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2004 Audi allroad consumer reviews

$39,950 starting MSRP
side view of 2004 allroad Audi
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.2
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The best

I loved my allroad except the gas mileage (19mpg). If you have never test driven one, do it. If the car would have had good gas mileage I would have kept is. Only downside is they are high maintenance, so make sure you have money.


Overall great car

Purchased this car to replace my GTI now that we had a child. Being on an A6 platform, there is no lack of room. Even being eight years old the build quality is superb and the amenities are super. Gas mileage is fair considering it is a 4200 pound car and while parts are somewhat pricey it has been reliable thus far.


2004 Audi AllRoad

This is the perfcet car for the person who thinks they need an SUV but does not want that size of a vehicle. Tons of room and AWD to get you anywhere you might want to go. With the adjustable shocks you can raise the vehicle up to 13" of ground clearence.


Efortless performance meets total practicality

So far so good - I replaced my aging, 200K A6 Avant that never once let me down with an Allroad, and I haven't looked back so far. YThe 2.7t has ample muscle and the higher stance adds practicality - particularly in the snowy wastes of Northern Ohio winters. We Love everything about this car - with the possible exception of the MPG, but thats something I can mitigate with slightly more judicious use of my right foot. 17mpg driving with some spirit will get old fast.... A great way to own a car with true sportscar performance and SUV practicality. If you can find one, buy one.


Great car but get a warrantee

The car drives and handles like a dream. The air suspension is a nice feature and its too bad they discontinued this model after 2005e. I've driven it on Hwy 5 between LA and SF, 6 hours at 75-80mph, as well as aggressive stop & go traffic in LA, dirt and windy roads in Northern Calif, and heavy rain. Besides handling great in all situations, it offers a great combination of mileage, power, all-wheel drive, and safety. If you drive light-footed you can get good mileage, I was able to get over 24 MPG. The allroad is also capable of incredible acceleration and power using the turbo engine. It's rare for a car to offer both. Prior to my buying this car I spoke to several allroad owners. The consensus was, it's a great car but don't buy it unless you get a warrantee. Repairs are expensive. Those with a warrantee thought it was the greatest car they owned, those without thought it was a mistake to buy. I would advise buying a low-mileage allroad from a private party, and then get a warrantee from the Audi dealer, which is what I did. The repair costs are likely to far exceed the warrantee cost. Audis have 100 sensors all over the car to warn if something isn't working right. Simpler cars, without the sensors, will just keep going until that part breaks, often stranding the driver. So the Audi may need more frequent repair visits to the repair shop than a car without sensors, but the presence of the sensors reduce the chance of catastrophic failure or the driver being stranded. This fact isn't taken into account in consumer reports reliability ratings. I've had the car only 2 months so I can't provide advice on longevity, except for what I read. According to Consumer Reports the 2004-2005 years had much better reliability than previous years. I advise reading past issues of CR auto issue to check repair statistics on different years of the allroad. Audi discontinued the allroad after 2005 so you will probably have to check 2005 or before in CR to see its repair statistics. They should be available at your local library.


A multi-faceted stunner!

Audi has endowed this car with it ALL: ~Porsche-like passing ability ~Easily capable of scaling 25% muddy grades ~Incredible snow handling even without chains ~Four ride heights to conquer any inclement driving condition, natural disaster or otherwise ~Interior creature comforts that rival BMW and MBZ I get many strange looks from other drivers, wondering what my car actually is....until I leave them in the dust! This car fits my many moods perfectly. Sometimes, I just want it to be a squat, aggressive-looking sport wagon, and sometimes I need to raise it so I can tackle steep fire roads to take my mountain bikes to. Then, there are times when I want it to be an elegant, luxurious cruiser for a night out on the town. The Audi allroad does it all WELL.


A Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing

Well, what I like about this car is the fact that regardless of how many passengers, or cargo you stuff into it and regardless of what kind of road surface you drive it on it plain does not care! With so much power under the hood and all-wheel-drive, and adjustable ground clearance you can zoom alone on a wet twisty mountain road, or haul 5 adults with tons of luggage in the trunk and skies/bicycles/canoes/you-name-it on the roof rack in comfort at 80 miles per hour on a dry interstate, or at 50 miles per hour in blizzard, or at 30 miles per hour on a dirt road ? you would not notice too much of a difference. . . It drives like a nice sports sedan and has cargo capacity of a mid-size SUV , it is a pleasure to look at, it has nice interior, it is not afraid of deep snow, or icy roads and it can smoke a Mustang from a stand still. I really enjoy seeing expressions on the faces of those ricey car drivers when they can?t keep up with me. Priceless! But? it is a commitment to own an allroad. It eats rubber and front brake rotors like a blind horse. Really, due to adjustable suspension tires have to be replaced every 15,000 ? 20,000 miles. OEM front rotors warp every 25,000 ? 30,000 miles. 2.7L turbo engines leak oil, have to have turbo?s replaced every 60,000 miles. 4.2L V8 engines, although immensely fun to drive, start consuming oil after 60, 000 miles ( you should expect to add a quart every 1,500 ? 2,000 miles and no one would be able to explain to you where it goes, trust me) . Air springs in front suspension don?t last over 40,000 miles, rear air springs are good for 70,000 ? 80,000 miles. Torque converters in 2004 and 2005 models fail due to a manufacturer defect. Infamous ignition coils gave everyone grief until after denying it for 6 years Audi started replacing them on all cars. Despite all above the car is turning into cult classic and has strong fan base. Because if you have driven one, it is very hard to switch to something else. I know, - I?ve had a 4.2L for 70,000 miles and I smile every time I hear sound of it exhaust under full throttle? ? Check forums at for more information on this model.



We absolutely love our Allroad 2.7!!! This is clearly one of the best car's we've ever owned. After researching many different cars equipped for winter driving, this seemed to be the best fit. In our region, we see various seasons which carry good and bad driving conditions. We took interest in the Volvo XC90, Lexus RX350, and several other Audi's. The Volvo and Lexus were amazing, but still didn't win us over. With all of the options, styling, and performance/engineering of this vehicle, we knew it was meant for the family. The cabin seats four adults extremely comfortably with room to spare. Also, with additional convenience options: heated front/rear seats, rear sunscreens and retractable dog cage, you really can't go wrong. Overall we love our Allroad, "Butter," and will buy nothing other than Audi. The only flaw of owning this vehicle is the gas mileage; but when you buy a crossover, you can expect that. This car handles great in every condition, great price, perfect ride. If the Allroad is out of your reach, financially, then consider the A6 sedan/avant. Basically the same thing, but less money.