2006 Audi A4 consumer reviews

$28,240–$29,440 MSRP range
side view of 2006 A4 Audi
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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2006 Audi A4 3.2L V6

i bought this car at 69k, its got 120k now, no sign of any problem and I frequently punch the pedal to hear that v6 roar, accelerates super quick despite being a 3800lb car and handling is amazing, you can drive this car in any weather at any speed with confidence, this car easily outhandles a 4x4 in the snow as well, i have driven 3500 and 1500 dodge rams and it doesnt come close, the ride is very smooth and the cabin is super quiet, the 10 speaker sound system is great, this car is built like a tank, but doesnt feel like it. transmission works flawlessly, maintanence is like any other car nothing out of the ordinary. Great car, never buy japanese highly recommended


the best car !!!

I really like the 2006 A4. Very nice looking and reliable car. The design of the car is gorgeous, no flaws at all. Thats the best car I've owned! Great price and you get alot more than what you paid for!!


Best car I've ever owned

I bought this car new and I've loved it for years. Just a great car all around. Style, comfort, performance, practicality, great service.


My favorite car so far

I've worked hard and was finally able to afford a luxury CPO and I've always liked Audis. I got the A4, tuned it, face ut a lowered suspension and 19" wheels and thus far it is my dream car. Maintenance hasn't been horrible and CPO warranty still covers me against anything major.


This will be my 2nd A4, the best car I ever owned!

I previously owned a 1998 A4, and it was an amazing car that in four years of ownership never had a single problem. If you avoid the Mexican made Audis and the Toyota supplier made CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) then you won't have problems either. Only some Audis have the CVT. The VIN tells you where the car was manufactured. My only complaint about the '98 was that while it was a *very* economical car, routinely getting 36 mph on the highway, it didn't have a lot of low end torque until your revved it. I *loved* the way it drove, and it allowed me to drive in blizzard conditions on the way home from skiing trips when most people could not handle the weather. I have test driven the 2006 that I will soon buy. It has *much* more power and no hint of turbo lag. It really is a dream to drive, and it's rock solid stable at all speeds. Try as I might, I was unable to get wheelspin. : ) This car just feels right, and when I got in it, even after years of driving a Jeep, it all felt familiar and everything was designed so intuitively and with careful thought, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road. The road feel is slightly improved as well, absorbing the potholes on New England streets with aplomb and poise, but still giving a nice tight and controlled feel, very unlike a Mercedes or a Volvo. The heated seats and the quiet cabin just added to the immense pleasure that I feel when I'm driving this beauty. I can't wait to take delivery of my second Audi. This car is economical, a joy to drive, safe, and in my experience very reliable, and it's thousands less than a BMW. If you take care of German cars, they take care of you. If you abuse them, well... Not everyone takes good car of their cars, or researches the quality of cars carefully. I've had an excellent experience with Audi, and it's the best car I ever owned, by far. I can't wait to get my "new" 2006!


Good Car - but terrible transmissiom syste

Most transmissions in this vehicle will go between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Very poor design. It will cost you around $7000.0 0 to repairt and it will go again around 60,000 -100,000 miles. If you don't mind paying $7000 around every 60,000 -100,00 mile -OK car. I do not recommend this vehicle becasue of that crucial engineering failure.


Owner of vehicle in listing

I am the owner of the vehicle listed above. See attached photos for view of actual vehicle. Only 25,000 miles, new tires and brakes, near mint condition! Please call if interested.


Best car ever

When a turned 16 in school I was going to get a car for my birthday from my parents. We went to different car dealerships and looked. At the end of the day we went to an Audi dealership. We looked at the A6 and then we took the A4 for a ride and I was totally impressed!(but i was not allowed to drive it)It seemed a lot better than the a6 and anyother car including bmw and porche. we ordered one, I got it as a b day present, it has the quattro system and heated seats in it which is awesome during the winter! The turbo handles awesome! If you are looking at an a4 you should defdinently buy one! (bought brand new now has 65000 miles)


Fast, Pleasing To The Senses

This is a very good car. Love the interior and exterior, the feel is original. Everything about it is quality and the features are more than I would have asked for. Only complaint is an occasional rough downshift that the dealer says is normal.


I'm Sooo Glad I did it!

To be honest, I'm a TOYOTA loyalist. I value reliability and functionality above all other car attributes. Not any more! My used 2006 A4T Avant has turned these attributes upside down! Sporty, Fast, 4WD, and A flashy design that gets looked at.. these factors really make my old reliable V6 Camry look (and drive) lame. The Audi A4T in a road curve at speed is a thing of beauty. At the light its a beast in sheeps' clothing. I'm glad I went and did it! FUN!