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This seller has been on since January 2019.
Smith Haven Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is a family run 5 star dealership that was started by Donald Saslow in December of 1969. We have been Long Island's most trusted name for Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram for over 50 years. Continually treating our customers like family has allowed us to secure other franchises to add to our expanding Auto Group. We are committed to always giving Real Deals and quality customer service!
'Everyones Savin At Smith Haven" Home of the Real Deal!

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(203 reviews)

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Horrible experience at Smithtown Jeep

Absolutely the worst experience of my life. Went in for a new jeep. Would have been number 8. With covid credit score was lower then normal. Had George as a fiance person. He ran the credit said it wasn't that bad and could get us from a cherokee to a grand cherokee. Had us look at a car and everything. Then came back and said he would have to work on it. It was Saturday he said he would call Monday. He did not. I called him that evening he wasn't available but what get the message and get back to me. The next day Still nothing. Called twice that day with no return. Called again that night of course he was gone for the day, so I spoke with one of the sales managers. It was Taylor or Tyler he said he would look up the file and call me the next morning. Received a message at 1pm, called him back never to be heard again. Spoke with the receptionist she was going to get him on the line and I got disconnected. Called back twice and amazing the phone kept hanging up. Just a horrible experience. Anyway went to Nardy Honda a got a 2021 CRV EXL beautiful truck and an amazing experience. Thank Smithtown Jeep.


The Only Dealership I would ever recommend

I bought a great used Jeep here today. The experience was painless. After a week of sleazy "used car dealer" crooks with every BS fee trick, I was ready to give up, and say OK - it says 19,000 but that means 23,000. plus tax and dmv I saw the Smith Haven no fee promise and went here (expecting to see a whole new bag of tricks) but NO, it was a great experience. No dealer fees, no financing pressure, no certifying fees, no preparation fees. no transportation fees. The price said 19,000 and it was 19,000 !!!! $19,000 certified, plus taxes and DMV and out the door. Amazed. We will be back for a truck soon. I will recommend Smith Haven Jeep to anyone and everyone. # 1 fan.

Dealer response

Thank you so much from the whole Smith Haven team for such a meaningful review! I'm glad we were able to change your perspective on car dealerships, and show you how easy it can be to do business. Welcome to the Smith Haven family, and we'll be looking forward to having you back in the future!


Unfair practices

I came in a few times for my check engine light while under warranty and certified pre owned. I was told the first time it was covered, the next I was charged for diagnostic which I shouldn't have been, then I come back, they charged me doublle my deductible, labor, and for wipers they didn't put on..

Dealer response

Stephanie, I'm sorry that you feel you feel this way. Please reach out to so we can further investigate your complaints.



I brought my 2017 Jeep Renegade, back on July 13th 2020, while I understand it was used, I was disappointed in how things were handled. I was very happy with Andrew my salesman, but I was never offer a Car fax report, and I was told there was none available for this car. I questioned this when it was determined the car was in an accident, and I was not told. I later found out there was a Car fax report on this car, (actually 31 of them) when I took the car to another dealership and they told me about the accident back in 2018. So now I have to spend, my own money to have it fixed, had I known this I would have not brought it. I also found out the car does not come with a spare, once again the dealer never shared this and I was told by the other dealership and the sales manager from Smith haven that I was to be told, so this past weekend when I was traveling up state I got a flat tire and had no spare or nothing. This was very upsetting we were stranded for 3 hours. I will never buy a car from this place again, I love my car to death, but I hate dishonesty.


New Jeep High Altitude 2021 Purchase

Great experience. Jason the salesman I worked with was straight forward and very patient. Tyler the sales manger was very professional and Abe the finance guru was great. No last minute fees added in during finance and no surprises. I would highly recommend this dealership.

Dealer response

Mike, thank you so much for the positive feedback! We're glad our team was able to assist you professionally and efficiently. Welcome to the Smith Haven family!


Dedicated and knowledgeable

Rick, in the service department, is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who listened to me and followed through on my concerns until the issue was resolved. I appreciate the patience and respect I received from him, and will definitely be recommending his services in the future.

Dealer response

Ivan, thank you so much for the 5 star review!


Avoid at all costs!

