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John Jones Auto Group is proud to be an automotive leader serving the southern Indiana area for over 34 years! We have four convenient locations in Salem Corydon Scottsburg and Greenville. We have over 1000 cars trucks vans and suvs in our inventory! Come see us before anyone else for the purchase of your next vehicle!
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(319 reviews)

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Very pleased, Great Dealership.

I am not from the Salem area. Dealer Rep was Cody M. was excellent to work with. I purchased a new 9 passenger conversion van. I never had to visit the dealership. They bought the van to my location to inspect and test drive. Took van back to dealership and after two days made purchase and delivered van back to me. Very pleased with my purchase and buying experience.


Went to look at and test drive a truck.

Went to look at and test drive a truck. The truck had a check engine light from the first turn of the key. The dealer was very hesitant to scan the code and tell me what it was for. The diagnostic of the check engine light was included in the negotiation process, only to be told that "we won't fix that." The truck needed a DEF heater and injectors, and would not run in cold weather. It also needed a tire balance and front end alignment, neither of which they would do. I was insultingly low balled on my trade in and decided to walk away. I had a gut feeling about this dealership from the moment the front door opened. I ended up going to a different dealer, trading my truck for $6,500 more than John Jones' offer and bought a truck 2 years newer with less mileage for $3100 less. Stopped in as a potential buyer, left with the feeling I was almost scammed. I'll go out of my way to not do business here.

Dealer response

Ryan, We apologize that we could not come to an agreement on the truck you were interested in. If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Manager at 812-883-3088 or Thank you.


My daughter got a car that come to find out is only worth

My daughter got a car that come to find out is only worth 15,000 and it was sold to her for over 26,000 . Now she will be stuck in it for a very long time . All they want is the money! Didn’t care that they stuck it to a young girl trying to make her way through college that needed reliable transportation . Just down right screwed her! I would never do business with them or recommend John Jones to anyone after all we went through with them . As a matter a fact I will be contacting an attorney that sent us a letter about this exact situation on this car that saw somehow that we were taken advantage of,

Dealer response

Elizabeth, We do value your business and your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to speak with our Customer Service Manager regarding the vehicle you purchased for your daughter in July 2022 We understand your situation and wish we could help lower your payment. There was full transparency on the selling price of the vehicle and the value of your trade-in. If we can help with anything further, please contact us at 812-883-3088 or Thank you.


Recently bought a used 2020 F-150 from them and It was

Recently bought a used 2020 F-150 from them and It was listed as both "clean interior" and "professionally detailed" in the online listing, but I was very dirty inside when I showed up to look at it. During the sale I was told that they write them up like that even if they haven't cleaned them "yet". They had it a month but said they would get it detailed for me. I had to bring it back (keep in mind that this place is an hour away from my home) to have them take it to the detailer. They got it Monday at opening and returned it to me on Friday. They told that it was going to be taken to an actual detailer but had a shop guy try to clean it again. They told me this guy was great at cleaning and did the best he could. What I received somehow looked worse than when i bought it. I picked up a can of upholstery cleaner and cleaned just the console pad and made a 5 gallon bucket of water look like someone put a shovel full of mud in it. These guys are a joke, 2 attempts to clean it and they give me this? I'm now being told "Your welcome to detail your own car but per my boss we are not investing any more money it to the truck thank you for your business sorry we could not meet your expectations have a great evening" what money did they invest? My expectation was only that they would do want they said... clean the car. Photos in my google review.

Dealer response

Mr. Nathan Sharp, We apologize that you are not completely satisfied with the condition of the vehicle. The pictures online accurately showed the condition of the vehicle and the seats. At the time of purchase, you signed a paper acknowledging you were accepting the vehicle "as-is" and that we owed you a detail. We have detailed the vehicle twice, once within our dealership and another time at an outside detail shop. Our Customer Service Manager has reached out to you to further assist with your situation and we have not heard back from you. We want you to be satisfied with our purchase. Again, our Customer Service Manager is available at 812-883-3088 or Thank you.

Consumer response

A detail was never performed. By any definition. I did not see the email sent to me for follow-up so I was still waiting. I have responded to it and sent the requested invoice for the time and materials involved with getting the vehicle cleaned.


John Jones Service Department

Had a warranty issue taken care of. The folks did a great job of fixing and communicating with me. I had a battery replaced in my key fob and it was $32. Outrageous! I?ll change the battery in my wife?s set of keys.


Very friendly and patient.

Very friendly and patient. Collin is an excellent salesman. The whole transaction was pleasant and they accommodated my needs.

Dealer response

Thank you for letting us know about your experience. We appreciate your business and are glad to know you had a pleasant experience with Collin and the Scottsburg team. Thanks again for choosing John Jones Auto Group for your recent purchase!


John Jones is the Place to Take Your Car!!!

