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2000 BMW M5 consumer reviews

$69,400 starting MSRP
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100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.4
Explore the 2000 BMW M5

In 2022, this might be the best car on the market.

This car is incredible. Note that I might be a little biased because this was my dad's first M car way back when, and I was basically born in this thing, but my 2000 M5 isn't leaving my ownership anytime soon. Threw a pair of HRE's and Continentals on there, and the xxxx thing just goes wherever you want it to go! It performs better the harder you drive it. And as a family car to drive my friends and family around in, or even do grocery trips with some fun in between stoplights, this may be the perfect car. For the money that they go for now, you can't get much more bang for the buck out of any car. As of late Aug, 2022, their market values have been on the rise as they're becoming less "old cars" and more "vintage supercars". The model year is from 2000 to 2003. The 2003 models will usually have the alcantara interior instead of leather, and it's a little facelifted. Nothing too noticeable. My 2000 is incredible enough. Awesome legroom in the front and back, a very BMW-esque reliable and forgiving engine and platform for beginners, and speaking of beginners, this is the car I used to learn how to drive a stick shift. Amazing clutch feel and response, and i would 10/10 recommend that you get a manual over the automatics because this era was near the beginning of automatic transmissions and they weren't that great in any car until like 2006/07 to be honest. Hope this helped you decide to buy arguably the overall best car to come out of BMW's M division.


Fantastic performance, seats four, super fun drive

M5 excellence, suspension and engine mapping adjusts in sport mode, six speed manual transmission incredibly fun transportation. Super four seat performance, extremely affordable European autobahn machine. 400 horsepower V8, added magnaflo exhaust, extremely engaging everyday luxury driver!


Greatest sports sedan ever made!

This car is an amazing all around car. Spacious, super confortable, extremely powerful, and a car that every car enthusiast stops menon the side of the road and give me a thumbs up! I will miss this car.


Most Fun Car Owned

Best Fun Car I Ever owned. Expensive on the maintenance side coming from a Honda. Has lots of torque and horsepower. New car now a days has too much technology. This M5 feels very raw.


Best years for BMW

Outstanding car for the money as a used car. Overall design, performance and comfort is superb. These years of the BMW 2000-2005 were outstanding for reliability and parts are cheap as they are interchangeable amoung many models.


2000 M5

The car is a blast to drive. Make sure that you have a deep wallet for repairs though, and a good independent BMW repair site the is good with S62 engines.


If you want to buy yourself a reasonable gift

A new BMW M5 is over $100K in 2011 and they are going to continue going up. An M5 from 2006- 2008 will run between $35K to $55K- these will continue to go down The E39 (2000-2003) run from $10K to $21K- they cannot go down that much more and they are a blast to drive. If you do your homework and find an E39 that was taken care of (closer to $21K) and didnt have the daylights beaten out of it (closer to $10K)- you will have a car that will keep that smile on your face. I bought an '00 with 71K miles from the original owner- the man was an attorney in his 40s and had the car serviced by a BMW dealership. The engine is very strong- the suspension is tight as a drum- the interior is magnificient (the quality of the leather is amazng- this is an 11 year old car and the seats are barely broken in)- the exterior is excellent (a couple of dings but you really have to look to find the flaws) and the lines on the E39 (in my opinion) are superior to the E60. This is a drivers car that uses high quality materials and is built by car experts. If you get a good one- the S62 engine is a beast with power to spare. Will it cost you more for maintenance? Of course- but this is expected when dealing with a high performance vehicle. And the bottom line is you wont dont better for $17K to $20K.


I love this car!!

I was skeptical going from a Mustang to a BMW but this car is amazing. I can't believe a car that is 11 years old drives so smooth and can outperform almost anything made today. This car brought back my desire to drive.....


Nice Family Sedan

I have read these reviews, and don't necessarily agree with the repair expense issue. First off, all dealerships I have dealt with are charging FAR more then the service they are providing is worth. If you find a good independent, you will get better continuous reliable service, and only what you need. BMW dealer service centers in the Dallas area are a lot like the traditional American manufacturers any more. It isn't about service, it is about how deep can they force you hands into your pockets. All that said, the US auto manufacturers, still now 11 years later, can't build a family sedan like this automobile. This car is incredible. 400bhp, 0-62.5 in 5sec, beat a same model year Lambo through the slalom, and still maintain 24mpgs at 80mph or less highway, and if every traffic light isn't a rabbit start, then this car will continue to get 14-16mpg in the city. My combined sits around 18-20mpg. Now I am not saying it isn't always tempting to throttle it up a little when your light turns green, but even a casual acceleration is wonderful in this car. Handling and safety, absolutely one of the best with good tires, like Pirrelli P-zeros, this thing will stick to the face of the earth!! This car has way to good of suspension for Bridgestones, tried two different sets, and I feel like I am on sand with them. Maintenance over a standard 5 series is only expensive on parts cost. Example is that brake pads and rotors, at most, are 3x the price for parts as the 5 series, however the time to do the job is the same. So if you are thinking of buying a 5 series in this vintage, and the M5 is an option in your price range, find a good independent have them do a once over to insure the previous owner didn't have to much fun in this car, and then make your deal. I will never let anyone have mine, this is going to be garaged and driven only monthly as it ages. It is so fun to see the over priced and over promoted Japanese cars just fall by the wayside as this car runs with them. Just incredible, I truly believe there is NO better used car option out there over this car if you are buying for over all driving performance and safety. However if you want the latest and greatest technology car with little to no performance, look at Japan.


why buy new

I am a car guy, but don't necessarily want to deal with all of the repair issues affiliated with "supercars." I bought this car used from a neighbor with 28k miles on it. I have 42k now. No issues, lights, repairs, anything. Just smiles when I drive. Great car, great value. why buy a new car that everyone drives and has less style???