Unless you feel like being talked down to, yelled at, and that you don't matter, I would avoid dealing with this place. I have purchased 2 vehicles from this dealership in the past and have nothing but issues Everytime I go in. Service is fine if you are going in for an oil change but that's about it. Anything more than that, it has to go back multiple times as they can't seem to get it right and blame the places that do some of their work. I've had salespeople fail to introduce themselves, managers talk down to and yell at me, and finance personnel falsifying my credit application. All they want is your money and they treat you like garbage. Their employees and "managers" are extremely unprofessional and truly don't care about your business. In addition to multiple phone calls after you visit, they apologize for your experience and promise to make it right, only to send you to another rude employee. Their managers do nothing to make it right and just try to sell vehicles. Stay away from this dealership and go a few miles away where they actually care about customers.

Dealer response

I'm sorry for the late reply, however this review is very alarming. We take pride in treating all our customers with the utmost respect, please reach out to so we can look further into this and hopefully have the chance to understand and rectify.


They deserve LESS than one star.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve bought a reasonable number of cars in my life, all types, and have also dealt with all forms of selling. I know when I am dealing with good honest, intelligent people, and also when I am dealing with the other lousy types. My wife and I attempted to buy a used/pre-owned Jeep Wrangler from these idiots today. We had made an appointment to see, drive, and probably buy a specific 2016 Wrangler with Samantha who makes their appointments for test drives. VIN: 1C4HJWDG4GL315712, and their Stock: U37523A. Advertised price of $27,406 with 10,449 miles. This same day, before our appointment, Samantha called back saying “sorry that Wrangler is sold, but we have another just in that is just like it.” …. Well, that was NOT true. Yes, it was a 2016, but was priced at $31,900. and had 26,739 miles on it. How the xxxx is that just like the one we were interested in? I told her that the only thing that was the same with these two Wrangler’s was they were both 2016’s, and I said that the price was just too high. She replied….”we’re not going to lose your business over price, we’ll make you happy.” She then continued to offer to have us still come in for a test drive knowing exactly where I was on price, and of course they were not going to lose us over price, etc. What a load of BS. I believe she has trouble with telling the truth. We went in, which was a complete waste of our time. The so-called salesman who came up to us caused us to leave within just 2 minutes. He is why used car salesman have such a bad reputation. He did not introduce himself, he did not ask us anything about what we really wanted, didn’t seem to realize that there was real potential for a real sale if not today, than probably as soon as next week depending on inventory. We were ready to buy. He did not understand nor have any knowledge of my earlier conversation with Samantha. So he told us based on where we were on price….“I’m not going to bother taking you out for a test drive.” And as far what he could do on price… “maybe we could take off a couple hundred dollars.” I told him then we were going to walk out, which we did. No attempt was made to gain us as customers. He had one of the worst attitude’s I’ve come across in years, and should be cleaning toilets, not selling anything, and not dealing with people. He is the definition of a xxxxxxx used car salesman with the attitude of a loan shark, but only with a two digit IQ. Someone is definitely going to be selling us a Jeep, but it will NOT be from this dealership. Probably Brown’s, who have a much better reputation to begin with. After leaving this called this low level dealership, we called and asked for the manager, and we were connected to Jessica who said she was the manager. She told us the salesman was Rich. We explained in detail, though she, Jessica, seemed to have a similar low IQ issue as Rich, and did not listen, nor understand the problems, nor did she understand that we were real buyers. I think she likes to hear herself talk since she kept repeating that we knew the higher price of the other Wrangler before we came in, which we did, BUT we NEVER would have wasted out time doing so if Samantha had been honest with us. We were still there to buy a Jeep, either today or as soon as they had an appropriate one in stock. Jessica also hung up the phone on us. I don’t know if all of their managers are ego centric idiots, but…. I guess I shouldn’t expect the salesman to be anything else than what he is based on how the so-called manager is. xxxx trickles downhill. So, they lost our business forever (we also have to buy one of our kids a car too), and they continued to perpetuate their well deserved bad reputation. They do not care about your needs, and will not listen to you. If you like having your time wasted, and being treated terribly, then go there, otherwise stay away from Smith Haven Chrysler Jeep, Dodge, Ram. They are the worst.