Feb. 2022 Went for Oil Change.. Bob Barger helped find the ticking sound and it was not an issue!! Relieved my mind. I love all the Staff!! Jon in Service..Amanda in service...Sharon(Front Desk) always super friendly. I feel like family .. and Rita keeps the place immaculate.. I appreciate that.And of favorite salesperson..Rick Roll!! Best Place Ever!!!!! Treated right always!! Never overcharged.. and kept abreast of any issue..never pushy. Thank You John Jones!!!


My husband and I were mislead and lied to several times...

My husband and I were mislead and lied to several times by the salesman and told us vehicle passed inspection since purchase we have had to put over 3,000 dollars in said purchase since this past November which is bull yes it was used but we drove it 2 times and it's been in shop repeatedly since. What happened to good quality customer service we will never buy another vehicle from John Jones again neither will either of our families an they buy new vehicles every 2 years. SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY LIKE THEY THINK. We work hard for what we have and since we didn't purchase new we were treated very badly

Dealer response

We value our customers and strive for five-star service. Without your name, we cannot comment or look further into your experience. Please call our Customer Service Manager at 812-883-3088 or if we can help.


I expected little and was still disappointed

My experience with John Jones was at first normal. I Spoke with an individual named Mike Atchison. He, much like another I found out, was trying to upsell me from the start of our interactions. My wife and I had a strict budget to adhere to and he was trying to push vehicles at us that were well outside of our price point. In his defense he was very patient. If he would have stuck near our price point though we might have gotten the deal sealed sooner.or had he told us the price on the vehicle he was showing us first. That might have helped. On a humorous note. He asked if I would put gas in one of their vehicles. I did, and fortunately found out the gas gauge was busted. Now back to our regularly scheduled gripe. Moving on. My wife and I took possession of our 2011 Chevy Equinox about a week after the ink dried on the paperwork. 2 Days after which my wife was run off the road by a distracted driver totaling our new to us car. All Went well on my insurance side which in and of itself was surprising. The vehicle was declared a total loss and my insurance company cut us a check for a portion of the loan payoff. But more on that soon. In the interim. My wife went back to John Jones to go retrieve items that were left in our vehicle at the accident scene. We spoke about looking to get another vehicle from this place, so my wife went to speak with another person on their staff. Adrienne Hoar was much like Mike. Very insistent on putting down money and how we needed to secure a vehicle before it got sold. My wife was then upset by this thinking we would lose out on an opportunity entirely but due in light to our situation taking on a second loan alongside or coinciding with our loan would be incredibly detrimental to our finances. Much the same as mike she had no concern for us as people, just another sale. Cutting back to the loan We still owed roughly 1900 Dollars on our vehicle after insurance paid their portion and we did opt for the GAP insurance on initial purchase, so we thought “Yay! At least we won’t be stuck with the rest of the loan.” But this is where we made our next mistake. Speaking with a Sharon Cervantes who I am led to believe is a receptionist with John jones. She told us that the paperwork we were signing was to submit a claim for reimbursement with our GAP policy. What we didn’t find out until later was that she gave us a form to cancel our policy, but we did not find this out until about a week after the fact when we received a check from them for roughly half the payoff on our loan. In the end. Now I have a check from them that is next to useless, and I am down a vehicle that I needed because my pregnant wife needs to be able to attend appointments due to her being high risk pregnancy. I have served my country with honor and to come home to people like this makes me wonder if what I did for my country was worth it. All the missed time with family and friends just to come home and be taken advantage of by the very people I swore to protect and defend. Seems funny doesn’t it. Well, I am not laughing and if this rambling paper I have wrote even turns two people away from dealing with these people it will at least make up for the money I lost by their ignorance/incompetence.


The seller went through this mechanic for a multi-point...

The seller went through this mechanic for a multi-point inspection done on a van I purchased privately from out of state. I drove 7+hrs to purchase a seemingly sound van only to not make it home before having to find a mechanic who confirmed my worst nightmare. The Inspection was falsified. I have spend over half of what I purchased the van for trying to get it mechanically sound. I have a copy of the report which states the technician was Matthew Dearry and advisor Rick Johnson. I am working on pursuing legal action but with this being a state I have never been to prior, finding representation and understanding the specific state laws is an added stress to my already horrible situation. I cannot express enough how much pain this has caused me and how much I DO NOT RECOMMEND this company.

Dealer response

John Jones Auto Group did not sell this vehicle and we are unable to validate your claims of an inspection being completed on the vehicle you purchased from a private seller. You are welcome to contact our Customer Service Manager at 812-883-3088 or if we can help further.

Consumer response

I’d be happy to validate them. I don’t have to purchase the vehicle from you to experience your well known dishonesty. Point is you inspected the vehicle and gave it 100% passing when anyone with a trained eye would know it was not safe.

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