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(365 reviews)

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New car Purchase

Rice Toyota sales associate Jacob Nigh was a pleasure to work with. Jacob was able to find the Toyota 4 Runner that I had been looking for since August. He kept me posted on the stock that the dealership was expecting and already had which was much better than the more local Toyota dealerships had or were even expecting and I drove pass Charlotte to Greensboro to buy. I drove a little over 2 hours from Shelby NC to pick up my new 4 Runner yesterday. I had a very good experience and very happy with my purchase. Can’t recommend Rice Toyota and salesman Jacob Nigh enough. Absolutely wonderful experience and dealership to work with. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with this dealership if they are ready to buy. Oh and make sure you ask for Jacob Nigh Sales Associate he’s awesome to help you find what you are looking for in a car, suv or truck!!!


run dont walk away from this place

i would like to take this opportunity to warn people about rice collision center on joe brown blvd off hwy29,,i took my van in to get some body work done,,,,now when i called about it they said the insurance cover every thing except for a diagnostic of the van to make sure it was in good shape,,,,,now i did not approve this charge,,all i wanted was the body work done,,,this is something rice added on,,,,and i refused to pay it,,,and they said it was in the contract when it was wrote up,,,,,well needless to say after going a round with the manger and threating to call a lawer they removed it,,,,this is bad business,,,,if you want rice to do work for you,,keep this in mind and make sure you ask about it before you leave your vehicle,,,,i would hate to see anyone ripped off because of a charge that wasnt told them before services was rendered



Dylan was wonderful to work with. While talking and texting he made us confident enough to take a 3.5 hour ride. We purchased our vehicle from him and could not be happier. Helpful with questions and set up my phone for me! I would definitely recommend seeing Dylan and purchasing your vehicle from Rice!


Loving the 40 miles per gallon!

I bought a 2023 Toyota Camry from Rice Toyota this weekend. My salesman Dylan Joyce was a great salesman, personable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Loving the 40 miles per gallon!


Excellent service

I had a wonderful experience at Rice Toyota. Brian Grebe was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new vehicle!


Owner treated me like a second class citizen

*Update* Mary Rice has told me she does not want to do business with me anymore and that I need to find a new servicing dealer because I talked bad about them on this review. The GM was very passive aggressive toward me while defending himself and the service manager. Mary Rice Stated that you don't sit and eat lunch with the people that talk bad about you when all I was trying to do was have her address the issues with the service manager. If you are buying a car from here I would consider going somewhere else as she does not follow in her family's footsteps *Update* I am so sick of the service manager at this location. The GM or GSM needs to see that he is held accountable for the terrible customer service. I’ve had about 20 visits to their service department over the course of my new vehicles & it never fails that when their is a problem with his department he will never speak to me or anyone else. He is never anywhere to be found and when you ask to speak to him he will NOT get on the phone. I have three complaints on him to Toyota corporate and the customer relation manager is a joke also because she works for the dealership. She states every time she will handle him and his department but it is the same issue over and over again. He absolutely refuses to speak to customers whether it’s on the phone or in person. Avoid this dealership and the service department. The service manager needs to take responsibility for his department.


Service managers a xxxxx

Had a car towed in and after inspection and I was hit with $180 fee to hook to computer. Then after a few days I was told they would tow it if it wasn't picked up that immediately. Upon arrival the service mamagers attitude was not professional and he was kinda snappy. The fee was paid and he still acted like an xxx,not to mention there was a car with a white rag in the window, meaning its broken and does not run and a suv with a highway patrol red sticker on the hatch, which mean it does not run and was left along the roadside! I own 2 Toyotas and 2 Lexus's, but I would never do business at Rices due to this manager acting like he was bigger than the Customer!


Get Price Quotes & Info First

I have three Toyota dealershipsGet Price Quotes and Info First to choose from and Rice is not the closest, but they are the most thorough and fair-priced in comparison. I went back (gladly) the next day when my engine light went on. Minor fix - no charge. Good friendly competent crew.


Discrimination based on where I live

Called to check on availability of a Tacoma I saw on line as I live some 3.5 hours away and did not want to drive out there and realize it’s not available. After confirming with Anna that the Tacoma was there, I asked if I can get a preliminary numbers on itemized cost and again did not want to drive 3.5 hours if I’m not in agreement with the deal. Good thing I did as they immediately said that there will be a 5000.00 mark up since I was not in their pre determined distance. Their explanation was they cater more to their locals. It is unacceptable to me to the point that if I was with in their locality, I still would not buy from them as that to me is discriminating simply because of where I live. If you are OK with that mentality, then they are a dealer for you.


Lost my trust

Drove 2 hours to purchase a 2016 Cadillac Escalade with 49,000 miles. When we arrived, we saw rust on the frame so we asked them to put it on a lift. Once under the car, the frame was rusted, oil and power steering fluid on the shocks and engine bay, and when I pulled back the engine guard I found rags. They told me they inspected the car prior to the sale, so either they lied or did a very poor job on a simple inspection. I would recommend that if you are going to buy a used car from this dealer you take it to a 3rd party mechanic for an inspection. Also, they are charging extra for COVID cleaning; the Escalade was not very clean inside. Dealer lost my trust.

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