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2017 BMW 330e consumer reviews

$44,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 330e BMW
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 3.8
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.0
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All Around Great Car!

Best car I have ever owned. 15-20 miles of all electric range...great for running errands around the neighborhood. 35+MPG on the highway. Phenomenal handling and performance. Great highway cruiser (comfortable and quiet). Beautiful styling inside and out. Awesome quality.


A wonderful combination of electric and gas power

I am averaging about 45 miles to the gallon overall, but I can easily get more than the advertised 14 miles on "all electric." My typical round trip to the local golf course (about 15 miles) leaves me with about 20% left on the charge. The car performs like an ICE in either electric or gas mode. Even at 4 years old the important drivetrain components are still BMW warranted. Styling is classic BMW. The only feature I wish this car had is the heads up display. This hybrid is a great option when the second car is totally electric.


Worse BMW I’ve ever owned

Own it for 11 months, but stayed in the shop for 3 months. All hybrid battery related. Door trimming rubbing the door on almost all owners that I’ve known(more then 300) in car club. The solution was putting an ugly xxx tape on the trimming all way round from dealers. Hybrid battery will just die for now reason. Just avoid. Most owners getting rid of it.


Safe & reliable for daughter’s 1st year collegeMee

Meets all needs; safe, fun, sporty, dependable, still under warranty, amenities, fast, looks sleek. Great gas mileage. Low mileage. Awesome sound system, moon roof, black


Had a very bad experience

Spent its first month in the shop. Then 3 months later I had to get a new set of tires because of a vibration between 45-60 MPH. It came back after a few month. Two years into my lease I was charging it one night in my garage and smelled a chemical burning smell when I left for work. I called the dealership and they would not be able to get me in until the next Monday (6 days later). But I asked and they said it would be fine to drive. Tried to charge it again that night and it filled up my entire house with noxious fumes within a hour of plugging it in. Called again on Friday and asked to speak to a mechanic. He told me not to drive it the 7 miles but to have it towed in to the shop. (Scary!) diagnosis is battery age caused chemical reaction and they had to order a new battery from Germany. 3 weeks later I text to ask about my car and he said they were waiting for 3 batteries for other hybrids right now, so I am not the only one having issues with this car. *side note... I asked to get out of my 3 year lease because I do not feel safe in it and they refused.


BMW hybrid

I love the car. I could not find one to buy and they are a bit spendy. If I can find one, I will buy it


Nice option for plugin hybrid

Liked the experience test driving this car. Future versions hopefully will have even greater range electrically.


Most exceptional car ever able to build to own

I'm not capable of driving anything else. I have many health problems and issues so my parents won't let me be allowed to drive anything as such as what I put down to have make and built (obviously with their help in making that available for my own found and sorts).


Best looking plug in Hybrid ok the road !

Personally I think it is a very balanced car. Looks good, drives good and it has a good MPG. I feel alive whenever I corner the car or accelerate- it makes me smile every time. It is a 3 series... so it is a "bucket list" kind of car. The interior is good, a little bit small... the sets gets my back sweaty and hot on sunny days.. it is not very confortable for road trips I would say. However, for shorter trips or city driving I think it is more than adaquate. I love it. No regrets. The best part is that is a hybrid- a green car :)


Amazing Combination of Performance and Efficiency

I've put 6500 miles on my 330e and love it. I am averaging 76 mpg. I've traveled 3900 of the 6500 miles in full electric mode according to the BMW app. I am only filling up with gas about once a month and have had one tank where I traveled 1000 miles before filling up. The car has pure BMW performance and handling when you want it in Sport and Sport + mode and full electric while in the city. My commute is about 7 miles each way so I use no gas at all for my commute. The car replaced a 2013 ActiveHybrid 3 and this is a huge improvement. The Sport Package with sport seats and Sport + settings is now standard and the steering, ride and handling are all improved over the 2013. I have made several 400 plus mile trips over mountain passes and have averaged 40 to 42 mpg on long highway trips. The torque of the electric motor is really noticeable in Sport mode with torque like a diesel with the rev range of a gas BMW. I would love a little longer battery range but it works for my commute and for trips to the airport I recharge there and make about 19 of the 21 miles in full electric. Around town I use the MAXeDrive mode with the EcoPro setting and the car has plenty of power for an urban setting. This car would not work as well for someone with a long commute but for me it is amazingly efficient. I wanted a car that cut my carbon footprint but was still fun to drive and this car is it. Seattle has greenhouse gas free electricity and I also have solar so I am feeling good about driving the 330e. 76 mpg is way beyond what I expected and I love the way the car drives and all the BMW features. This is the most fun I've ever had with a car with this combination of superb efficiency and performance.