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(435 reviews)

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Range Rover Evoque service maintenance

I had to get my windshield wipers replaced on my 2014 Range Rover Evoque. I called the same day and was done within 10 minutes out the door! Excellent service!


A Team is only as good as their Leader!!

Sounds pretty easy huh? Well let me tell you after working more than 40 years ion the retail/Customer Service business, giving GREAT! customer service is not as easy as it used to be.......Life was different just 5 or 10 years ago where workers really cared about the place they worked, enjoyed giving Outstanding Customer Service and really had a "personal stake" in the Company and making it successful. Now days people stay in one job for long lengths of time much less frequently, their loyalty is often just bought with a 15 or 25raise per hour raise, and their attitudes are that "you owe me" not the other way around. That is one reason that I continue to be a loyal customer of Land Rover West Columbia (I have bought 6 cars their and I am still not done! Lol (don't tell my wife ) please! Thats why this past Saturday was no surprise to me based on the pleasant service that I always receive from the team there in West Columbia.. Earlier I stated that a "Team is only as good as their Leader", and how true that turned out to be. It was a gorgeous day outside, 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, and I am heading to one of the most storied little towns on the map.......Annapolis Maryland! Thats right the home of the US Naval Academy where the freshman plebes wear their uniforms around town and when you see them your eyes just well up with pride for our Country..But I digress.....on the way to Annapolis for the day, I notice the dreaded "check engine" light has appeared on the dash! Well there goes my plans for the day, and I was not happy. The good thing was that I was not that far from West Colombia so I hung a UBEE on RT.97and head down to the dealer hoping for some miracle!! Well a true service miracle it was! I knew that being it was a Saturday afternoon the service department would probably not have its full compliment of workers nor loaner cars (specially since I had not reserved one ahead of time.....who knew??) But have no fear Gary Priogeon was here11 Gary who had sold me all of my previous 6 Range Rovers, overheard my plight and with a wave of his "big strong arm" had me follow him over to the General Manager"s office where Greg Corbutt was running around like a crazy man TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS! and I mean he was everywhere. Well Gary got him to slow down long enough to hear my sad story of missing Annapolis on a beautiful day and not having a loaner car to get home in Ince I had to leave mine until Monday. Greg gives me a little wry smile, calls me by name and says "No worries Mr.Lublin why don't you go ahead and take my Loaner car.....I have other options as he stares at his lot!! Well to say that I was blown away by Greg's actions would be a huge understatement........the example that he set that day in that dealership will last long past his departure. He showed by that one great act of kindness and leadership that "HE GETS IT"......Satisfied customers are what makes Jaguar and Range Rover successful and I shall be one of those people as long as great leaders like Greg are around,"TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS!! Thanks Greg, Mike Lublin a completely satisfied customer.


Service Review

IT was an absolute pleasure working with the Service Manager Attentive and knowledgeable I have purchased three (3) Range Rovers from your dealership I have also gotten cars serviced here. Really appreciate the service this time


New Range Rover Purchase

Very happy - especially with salesman Larry Seiler.


Exceptional Service /Professional and Courteous

Land Rover in Clarksville never disappoint. Their service team is bar none! Ashley is fantastic you always know what is going on with your vehicle. Expectations and recommendations are made clearly so that you have a holistic outlook on what needs to get done now versus later. The facilities are spotless and the other staff are also professional and friendly. These folks warmly welcome you into their Land Rover family.


A plus

Larry Seilers was an awesome sales person. Wasn't pushy but helped me make a informed decision Ashley in parts has also been extremely helpful with getting things I want done. Communication is excellent there



Of all the dealerships I have dealt with, Ashley is by far the most responsive representative.


Highly Recommend Service Dept. @ Land Rover West

Great experience getting my vehicle serviced, Tom was amazing to deal with!


Annual Service

Brought Jaguar XF in for annual service. Completed service in one day. Was called about 2 recommended service items. Final bill was less than expected. Overall very good service experience.


My experience getting my truck serviced.

Excellent experience with Tom and staff. Thank you.