1997 BMW 328 consumer reviews

$32,900 starting MSRP
side view of 1997 328 BMW
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.7
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reliable. very fun to drive car

222,000 miles still running great -- RELIABLE. good running car and fun to drive held up good. really like the car and its performance. drives fantastic with proper maintenance


Amazing performance in 2 dr sports car

Great for weekend getaways. Long Road trips are perfect. Low and Fast, corners like a true sports car. Heads always turn. Wish we had a 5 car garage and we'd keep. My boys always want to drive when they visit. Great first car for your boy.


It's BMW quality and performance. A joy to drive.

BMW quality and performance. A wonderful car to own. We have thoroughly enjoyed this vehicle and will miss it when sold.


This is the best model car BMW ever made. The E36

Freaking AWESOME car. The E36 model is the BEST 3 series ever made by BMW. I also own a 1993, 325is stick shift coupe and nothing will drive us a part.


best first car to get for the money and performanc

I bought a 1997 bmw 328is for $1200 and it works perfectly, iand accelerates fast and handles great. The seller was also friendly and sold it for cheap which is good for me


Great Performance

Great car overall. Handling, comfort, drives like a high performance sports car. Overall awesome. Just need to maintain like everything else.


By far the best car Ive riden in.

This car can get you anywhere and just about anything. Being a personal friend the car is easy to drive, quick, and certainly gets peoples attention. Great car, super clean. Tommy is a great guy.


outstanding performance

I have driven many cars in my day, but very few have performed like this. The response crisp, the handling predictable and a feeling of one with the road. Revving up to the redline and taking turns this car excels.


3 Series Rocks!!

I have a 1997 328i and it is awesome in every way. These cars are built to last...my last one had almost 300k before I sold it and still running great. Way more car for the money than a Japanese car.


BMW shouldn't have skimped on the accesories

I bought my 328IC last year. I got rid of it this year. The negative: If you can't afford the repairs then you cannot afford this car. I needed to replace 75% of the suspension and all related steering components that went with it. $3000 was the starting point assuming the garage didn't find anything else wrong once they tore it down....The inside of the convertible top didn't last. The strings that held the interior together all snapped. I would have been better off taking the interior of the top out. The rear convertible window is worthless plastic that becomes cloudy over time and cracks due to the top being folded which in turn bends and occasionally creases the window. $400 dollars from the local dealer for a plastic window. The interior wood trim is very cheap. The shift knob was cracked and worn where your fingers end up when you shift reminding you every time that it is broken. The radio is....well...it's a factory radio....they are all awful. The rear seat belts go from your inside shoulder to the outside hip. If you have to put a child seat in the back it is very difficult if you have large hands as there isn't much room between the side of the child seat and the bottom of the rear arm rest. Although I suppose this isn't the type of car that would normally be used for child transportation. The positive: The engine and transmission. It's not the fastest car in the world but the second you step on the gas you know you can get into trouble with the police. More torque than horsepower is always a good thing. The clutch was a dream and if I could transplant it along with the shifter assembly into every car I own for the rest of my life I would. Solid shifter feel with good feedback. All in all if you do your research and understand that this car will not be cheap to maintain you should be very happy. My biggest issues were all cosmetic. The suspension work was due to the previous owner(s) never replacing broken and defective equipment. 150000 miles is way too long to wait for major component work. Replacing things before they really break will keep the cost down on maintenance for this car.