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STAY AWAY, very disorganized place

I recently trade in my car for a truck and part of the deal was to have seat covers, weather mats and an extra key and has been almost a month and haven't received anything at all, when I called to follow up with the items I was told they haven't order anything at all and are asking for paperwork of the deal, very disorganize place if could give it zero stars I would


Morgan Chevy is where it at!!! As for Frank Selwa

Frank Selwa is an amazing sales advisor. He’s up front and a very pleasant guy to work with. Frank was very knowledgeable when we had questions. Frank also has excellent customer service stills. As a matter of fact everyone in Morgan Chevy has good customer service stills. If you are looking to purchase please stop by Morgan Chevy you will not regret it.. Make sure you as for Frank Selw.


No customer service after the sale

Purchased a brand new Z 71 suburban and traded in my vehicle that had the protective asset protection and was also purchased at the same facility. At the time of trade-in I had a credit due for the protect asset protection. I contacted protective asset protection, they sent me the documents to be completed by me and the dealership. I returned to the dealership where I purchased the trade-in vehicle. Keep in mind when I purchased the trade-in vehicle it was then Jim Browne Chevrolet. Went in there this morning with my documents to get my refund and was told by the financial clerk that I would have to take my documents to the Jim Browne Chevrolet in Dade city as that was the dealership at the time when I purchased the trade-in vehicle. Morgan Chevrolet apparently took over the building but does not cater to the original Jim Browne Chevrolet customers. Why it would’ve been so difficult for the financial clerk to take my documents and coordinate through telephone and email with Jim Browne Chevrolet in Dade city to assist me with my refund is beyond me. Apparently they got their money for the vehicle and that’s all that they’re worried about. When I do get the refund money I am going to purchase a car for my son with the refund but it will not be at Morgan Chevrolet. There is no customer service after the sale.


I bought a truck from Jim Browne in Tampa, it stays at

I bought a truck from Jim Browne in Tampa, it stays at home with my wife since it is more financially sound to take her car because of current fuel prices. Recently the truck leaked and we were unaware of it until the next day or two when we went somewhere and noticed it smelled like wet dog. We weren’t sure of what happened until we went to a rays game and I looked in the back seat and noticed a water stain on the ceiling. We then had it rain again before we could go into the dealership and it was so saturated that it began to drip(I do have photos). We dropped it off and Jim Browne in dade city said they had paperwork showing that the Tampa store that we bought it from was aware and tried to fix it. Now that the dry season in Florida is beginning to be over and it’s beginning to rain more, we have told the dealership that we need to have it fixed. They never told us that the truck had a prior leak before we purchased it and never disclosed it or that apparently the 2018 model has been known to leak and even gm is aware of this issue or else we would not have purchased the vehicle. Now that it has rained and we have realized that the truck does in fact still leak, the dealership is telling us they are not responsible for it and that we are liable for all the fees associated with the repair. The tires when we bought the truck also rubbed as they are after market, we again we’re not told about this even though I mentioned to the sales rep. We went to get the tires changed and they again informed us that they could not rotate the tires and would not cover the costs of the spacers but after multiple phone calls they finally agreed that the spacers for the tires should have been installed. So one fault should have been fixed and was covered (wheel spacers) but another fault is now not their responsibility (window leaking). I now have a truck in Florida that leaks when it rains. Even the dealership admitted that they would be upset if they were in the same situation.


I’ve been ruined , robbed and much more !

