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Bob Bell Ford and Bob Bell Hyundai in Baltimore MD area is proud to be an automotive leader in our community. Since opening our doors Bob Bell Ford has maintained our solid commitment to our customers offering a wide selection of cars and trucks and ease of purchase.

If you need financing options we will help you find a car loan that works for you! Even if you have bad credit or are a first time buyer you can trust that Bob Bell Ford and Bob Bell Hyundai will professionally fit you into the automobile of your choice. Serving Baltimore Glen Burnie Annapolis Columbia Catonsville Bel Air Laurel Bowie Owings Mill.
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(623 reviews)

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BUYER BEWARE…….Service is terrible. Scheduling service appointments over 6 weeks out. Hope you don’t break down and need it fixed promptly. Went in to look at a new truck that caught my wife’s eye.New car salesman refused to budge off of the actual sticker price, he stated most places charge over sticker. xxx? No incentives from Ford. Called general manager jp bishop and left 2 messages, with no return call.


They allow 3rd parties to price their cars below the

They allow 3rd parties to price their cars below the actual price they are willing to sell for. So get in the door to only find out the car is a higher sale price. Not good business. Salesmen Todd was polite though. Whoever I worked with through text could care less about price difference.


No integrity

Let me preface my review by saying this happened over two weeks ago. I've contacted Bob Bell and Hyundai Corporate to try to rectify the situation and they chose to ignore me. I have no qualms about publicly shaming them now. Two weeks ago on a Saturday, a sales rep at Bob Bell called me and said someone had backed out of their scheduled delivery of an Ioniq 5 and asked if I wanted it. I told them I did but it was late on Saturday and they were closing so we could not close the deal, the rep said he informed his Sales Manager(SM) and the SM will email me the offer sheet for me to sign. I waited all weekend for the offer but did not get it. First thing on Monday I called the SM and he said he knows about the deal in place and was surprised when he heard they did not send out the offer letter. No problem, I said I can still sign now and get it done. Once he emailed me the offer letter, I noticed a 800$ paint protection plan that was optional and asked if that could be removed. Begrudgingly the SM accepted so I signed the offer letter at MSRP + 800 dollars of dealership fees. Next he emailed me the build sheet, which I also signed. Next he asked for my drivers license and insurance information which I emailed over again. The SM then told me to wait for their finance team to call me. I waited for 1 hour and no one called, the sales rep then told me to call finance myself or they might offer the car to someone else. Upon hearing that I called them immediately and left a voice message. I then had a work meeting for 30 minutes where I could not follow up but texted the sales rep that I wanted the car. The next thing I know the rep told me that the car was sold to someone else. Incredulous, I asked to speak to the SM. He dodged my call for the entire day before I could get a hold of him. He made no apologies and said someone else came in and was able to buy it on the spot. I asked him how he can still sell it when I've signed the offer letter, build sheet, provided my personal info and made it clear I wanted the car. He claimed their finance team tried to call me but couldn't get through. I have my call history and voice mail and am sure no one from Bob Bell called me that morning and I also have my call history to their finance. The SM knew I wanted the car as I was working directly with him and yet he still approved the sale to someone else. I have little doubt the person he sold to chose the optional $800 fee and perhaps other added fees. Apparently signed contracts with do not mean a single thing with Bob Bell Hyundai as long as they could make a few more bucks. I called corporate Hyundai and they said they reached out to Bob Bell and they cannot do anything since they are an independent company. Before I get a generic "thank you for bringing this up, call us to discuss" response. I've reached out to them already, Hyundai Corporate has reached out to them. They have my phone number, email, address but have chosen to ignore me. Do not go here as they have no integrity at all.


