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This seller has been on since September 2005.
Bob Johnson Chevrolet is the place to get a new or used car truck or SUV. With over 1300 vehicles available we have the largest inventory in Rochester NY. We pride ourselves on never losing a sale over price and it is pushing us toward the #1 Chevrolet Dealership in the Nation!
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(3,406 reviews)

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I submitted a request to the dealer and never heard back.

I submitted a request to the dealer and never heard back. I haven’t heard anything good about any of the Bob Johnson dealerships but thought I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. I guess what I heard was correct!!!


Service not done

I took my suv to This location to fix my car air conditioner and it never got fix and my CarShield pd. We are going to pick up the car there was near closing time and I signed it everything‘s OK and then got in my car I have to walk to my destination to get in the car they were closing up so when I got in the car the car was still in the same condition that it was in when I brought it in there it was still running out hot air so I was told to bring it back the next day I brought it back early morning Wednesday morning and five and it was cool that day And the air was blowing out cold so they thought everything was OK so I left and came back home I didn’t get back into the car until the next day Thursday and the car is running hot again so I called out and told him that this car is still running hot today they had me come out Friday to get check it again and then they’re telling me now there is something else wrong and when they tell me car shield what they cover it but they never told me they were even doing that because CarShield had already sent them the money for my air conditioner to be fixed now they’re telling me because CarShield won’t cover that part and that I got to pay them $600 to get it fixed I don’t know if my air condition was ever fixed because I’ still got hot air and they are refusing to fix it until that is paid for which I am in between two cars I OK something before I got in it and that was only because they were closing at the time I go to pick it up so my problem is now you’re saying that because they are saying something edition was wrong they will not cover that and that’s understandable but my question is was my air conditioner ever fixed did they ever do anything to it because the same way I took it in that’s the same way it came out


I responded to an online ad for a used corvette and was

I responded to an online ad for a used corvette and was told a salesman would e-mail me "very" shortly. End of business day and heard nothing. Checked their website the next afternoon and noticed the vehicle was no longer listed. OK, they sold it I get it but one would expect the courtesy of a timely response and inquire as to if I was interested in another vehicle or have them search for one. Someone finally attempted to contact me several days later- too late! -let it go to voice mail. Not sure what their sales staff are doing if they supposedly have little to no inventory to sell. Must be too busy eating donuts.


Terrible customer service

Unsure of who I spoke with the last few days but I can say after reading the reviews I am glad I did not buy a vehicle here! Would not budge on my trade in and tried to screw me. After texting back saying I would go for it, no response. I went with a better buy and much better offer. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!! Please go somewhere else and read through these reviews!


They reached out via email, salesman asked if I had...

They reached out via email, salesman asked if I had questions, I replied over a week ago with specific questions and never got a reply back.


I bought from out of state. They handled the transaction...

I bought from out of state. They handled the transaction very efficiently and I would use them again


Our initial experience wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible....

Our initial experience wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible. We didn’t have an appointment, so having to wait was unpleasant but manageable. We had one very weird experience when a random employee stopped us before we went to see the financial person. He told us to say some kind of inside joke to her that seemed to be disability-mocking (something not very funny about her hearing). I ignored him, but it was definitely strange. The real problem was after we left. We were going to lease, but we had an emergency come up and could no longer afford the car. I called, but I wasn’t able to leave a voicemail directly for our salesperson. So I contacted the main number, gave the salesperson’s name, and left a detailed message saying we would need to wait several months to recover our loss. After that, she kept pestering us by phone. I eventually had to block her number. And then she showed up at our house! Yes, really. While we had company over. She invaded our privacy using information I had to provide for the lease. This is so incredibly inappropriate that I don’t know where to start. That was a violation of our personal space and extremely rude, especially as she should’ve seen the driveway full of cars and realized we were busy. I contacted them to let them know she did this, but I’m wary. What if they speak to her but she chooses to come here again to complain that I contacted her employer? I have had that happen before with another business. I doubt I will ever go there again. We will look elsewhere in the future, and I certainly won’t recommend them.


AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!Please add “0” rating! This...

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!Please add “0” rating! This dealership is so overgrown that the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing. They jerked me around until my warranty was up! At which time they gleefully told me to go “F” myself. I bought a brand new 2018 Silverado ($47,000) from these clowns. Between the faulty installs of their expensive GM parts, to the bizarre “service” department run arounds, I wouldn’t recommend them to my worse enemy!


I dropped my car off to be diagnosed and I dealt with...

I dropped my car off to be diagnosed and I dealt with Andrew bisig my car was there for about 5 days and I was told that he did a diagnostic on the car and that it needed several things done when my fiance went to pick the car up he was told that they could not give him a printed diagnostic on the car and that they couldn't tell us what was wrong with it when Andrew verbally told me what was wrong with the car they then tried to charge us $350 for a diagnostic that they couldn't prove they did once my fiance got agitated and you know a little loud the manager then came out and told him they can't give us a diagnostic because they have to attach a part number to it and the part for my car doesn't exist anymore cuz it's nowhere in the country they can't find it. Several days later my cousin and I took her car to the same Chevy dealership we're the same things that were wrong with my car was wrong with her car she got with someone other than Andrew I believe his name was Chris when she got her car back she got a printed diagnostic of what was wrong with the car so I asked her the person that she dealt with chevy gives printed Diagnostics? He said absolutely and then handed her her printed diagnostic. So what was Andrew's problem with giving me my printed diagnostic because the same parts that I needed on my car my cousin needed on hers and she has a printed diagnostic. Needless to say this Chevy is not a great Chevy their sales team may have great rating but their service is lacking I would not recommend this place at all to anyone.



I will preface this in saying if I could rate them a zero I would. Buying a car is easy... anyone can do it, its what happens after the sale that counts and how they take care of you as their customer. We owned the vehicle for just over a year. During that year our vehicle was in the shop 12 different times and spent almost 2 months total in service. Everything went wrong everything from brakes/tires to suspension to head gaskets and engine lifters. I had enough, so I called and called the general manager who never called me back. After weeks I called the regional Manager Rob Scott who never called me back until I had called him a handful of times.. I was told the general manager had been fired and there was a new one he would take care of me. I finally got in contact with the General Manager Matt. He promised to take care of me due to all the hassles I had received. In reality he didn't offer me anything. He offered less than book trade and no discounts on anything used. The only thing that was offered was $2000 off a brand new vehicle. I got so fed up that I went to a different dealer who ended up giving me $2300 more on my trade and actually took care of me. Stay away from these jokers at all costs like I said, buying a car is the easy part, it's what happens after the sale that counts the most.

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