2012 Audi A3 consumer reviews

$27,270–$28,750 MSRP range
side view of 2012 A3 Audi
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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Great diesel fuel mileage

A great size wagon. Great on fuel, wonderful handling. Audi has extended warranty for diesel engines. Alcantara interior is so stylish and easy to clean


Fuel efficient & reliable 2012 Audi A3 Wagon

Above all use a good fuel additive to clean your injectors and a good oil additive. I am using Opti-lube. It is pricey, but protects the motor and what not. I have not used them enough for an informative report so will update you later. Lots of plastic in the interior and in engine compartment to break. So far I have a broken battery box latch and the rear seat release mechanism is toasted. I have to reach in and grab the bottom of the arm rest and pull it forward to get it to release and pull down. It is about TOO MANY hundreds of dollars to replace so I will just keep it that way. It is no hassle to open so why sweat the small stuff? The heated leather front seats are so comfortable!!! Knobs, buttons and rollers are easy to use and understand. The manual helps more than most of them do right of the glove box. It is written for an elementary kid so an adult should love it. Interior lights at night are a pleasing white to light blue and headlight, running and fog lights are just right to help you see the road. Pull switch out and all the way to the right to use the fog lights. Radio is easy to use, just old school. Have not tried to sync phone yet. Speakers are Bose and so very nice! Sounds like a bit of heaven. Auxiliary jack is hidden by a sliding door under the center arm rest. Two 12 volt cigarette lighter style plug ins live here as well for charging or power source for your accessories. I plugged a cassette player into the auxiliary jack and a DC to AC voltage converter to power the player and any other AC appliances. It lives in the glove box and the cords are tucked into the trim so are hidden from sight. The converter has the USB port I need for my phone that this car does NOT have. Cassette player lives just in front of the automatic stick shifter. I am taking out the front and rear springs, coil over struts and shocks and putting in a VW Rabbit comfort suspension for just under a $1000. That will get rid of the feel-every-minor-to-major bump in the road especially in curves where it can throw-you-around-pretty-badly and replace it with the grandma/grandpa boat ride you'd expect to find in a 2015 VW Golf or 2014 Jetta SportWagen. Being I am the grandpa, I am hoping it will be a cushier road driving experience. Price for car with new suspension (I will keep the stock one incase I want to do some racing) is $12,000 with just over 35250 miles on it. It got caught up in diesel gate so has much of the motor/emissions under a warranty until 2024 or 120,000 miles whichever is longer. For me it will be 120,000 miles. The tires are new stock tires with a full size spare I will replace at some point with a 17"upgraded rim and tire at a cost of $345. The ride is very quiet with stock suspension. Wind noise is quiet as well. It does not get blown around much at all. It gets up and goes when you need it to and does not bog down going up hills at all. I was amazed by this as it is the 140HP motor. It gets 32.9 MPG city and just under 40 MPG HWY. With Opti-lube and flat roads I expect to get the 42 MPG HWY the sticker says it will get. Actually, the one on this car said 29/37. It was supposedly castrated by the emissions corrections through diesel gate updates but I guess they did something right with this one? It has both stickers so both updates were done for sure. This car looks and drives like a new one save the two broken plastic pieces and no new car smell. Oh, it has a couple of hair-line scratches in the black paint that shows every speck of dirt, mud and pollen as well as the black leather inside. I will have to bathe it once a week and buy a rechargeable vacuum for the interior. I swore I would never own a black car for these reasons, but this car was just too great a deal to pass up. I am told it will cost me a small fortune in maintenance costs but only time will tell. I am a real stickler for doing required maintenance and using all the correct fluids. I can do some of the maintenance myself. Overall I am really happy with this car and its price. I was looking to buy new car or maybe a rental but this car jumped out and bit me. It is all about luxury, fuel efficiency and is comfortable for an all day drive. I hope it is the last car I will ever buy. It is newer and has the word Sports in it so costs $16 more a month to insure than my Ranger did. Time is on my side. Oh well...add smile here!!!


Love this car! Excellent condition!

This car has been kept in amazing shape and functions awesome! Drives perfect and the gas mileage of the TDI is a sweet bonus! Love it!


Not practical, but I love it.

I've had it a month so far. I knew when I bought it that it's not the most practical car for me. Too small, not enough trunk space, small cup holders, not much storage space, etc. At least one light not working at all times which seems to change each time I drive at night and the check engine light came on for a couple of days. However the car handles great, diesel is efficient, and it is a blast to drive. Not many on the road I've seen so it is a unique automobile.


Most fun and reliable car for the price.

Great looks from outside but need sum work on the interior but at the end of the day it’s a nice fun and reliable car. Also, forgot to mention it’s great on gas


What a nice car

Wow! I really loved this car, too bad it's expensive to keep up otherwise it would be in my garage. It really really is nice I love it so much it is my baby.


Great ride

Hello, we loved the vehicle it was just not priced right for the items needing repair! I love german engineering, staff was great we drove the car to our mechanic to check it out!


Great car at a fair price!

Car is in excellent condition, no issues whatsoever. Drives smooth, handles well and has plenty of zip with 2.0L DOHC turbocharged 4 cylinder engine producing 200 horsepower. Also has excellent safety ratings, with airbags throughout, ABS, and ESC (electronic stability control).


Safe and reliable! Great car!

This sharp, dependable car drives and runs like new! Looks great inside and out! But don't take my word for it! Come on out and drive it... you'll see for yourself what a great deal on a great car this.


Seems Great!

test drove this once. It was great. The interior is very nice. I like the loads of detail. Not to mention how comfortable it is.