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Serra Auto Park is located in Akron OH conveniently off of I-77 & Arlington Road. We have a large selection of new Chevy Honda Acura Mazda and Subaru vehicles. We also have a large pre-owned inventory! We believe in up front no hassle pricing and creating customers for life. Serra Auto Park has been serving the community for over 55 years! Stop by and visit us today or visit us online.

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(148 reviews)

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Force you to accept their bad financing offers

Will not sell you a car unless you accept their crappy financing. Do not waste your time here. Drove 90 miles to test drive a car. After the test drive, I asked them what their best price was. They would not budge from the listed price, which is their prerogative. We agreed to the price, but when we told them we had secured outside financing, they refused to sell us the car. They claimed that credit unions had bilked them in the past and they could not recover, but this is of course a lie. We were willing to wait to pick up the car until they received their full payment—in other words, we were willing to make a SECOND 180 mile roundtrip to assuage their concerns about getting bilked. No dice. Buyers, beware! This is the latest shady practice by dishonest dealers to take more of your money. They get a kickback from the finance company for forcing you to take a financing deal that is worse than the one you can find on your own.


Turned Away A Full Price Cash Deal

I live 3 hours away and called to get an out the door price so I could bring a certified check to purchase a used car. The sales manager said they wouldn’t do a deal unless we finance through them and have a trade-in. This seems illegal and they are trying to capitalize even more when customers are already overpaying at the height of the market. Very unethical and horrible customer service!! Do not recommend!


Long day!

Long day! Was told I couldn't pay cash. Then told I had to finance at least $12k. Was told I had to keep loan open for 4-6 months so they could get paid for opening the loan. I was given a rate of 5.75% with 811 credit score and $30k down on a $39k vehicle. I've never paid over 4.5%. Was told I had to buy paint protection because I didn't have a trade in. Was told we had to accept these terms because we "aren't local customer base". And waited on and off for 4 hours! The business must think people are not intelligent to protect themselves from the car sales hustle. I would not recommend this very shady business. However, the salesman "Jose" was great and understanding. He is why I have a 2 instead of 1 star review. Sorry for a bad review but all 100% true.

Consumer response

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They could care less about their customers.

They could care less about their customers. Purchased 2 used vehicles, knowing 1 was being driven to Maine, come to find dim head lights at night. 2 yrs later my other vehicle broke down, I didn't have my extended warranty papers with me. I called to speak with someone about the warranty, got sent to service and they looked it up and I described what was going on they said sounds like the alternator, I asked is that covered? They said yes. Meanwhile it took 3 calls back because of the wrong # they gave me to get towed. I had to take my vehicle to another closer dealerships to only find out it was not covered. The Serra service department said that it should be covered and they were going to get with Finance mgr to get this taken care of, the next day it was the Sales mgr, I called left messages with 2 other mgrs and service, nothing was done, no call backs. This was over a 4 day period that I had no vehicle, ended up taking to my mechanic. Horrible customer service.


Worst service

Worst service I have had. Two hours of waiting for them to say they “topped off my oil” and charged me. When I’m 1,000 over my oil change miles ! Why don’t you ask if I’d like an oil changed instead of topping it off. 105$ later. Worst service ever. Then I couldn’t use a 20$ off service fee. Apperently for them to tell me what was wrong isnt involved service.


Thanks to express service advisor Jason Josephites my oil

Thanks to express service advisor Jason Josephites my oil WASN'T overfilled for the first time in many oil changes at Serra. The first advisor actually tried to convince me that it's not a problem to overfill it! I said I don't want it overfilled, as I know this is not a good thing. Thankfully I was passed off to Jason who actually recognized the problems with overfill, and then took the initiative to only add 3.5 qts instead of the recommended 3.7 (to account for residual oil in the head that takes time to drain off) and after I let the car sit for a day and checking it cold, it was right on the money! First time EVER!!! Great job Jason, a very resourceful solution that should be implemented across all your express service departments! This would be better for your customers' cars and save around 5% in oil costs. Thanks Jason!


I was in the final stage of negotiations for a new

I was in the final stage of negotiations for a new vehicle as another customer began test driving the same vehicle. The dealership took my counteroffer and then did not respond to me until I received a text several hours later that the vehicle was sold. It seems like Serra values maximizing profit at the cost of all other things including customer integrity.



Takes advantage of the shortage of vehicles. Tells customers what way they will pay for a vehicle. Claims they “require” a trade in to purchase a vehicle. Spoke to other dealerships and they never heard of policies such as that. So called policies are NOT listed on the website as so, therefore there is no confirmation those are even Thor policy. I believe they make the policies up per situation. Terrible experience and didn’t even get to make the purchase.


We were given a lot of misinformation in the process of

We were given a lot of misinformation in the process of buying a used car, specially the used car warranty, our financing deal, and the license plate transfer. Our sales rep told us one thing, and then we got to financing and speaking with the manager, and it turned out to be different information. I understand not every employee would be dishonest, and the misinformation may have been accidents. Much of my frustration is the fact that the finance guy kept saying the sales guy was wrong, and did nothing to rectify what we were told. We invested a lot of time and money into buying and finding a car, and I would hate to have other people end what should be an exciting experience with a sour and frustrated taste.


The customer service provided by Shanley in the parts

The customer service provided by Shanley in the parts department was outstanding. I had been looking across the country for a discontinued accessory for my Ridgeline. She took the time to search their inventory, make the sale and send it across the Midwest to me. The price was very reasonable. Very impressive customer service by Shanley and company. Excellent website too. Highly recommend.

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