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2016 BMW M235 consumer reviews

$44,150 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 M235 BMW
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Business Luxury Sports coupè Vibes

The M235i makes me feel like a very fast businessman Simple and contemporary design inside but bold sharpe lines in the exterior all that with 320+ horses the ablility to take corners at speed with full boost being available around 1800 rpm and you have yourself with a car that bmw should be very content with placing on their line up.


Love this car

This car is fun to drive. The trunk fits two sets of golf clubs and has a nice amount of room. It has a great feel and didn’t break the bank. It is a dream come true. I love my car.


One of BMW's best driver's cars.

Most of the performance of the BMW M2 with a more comfortable ride. Excellent handling and acceleration that makes this car very fun to drive. As close to the experience of an old-school 80's and 90's BMW as you can buy currently.


Most Reliable and Enjoyable Car

This was my first BMW and wont be my last. I owned it for 5 years+ and have never had a single issue. Normal wear and tear stuff, but nothing else. The car is a dream, performs well and comfortable too. Only set back is the depreciation.


from long time BMW owner nice but.......

What can I say it’s a BMW. The car handles and drives Iike a dream. The car is very agile and very fast. However, there are several parts of the car that I’m not fond of. One thing is the push button park feature. I would much rather shift the park lever up into park then to push a button. I have not met a single person that likes the push button park feature. Another thing is the ridiculously low push button to release the trunk. The button is located low on the left side of the dash and it’s difficult to find and difficult to see. But the but the thing that I like the least in the BMW M235 and in the 2 series is the ridiculously low quality horrible reception in the standard radio. There has not been a radio this bad put into an automobile in the last 30 years. This radio gets horrible reception!!! I did a test, I took my 1999 BMW 323i convertible and parked it alongside my 2016 BMW M235 convertible. My 1999, 21 -year-old BMW was able to get 11 FM stations. The 2016 M235 convertible was only able to get 2 FM stations. Then I went into my garage and pulled out a $29 AM/FM radio from Walmart. The Walmart radio was able to pick up eight FM stations. The vehicles and the Walmart radio were no more than 25 feet from one another. No matter what configuration I put the vehicles and the radio in there was no difference. BMW should be ashamed to put such a poor quality radio in a vehicle costing $57,000. On a further note. I would not recommend to anyone that they buy a certified preowned (CPO) BMW anymore. BMWs standards have gone way down and almost any piece of crap BMW that’s under four years old can qualify to become a certified preowned BMW. Plus the warranty on certified preowned BMW’s is only one year now. It used to be two years. James Fournier 06063


A boys toy to beat them all

It’s a compact, convertible sports car. 320 bhp, what’s to hate ? I’ve loved every minute of it. Bought it used, for a steal, as the original buyer took the hit on the residual.


Great, fast and super low miles

This vehicle is great!. So happy with my purchase!. Is fast, low miles and is pretty fast. Couldn’t be happier. I was pleasantly surprised!. The end


Performance, luxury and style.

The 2016 M235I has been a pleasure to own. It a provides outstanding performance with power and handling; striking looks and luxury. Very reliable car and provides luxurious ride.


Literally the best drivers car I ever had!

I have had a lot of European vehicles in my life. From Mercedes to VW to Audi. All were fantastic at what they were built for. I am all about hi performance and luxury. This M235i offers all of that and then some. The affordability is outstanding as well as the reliability. Power is instant no matter what gear you are in. M2? Nope, I'd take this baby M sport over an M2 all day.


Super versatile sports convertible

Do you want a sports car, just a tad bigger than a roadster, with a back seat, decent trunk, convertible, that can be your comfortable daily ride OR a ripping fun drive? The m235i fits the bill. With X drive it's no problem in any conditions. Whatever your mood, this one car delivers superlatively! Awesome handling, super quick, and surprisingly comfortable for a small sports car. For monster straight line acceleration it's the Vette. A long highway road trip ... That's what the Q7 is for. But the M235 convert is for EVERYTHING else.