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This seller has been on Cars.com since January 2021.
Over 50 years ago founder Jay Wolfe started with four used car lots and from those simple roots grew the Wolfe Auto Group recognized now as amongst the top 50 largest dealer groups in the country.

By following Jay Wolfe's simple philosophy "Everyday in everyway... nice people" we at Jay Wolfe Acura of Kansas City have set ourselves apart with customer satisfaction. Combined with our buying power we not only provide a positive buying experience but the most competitive pricing and trade-in values as well. It is from this we've built generations of repeat customers and we invite you to join tthem by paying us a visit today.
"Everyday in everyway... nice people."

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(2,389 reviews)

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This was quite possibly the worst service visit I have...

This was quite possibly the worst service visit I have ever had at an automotive dealership. The condensed version is…. We made an appointment 2 weeks prior for AC & maintenance on our 2017 RDX that was purchased & serviced here. From the second my wife met Larry it went downhill. Larry (without looking at VIN) immediately quoted diagnosis fee indicating it’s not a warrantable repair…. After seeing the vehicle is indeed under 4/50, the tune changed just a bit. 2 hours later I get a call saying I need a new AC condenser due to a rock hitting it & guess what…. NOT warranty, how coincidental. I asked for pictures of the damage…. Larry is confused at this request & needless to say, I never received any pictures. I called the service manager, Brian the next day to follow & left a voicemail…. Call was never returned. Sooooo Tuesday 09/07 I show up at 7:00 am to look at the vehicle personally…. The service manager Brian, myself & the technician all look at the vehicle on a lift together….. there is NO damage seen on the condenser, only a wet/oily area on the left seem. I asked where’s the damage to the tech? He says…. “Well, it might be behind the power steering cooler”. We all agree to remove the condenser from the vehicle to see this elusive damage…. I get a call/pictures a couple hours later with a BIG hole right behind where the power steering cooler sits….. SO magically a rock went around the power steering cooler & through the condenser on the backside. No, that didn’t happen, by a long shot! This hole was added after the condenser was removed, the ac was still working, just not 100%. With a hole the size of what was showed, it absolutely would have zero refrigerant left at all! It’s hard to win a game the house has all the rules to. I just said to fix it & call me when it’s done, as I’m over a barrel at this point. I pick the car up the next day, ac is cold…. Oil change message still says 20%. Called Larry to find out if oil was changed or not. In normal Larry style, no call back. Edit: oil still dirty & NOT changed…. Paid for it though. Terrible visit, won’t be back, won’t buy next RDX here. Thieves really.


Norm did a great job! We enjoyed the experience and the...

Norm did a great job! We enjoyed the experience and the car a great deal. We plan to return again to buy another Acura! The end.


I worked with Norm Dean to find the perfect vehicle at...

I worked with Norm Dean to find the perfect vehicle at the right price. He was diligent in making sure I understood all the features. I felt I was treated fair on my trade-in and by the finance department. Two weeks after buying my car, I ran over a nail. The tire was ruined, but John McLaughlin in the service department took excellent care of me. I was impressed by the efficiency of this department. Overall I am totally happy with my experience and highly recommend Jay Wolfe Acra.


Norm and the rest of the staff made the process of buying...

Norm and the rest of the staff made the process of buying our vehicle smooth and comfortable. We never felt pressured to buy anything and Norm took the time to help us find something we really appreciate.


It was great service and we found a vehicle we loved....

It was great service and we found a vehicle we loved. Norm Dean was fantastic to work with and treated us very well. We were able to test drive multiple vehicles and he located the perfect match for us.


My new RLX is great. The whole process of working with...

My new RLX is great. The whole process of working with James Carpenter at Jay Wolfe Acura was very easy. I appreciated the no pressure approach and how easy it was to work with him and the finance guy as well.


I had been wanting an Acura TLX for a while now. Norm was...

I had been wanting an Acura TLX for a while now. Norm was my salesperson and provided a great experience for me from beginning to end!


First I’d like to preface by saying we had a wonderful...

First I’d like to preface by saying we had a wonderful experience purchasing a vehicle 6 years ago that we decided to come back when we wanted to upgrade. We went in 1.5 mths ago after we saw a vehicle we were interested in. The sales woman was very helpful and they were willing to fix some minor issues with the vehicle. We put a deposit down and waited for the issues to be fixed which was a few days later. The whole process the evening was quick and easy and we thought everything went well. That’s when we found out it didn’t. They never put our deposit towards the point of sale nor refunded us for the $500 deposit. It took MULTIPLE calls to finally get it refunded. Then we received the title work as well as the sales tax check. We were told it would be 4 days but took over two weeks (not too worried about that). However we were also supposed to get a refund from the unused gap insurance from our previous vehicle. The finance guy said it would be included as that is their policy. It is not shown on the receipt. I tried calling and left a message. Never received a call back and just called AGAIN and left another message two weeks later. Still waiting on a response. Also my husband was asked to provide customer feedback and provided an 7/10 review stating the whole deposit issue. He received a call asking for him to change his review to 10/10 and they sent us some photo session to make up for it. He did not as it was an honest review as is this one. I truly hope no one else has issues like this and have a better experience. Our next vehicle will not be purchased here!


I had wanted an Acura for a very long time and constantly...

I had wanted an Acura for a very long time and constantly stalked the Jay Wolfe website. I finally took the plunge and emailed Emily who was very prompt and helpful with answering my questions on the RDX models I was looking at online. When I finally came in to the dealership, Norm was very pleasant, knowledgeable and fair with the amount offered for my trade in. I really appreciate the hassle-free negotiation and I never felt pressured. When I came back on Monday to sign and pick up the car, everything was ready for me and working with Jeff in finance was a breeze. No pressure there as well. I was in and out with my new RDX in about an hour. Easiest car transaction I’ve ever had and I love my new RDX. Thank you! You’ve earned my future business.


2018 Acura TLX A Spec

I had been looking for a TLX A-spec AWD and found the car online and called Jay Wolfe ACURA about the vehicle. It was listed at one price and after driving an hour and a half to look at it, they said the internet department listed the car for the wrong price. After the salesman showing us “how good a deal” this AWD A-spec was by showing us other FWD ones, we agree to the amount with a window tint. I specifically asked if this vehicle was AWD because we live in MO out in the country and I need to get around. The salesman told me the All Wheel Steer was the exact same as AWD. It’s just Acura’s version of it. 3 months later, we have all this snow and my vehicle will not go anywhere. It spins and gets stuck. My husband has the car scanned and it is FWD!! None of my original paperwork says FWD anywhere!! I called and spoke to a manager about the issue and was told too bad pretty much. Offered cars not even close to the caliber of car I wanted and thought I was buying. I was then offered $25,000 for the car I just paid $32,000 for because it was FWD. I was also offered an A-Spec with double the miles in an AWD system at $28,000. I asked if they saw an issue with the pricing. Why would I have paid $32,000 for a FWD vehicle at an AWD price? I offered to pay for the mileage and usage of what I put on the vehicle if they would buy it back, but no. I am very frustrated with being over charged for a vehicle I was told was something different, and then offered way less because of their mistakes and lies. It’s rude and disrespectful.

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