Dealer response

We would like to start out by saying we are truly sorry to hear you felt you were treated negatively by our staff. It is not, and never will be, our intention to mislead our customers. With that being said your anger towards our "idiot" employees is sorely misplaced. Samantha called you before your appointment to inform you that the vehicle you picked out was sold. She did this in an effort to remain transparent and avoid the feeling of a bait and switch scenario. Samantha then offered a different vehicle with similar options in an attempt to still earn your business. The whole time you were aware of the price of both vehicles. When you arrived and met with Rich, the transparency continued and he informed you that, while we can't get to the price of the vehicle you were previously looking at, we could still do what we could with the new one. In a time of pandemic, face masks and social distancing, Rich was simply attempting to figure out if you were comfortable with where we were with the vehicles cost. When it was discovered you weren't comfortable with the increased prize, it was deemed that the health of our customers and employees was more important. While we do agree it is much better salesmanship to have showed you the car anyway, you would have spent hours looking at the car only to be told the same price and that is misleading and a massive waste of your time. So you felt as though Rich made no attempt to earn your business, which is fair to say, but Samantha went above and beyond to remain transparent and earn your business and that also upset you. It appeared to us that you were determined to be upset with us. Still, our BDC Manager, Jessica, took your call in an attempt help and assist you with the situation. You began to curse and berate her over this lose-lose situation we were placed in, so she removed herself to prevent any further escalation. While we will always be willing and available to attempt to make this right for you, we will not accept this clearly malicious defamation of our staff.


Dealer Lied

My wife and I went through everything required to buy a used 2018 Corolla for $11,200. The morning we went to pick up the car the price on their website increased to $12,936. We went down to sign the paperwork, Paul said they can't sell us the car because there is an open recall without remedy. Three weeks later the car is still listed for the higher price. When I called saying I was interested they said yes, the car is available. Very dishonest, would not recommend anyone going there.

Dealer response

Fred, this review is very concerning. Please email so we can look further into this matter. It's possible there was a misunderstanding, or the recall was rectified in the following weeks.


Incompetent Service Deparment

Don't portray your dealership as if you care for medical workers / first responders during the global pandemic if you're going to treat them like garbage. The Service Department at Smith Haven is H O R R I B L E. This is not our first vehicle nor is it our first time servicing our vehicle at a service center. I believe their way of attracting customers is the complimentary oil change when you purchase a vehicle from here. This was the only SOLE reason why we came here believing its worth our time. The first time we had to service our car was within few months of the purchase, due to a transmission issue. The automotive technicians COULD NOT figure out what was wrong and told my husband they could not imitate the same issue. We went SOMEWHERE ELSE in Garden City and our car was fixed. The second time was for an oil change / horn replacement. First off, we totally understand how sensitive situations are during the COVID-19 spread in New York. My husband serves on the front line during this excruciating battle of COVID-19. It is understandable if emotions are high. HOWEVER, it is not an excuse to be rude and passive aggressive to your customers. TO THE OWNER: your advisers are YOUR front line workers and represent your dealership's service center. You should double check to make sure they are representing your company with manners. Service Advisor MICHAEL GIARDINELLO was extremely VILE to my husband upon arrival. Upon arrival, my husband checked in with the desk agent and he confirmed name / vehicle / phone number. However, MICHAEL could not find the appointment in his system (don't they share the same system?) My husband stated his name, phone number, address and explained what the problem was. It's confusing how the desk agent has all the correct information, but the service adviser did not. When the car was finished, he went to go check out at the desk. The agent said the bill was $55. My husband was confused because the car still had a free oil change left. She went to go clear things up with MICHAEL and the place isn't too large so my husband overheard their entire conversation. MICHAEL spoke LOUDLY with an irritated tone to the desk agent that he doesn't have a free oil change because he didn't purchase the vehicle at Smith Haven. He continued going off as if no one would hear. After listening to Michael's conversation, my husband went up to speak to him. He stated he bought this vehicle, HERE. Michael DID NOT believe my husband. He spoke VERY aggressively and indicated my husband was a LIAR. His demeanor had my husband have his guard up and felt this adviser was belittling him. My husband asked for his keys because he has documentation of the vehicle purchase. "Give him his keys" "We'll see" is what Michael said. Michael followed my husband to his car and before he reached into his vehicle for the documents, Michael asks "Isn't this your VIN#? and repeats it loudly and ILL-MANNERED. "Isn't your name Russell?" My husband was utterly confused on what the adviser was questioning (Previously mentioned, they went over his details upon checking in). My husband's name is not RUSSELL, he states his name, and repeats his VIN# from the dashboard. Michael had the wrong VIN# the entire time. APOLOGIES WERE NOT RECEIVED. He blamed the dealership system and says, "Okay, you can just go" As a human being, the first thing to do is apologize, especially when you were incorrect to begin with. We're baffled and mind boggled on how Michael works in the service department. Is this how you treat your customers? On the report, my husband's INFORMATION is logged with this other person's VIN#. The fact he printed out the report without fixing it shows he is even more incompetent. Guarantee, we are done servicing our vehicle here.

Dealer response

Amy, this review is very concerning. Please email so we can look further into this matter.

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