately and offered to bring the value of the check in cash the next day I was advised not to bring the cash Settlement: George Bell, Salesperson: Called me and said that my check bounced Texted me ordering cash payment and that it could be collected at my home When I went to the dealership the next day, he could not remember my name. Lied that he offered to mail me the warranty information Attempted multiple times to prevent me from having a one-on-one exchange with the general manager On the dealership floor, with my spouse and other customers in earshot, fueled a multi-employee degradation of my character Matt Douvikas: Made what came across as a flippant attempt to correct the dealership's mistakes


Trying to buy a certified used car

I tried to buy a used certified Honda from Racine Honda, they had a good price on the car and I found out why when I tried to buy it. They are trying to charge extra for the car to be certified even though it was advertised as certified. They labeled it as a accessory. This is not right. DON'T BUY A CAR FROM RACINE HONDA!!!!!


Paying Cash? Time for all the fee tricks

The worst thing a dealership can hear from a potential customer is - "Please tell me the out the door price". First, they realize they can't feather in random fees and charges because it is all about the monthly payment. It doesn't matter that it is an 84 month term because you only pay "XX" amount per month. However, paying cash (no profit on financing) means they have to get creative. Racine Honda proved this tactic. I'll give them 2 stars because they actually gave me an "out the door price" via email. However, when I challenged the "non-negotiable" VIN Etching ($299) and the mysterious Honda Certified Charge of nearly $1,000, I knew I was dealing with cheap trick artists. By the way, the VIN Etch costs the dealership $25 or less. Google it. Frankly, I am glad I walked away from prototypical charmers before I actually drove the 1.5 hours to get there only to find my "out the door" price now included extra fees, like "Oxygen charge" or "Blinker Fluid additive". I will gladly tell my other intelligent friends and associates who can afford to pay cash to steer clear of Racine Honda and their sales clowns. By the way, I found my Honda Civic with a private party and I will do my OWN VIN etch and save $275. Laughable.

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