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Welcome to Gus Machado Ford Inc! Located in Hialeah FL Gus Machado Ford Inc is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the area. From the moment you walk into our showroom you'll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Gus Machado Ford Inc a good one ? for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase Finance or Service a New or Pre-Owned Ford you?ve come to the right place.
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(217 reviews)

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TERRIBLE! On 2/13/21 I began going truck shopping. I was in the market for a 2021 F250 6.7 Lariat. However the exact truck I wanted was not available in the entire state of Florida with the color and additional options I wanted. If was going to spend over 70k on a truck then I wanted it to be exact to my specs. So I decided it would be easier for me to have a truck custom ordered. I was in contact prior with Ford Marketing and I had a complete build list with the total MSRP of the truck as well as I knew what was the invoice price of my build. Needless to say I was more prepared than the staff. When I pulled into park at Gus Machado there were about 5 salesmen and woman sitting on the corner of the building playing loud music and eating pastries. I figured that they were not ready to do business so I grabbed my paperwork and began walking toward the entrance to try to speak with someone professional. As I'm walking I can hear one of the saleswomen yelling at me over the music if I needed help. I proceed to ignore her as she was very annoying. She continues until I make it to the door. She sprints over to me and ask if I need help for a 5th time. I tell her no thanks that I'm going inside to speak to someone to order a truck. She asks what truck i want and I tell her a F250 Lariat. So her response was to tell me she has 2 on the lot to chose from to which I say I'm here to order a custom truck and I have a build list ready to go. I would like to speak to someone to negotiate a price as well as any fees that they may try to sneak in. As I am explaining myself to her another salesman walks over to me and cuts me off to tell me that I would be paying full MSRP shown on my build list and whatever dealer fee is posted no matter what dealership I went to. To which I laughed and called him a liar. I guess he took me as a young kid (25 years old) and thought he could screw me over. But I had already visited 6 dealers prior and had 4 offers in writing with all the fees. After I laughed in his face I told him to continue eating his pastries that he was a waste of my time and I walked back to my car. I didn't get any names and the website does not show their staff but if the dealership wants to verify this encounter check your cameras February 13 2021 around 1 pm. I get out of a silver sedan and you can see our encounter at the front door. I was ready to make a deal with cash on hand if it wasn't for your terrible salesman. What a joke. Stay away from this dealership!!

Dealer response

Hi, thank you for sharing your honest feedback. We are disappointed that you have had such a negative experience dealing with us here at Gus Machado Ford Inc. We can assure you that it was truly not our intention to disappoint or frustrate you during this process. We would like the opportunity to try and regain your trust in our business and resolve this matter for you, if we still can. Please give us a call at (305) 822-3211 at your earliest convenience so we can work with you to make this better. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Take care.


Run away do not do business here

They sold me a lemon. When I asked for help in repairs they kept pushing me off. When I had enough and asked for my money back they told me to have my attorney contact their attorney. This is by far the worst company I have done business with. Run away !!!!!!


New car purchase

The GM and the salesman were very helpful, understanding g courteous, it was an easy process, very satisfied.


the WORST customer service!

The used car that I was interested in did not have any pictures posted online. It was a MINI Cooper, and as each one is uniquely styled, seeing pictures is important to determine if you are actually interested in the car. I had sent an online request to have pictures sent to me. I’ve now received 6 emails from the dealership and still no pictures. I have replied to each email with the same request.... send me pictures! If they can not handle the simple task of sending picture, I can’t imagine living through the actual negotiating and buying process. I will take my business elsewhere!

Dealer response

Hello, we always strive to do 100% for all of our customers so we?re extremely disappointed to hear of your negative experience with us. Please give us a call at (305) 822-3211 and we will do our best to make this better. We hope to hear from you soon.


Looking for a NEW car, car was in 3 accidents!

Looking for a NEW car, found a blue Ford Fiesta 2015 listed as new, thought maybe I could get a deal (VIN 3FADP4EJ9FM223431). Turns out the car was NOT new and it had been in 3 accidents according to CARFAX. THE SALESMAN OFFERED IT TO ME FOR 14,500! IT'S ONLY WORTH 8,400 according to CARFAX. WHAT A DEAL! LOL!

Dealer response

We always strive to do 100% for all of our customers so we?re extremely disappointed to hear of your negative experience with us. We would like the chance to talk to you further so please do call us at (305) 822-3211 at your earliest convenience so we can work with you to make this right. We hope to hear from you.


Great service at the Collision center

Guillermo and his team at the Collision center were top notch. They were very pleasant and very patient with all my questions and walking me through the process.

Dealer response

Rafael, thank you for taking the time to leave us your response to our Staff's outstanding customer service! We are always more than happy to assist you if anything else comes up. Take care!


Do not buy a car here

I bought a ford mustang ecoboost from this place . The air conditioning broke after 20k miles, when I took it back they made me wait all day and still didn't fix it. I had to bring it back the next day and it took them all day to finally fix it and then guess what? It broke again after 38k miles. The buying process was also sleezy as they didn't tell me about features I could have gotten for the same price. It's like buying a car in Cuba there the workers are very shady. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO to this place.

Dealer response

Matt, thank you for taking the time to bring this negative experience to our attention. If you?d like to discuss this matter with one of our staff members, please give us a call at (305) 822-3211 at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your comments and we hope to hear from you soon.



I find a car that I want on, and call to make sure they have the vehicle. They verify that it is in stock. I make an appointment to look at the car the next day. I live 2.5 hours away from them...About 45 mins into the process, the sales lady tells me that they sold the car last night. I was in luck because they had ONE more on the lot. Of course its 4 grand more than the car I wanted. I said it was too much, they refused to go any lower. I walk in the managers office and demand why no one bothered to call me. No one has an answer, or seems to care. When I get home, I checked They took the listing down, but added THREE more models for 1500 lower than they offered me earlier that same day. Talk about pouring salt in the wound! BUYER BEWARE...Shady bait and switch tactics. Wasted 5 hours of my time.

Dealer response

Thank you for your feedback. We absolutely strive to provide our customers with an efficient and professional service experience, so we are disappointed to hear that yours was not up to par. Please contact us at (305) 822-3211 to discuss your concerns, as your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.


Airbag replacement

After waiting 3 years for Takata airbag replacement, I was finally able to get this done in January this year. I have to take my car back for a couple of "out of line" accessories. These are visible, and should have been fixed when the work was done before I got my car back.


Warranty repair

I purchased my Honda Pilot from Gus Machado ford. Ever since I bought it I have been extremely happy. I needed some work under the extended warranty. Being that it is a Honda I went to Autonation Honda on NW 57 Ave next to the palmetto expressway. Had a hard time with. Found out later they were trying to scam the warranty. I went back to Gus Machado and got the same pleasant customer service. Vehicle was repaired in a timely manner and done right. Am very happy with Gus Machado Ford of Hialeah.

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