2011 Jeep Rubicon

I called the dealership on a Wednesday to check out a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that was going for $23K. I was very interested in the jeep and even set up some time for a virtual call with Todd, one of their representatives. Todd was very helpful and walked me through the car. I asked if I can do a pre-purchase inspection and I was supposed to get a call back from his boss Dennis for confirmation. I unfortunately did not get a call back. I decided to take the initiative. The very next morning I made the treck from VA to MD to check out the Jeep. I took some time off work and even did some recon to find a reputable shop to do an inspection. I left about 6:30 am to get there at 8, right when they opened. When I got there I met Todd and he was ablet to pull the Jeep out for me to check out. The Jeep aesthetically looked great, however I noticed early on some red flags. The back passenger door handles did not work. When I turned the car on the sway bar light turned on as well as the check engine light. I took the car to get pre-inspected and they found a total of $4,290 of repairs that needed to be addressed. I was incredibly disappointed to find this out yet despite that, I was hopeful that maybe I could work something out with Todd and Dennis. When I got back to the dealership and showed Todd the list of issues from my pre-purchase inspection, he was also in disbelief. He took the laundry list of issues to Dennis. As I sat there looking out the window, the conversation between Todd and Dennis looked a bit uncomfortable. Dennis walks in with my quote and says out loud “No Change” in front of me and the other employees. He walked away with pre-purchase inspection back into his office. I was stunned. I felt embarrassed, angry, and most of all disappointed. I didn’t even get the opportunity to work out a deal, no counter offer, nothing. Todd tried to talk to him again and I can hear through Dennis’ door that he wasn’t having it. I appreciate Todd for even trying and I can just hear him getting yelled at and chewed out. The tough part is that, I had cash to pay for the Jeep and was willing to work something out. I didn’t even get the time or the place. I drove about 65 miles out, paid for a pre-purchase inspection, only to get disrespected and that wasn’t a good feeling. I expressed this to Todd and he had a brief discussion with Duncan concerning this. I got a call the next day from Duncan and accepted his apology. Despite all that, Duncan and team weren’t willing to work out a deal. I just could not justify paying the full amount with so many issues to the Jeep. I would have had to pay the full $23K not including tags and processing fee on top of the $4290 worth of repairs! The Jeep has been sitting at the lot for more than 60 days… For future buyer, please be sure you do your due diligence.


I have, in the last 2 years, had my oil changed here.

I have, in the last 2 years, had my oil changed here. The first time, my engine stalled out on me within a week of having it serviced there and the second time, the skid plate/underbelly cover was not installed properly and flew out from under my car not 3 hours after having it serviced. Called in that same day and they offered to replace and install for free. Super great right? Nope. Just last week, my cover flew off again and debris made its way up and under my car and punctured my compressor which will now cost me a lot of money to replace. They are refusing to do anything because it was reinstalled a year ago. I'm a great driver. I try to avoid potholes and debris, dont text and drive, and have a clean driving record, I would have known if I hit something but because of the shotty installation, it's on me? Makes 0 sense. They could've at least offered to inspect and replace. It could very well be the fasteners for the skid plate being faulty. Even so, I should have been notified that they need replacing, AT MY LAST SERVICING. Would have solved a lot of heart ache and excessive repair costs. You lost a family full of Ford drivers. We have 4 vehicles from this dealership and will not be purchasing anymore or using your services.

Consumer response

Make sure the Service Technicians check everything and notify the customer if something needs replaced. Just because I have Bell Care doesn't mean I shouldnt receive the same services.


Very respectful, no pressure, I felt respected not judged

Very respectful, no pressure, I felt respected not judged like I usually am because of my age, as if I can’t afford a car. Would definitely deal with this dealership in the future again when it’s time to trade-in or buy another car


Best Car Buying Experience

Just bought a new 2022 Hyundai Kona at Bob Bell - James Franklin is the best sales consultant I have ever worked with. He made the entire process simple and easy, very honest and upfront. I recommend going to James for your new Hyundai - he will not try to tack on hidden fees, will listen to what you are looking for and help you get the best deal possible. By far the best car buying experience I have ever had.


Welcome to the circus!!

I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to this dealership. I love seeing all of the reviews of people they have helped with out of warranty claims and covered it for the customer for free but someone who rolls in with a warranty claim on a $90,000 truck with 9k miles on it that they purchased from this exact dealership, they want to sweep under the rug and blame the customer and wipe their hands clean. Horrible customer service which began with Steve Tappa who does not explain anything to the customer besides "we need $3k" and is SUPER rude; his whole attitude needs an adjustment. When a customer comes to you with a warranty claim, you take care of it on the back end for them and make sure its handled to the best of your ability, I mean this is what I do for my customers and we stand by our warranties; unlike your company who sells a customer a vehicle and then when they come to you with issues say "theres nothing we can do". As if it werent already obvious, I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from a Bob Bell dealer again. The owners should be ashamed of how their xxxxxxx are running this circus.


Worst experience I have ever had. Had my truck for 2...

Worst experience I have ever had. Had my truck for 2 months still not fixed .you did damage!



Never would I deal with them ever again. We haven't even made our first payment yet and all ready having problems with the used F-150. That was $26,000. after finance $ 42,000. Now the oil is running high. They said it passed inspection. Don't know how. They had us sign a paper that said no warranty. We haven't had it a month.I would stay away. Made an appointment with State Police,to make sure nothing is really wrong with this truck. If we knew they were going to charge 18 percent. I would have walked away.

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