I’ve been ruined , robbed and much more !!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY !! Please !! PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR “buy as is” 24 days after the purchased our chevy sylverado of 28,000 dollars broke down completely with major damage ltransmission) I feel like this people was not honest with the vehicle they sold back to us in Feb 8th 2022. We noticed the vehicle had a dent in the back right side, and we thought well that's what they are referring to "buy the car as it is" not a big deal … Two weeks later after we purchased the car, we noticed it was making weird noise, we thought we were passing near a train station. We didn't pay attention until the car broke down March 4th at 8 : 38 pm.(24 days after the purchased) We called a towing company to transfer our vehicle to our drive way where is located at this moment. I contact the sales guy Mr. Hector Gonzalez left a text message no response. I spoke with the lady in charge of the tag she couldn't do anything about it . Emailed the entire staff no one responded.. This people still sold a vehicle in those conditions DO NOT BELIEVE IN THEIR INSPECTION REPORT!!! a copy of “their inspection report” back in January 27 ,shows tnithinh but a good car condition ..I'm thinking how can you guys didn't notice this ? how can you signed and inspection as mechanic and be part of this scam? Business credibility is important you don't do this to people then act like nothing happened . My car still in the drive way I don't have a vehicle to go to work. I get it everyone wants to make money but not by lying or taking advantage of people like us that didn't know anything about cars. Credibility Honesty. and loyalty to your customers is what make a company successful


Service department was wonderful to work with when my...

Service department was wonderful to work with when my son’s steering module went out on his Silverado. However, the alignment failed 2 weeks later when a bolt came loose. It has a warranty but they are not willing to honor it. Manager decision but it’s unfortunate. We will not use them again.

Consumer response

Our experience was unfortunate because 2 weeks after a repair was done, a bolt came loose from the alignment done at Jim Browne. The warranty covers their work, however the manager will not honor it. Phone calls and emails to Andrew G, have not been successful.

Consumer response

Jim Browne Chevrolet needs to do the right thing.


This is the sixth car that I have purchased in my 66...

This is the sixth car that I have purchased in my 66 years of my life! Best experience thus far for purchasing my dream car.


I was looking for a new truck in the Tampa Bay area and...

I was looking for a new truck in the Tampa Bay area and there were not many to choose from as I looked at several dealers in my area. I saw the 1500 custom on line and spoke with Brian and Angel, set up an appointment. Angel showed me the truck fleet and we went for a drive and was sold. Everyone that I met were so gracious and helpful this process was very painless. Angel was straight up and to the point and very informative. Awesome experience, thanks.


My wife and I just purchased a 2018 Tahoe 48 hours ago...

My wife and I just purchased a 2018 Tahoe 48 hours ago (Sunday 07/25) and on my way home, the same day I purchased the vehicle, the tires air light came on, so I stop at a gas station to put some air on the tires to then realized how worn out the 2 front tires of this vehicle were. I immediately proceed to text the sales person (Hector Gonzalez) about the issue and also some pictures of the tires (which yet, hasn't replied my texts). So I took today off from work (Tuesday 07/27) to go to the dealer and see what kind of solution we could come up with. After waiting for about 2 hours the maintenance department stated that there was nothing wrong with the tires and said to go back and speak with the sales department, which I did, I went to speak to ANDREW CONRAD "The general sales manager" and he tried to send me back to maintenance saying that it was not their issue. Andrew is the perfect example of what a horrible customer service person can be and I'll explain why... He didn't even want to make eye contact cause he knew what was wrong but simply was not going to fix it. I asked him to walk out with me to look at the tires and he said "I don't know anything about tires", so I said you don't need to know about tires to realize when one is in bad shape. So I asked again and he said "If the expert said there's nothing wrong, there's nothing I can do" I asked again to please just simply come out with me and he said "I'm not going to put a new tire on it and that's it" The worst part about the whole things was, I asked who could I talk to or what could we do to fix it because after paying the amount of money I just paid for that vehicle it was not right that I have to buy new tires already and he replied was "Too bad for you, because I'm the highest person you can talk to" I truly wish the owner himself (Jim Browne) read this review, and even pulled videos from the cameras so he realize before is too late the kind of people he has representing his business. I'm a business owner myself and man, that is bad business.


Lino SanMarin was great I told him what I was gonna pay...

Lino SanMarin was great I told him what I was gonna pay he matched it finally less than 1 hour in car lot buying a truck

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