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2011 Buick Lucerne consumer reviews

$29,730 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 Lucerne Buick
80% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.2
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It;s a Buick

What can I say---it's a Buick! The ride and overall driver and passinger comfort is unsurpasse ed and even though this vehicle is some 12 plus years old it behaves like a new one. Course maintaining and showing it TLC helps.


Most relaible car i've had

Very clean, comfotable, relaible and ride very smooth. Mechanically in mint condition feel free to test drive it or take it anywhere to inapect. Thank you


Runs very well

I replaced the 2008 model I had owned which had 207,000 miles on it. Very glad to have the same car but newer and a few extra features thrown in. I did have a fair share of repair bills though! Lots of $ if a window stops working or a headlight goes out.


Love our Buicks!!!

We bought a used 2009 and got a 2011 last week because we love it so much!! Bought used very fairly, smooth ride. Handles in winter weather very well! Drove Park Avenues before this and loved them too lasting forever.


Most comfortable car I've owned

This car is very comfortable and very reliable I would recommend a Buick to anyone. Has lots of room and a large trunk. Overall a wonderful car


I love this car

Styling, performance, safety features, sound system comfort, all A+. It feels like I’m sitting in first class every time I drive this vehicle. Thanks Buick!



These 2009 Buick Lucernes ---- Special Edtion cars are the BEST car I have ever drove and rode in. Mine are FULLY LOADED with over $40000.00 window stickers. The 3.9L motor has alot of power. It will cruise 90 mph all day long. Goes over 500 miles on a FULL tank of gas. I LOVE everything about these cars. John


Mediocrity at best.

This car has a 50/50 like,hate for me. Poor gas mileage,visibility,ride,mixed squeaks and rattles.Engine is peppy,driver seat memory,heated steering wheel, and a few other accessories are nice.


Worst of the 5 Buicks I've owned

6 engine oil leaks, broken motor mount, loose body side molding, poor accelerator response, poor air conditioner, unsafe too slow windshield wipers, ignition key problem, reprogram engine computer, tires were much older than the factory manuf. date. All of this from day one. Dealer tried hard but the design issues were unsurmountable. I will never buy another GM vehicle.


There?s Park Ave and not exactly

Buick made the Lucerne to replace the Park Ave/Ultra. I don?t know for sure but I suspect the reason they are no longer in production is because they fall so far short of that goal it?s not even funny. First off the seats are a bucket that is too narrow and too short for true comfort. I?m not a big guy, 175 pounds and 5?11?, so my dissatisfaction with the seats is not that i?m Too big. I bought the car !70 miles from my home and after the 3 hour trip to get back home I was so sore and cramped it took me 2 days to recover. If I could have I would have returned the car. So then I had to spend $600 on a seat modification just to make the car so I could drive it within the region. Other interior issues like the hard cover over the seatbelts are constantly getting bumped by my left elbow funny bone wich isn?t funny. Cup holders are not designed for anything but slender cups (read medium size). Don?t sit a small McDonalds coffee cup with lid attached or you will have a spill to clean since the holder is so deep it tries to swallow the cup. The holder will only fit one cup/mug with a handle. The engine is under powered for 2 lane highway travel if you plan on passing slower moving vehicles. It runs out of power above 70 mph. These cars have a lot of road noise and air noise around the windows, which is wearing on long trips. Fuel mileage will be at the bottom of the EPA rating unless you bump tire pressure up to the maximums as shown on the tires. I?ve tested ride quality at the Buick recommended level and the Goodyear tire maximum level and there?s not a lot of difference. With the higher levels I can average 21mpg. With the lower level only 17mpg. The car is not easy to get into and out of. I have a Nissan 300ZX and it?s actually easier to get in and out due to a longer door that opens further. All of the bells and whistles seem to work well. Although the lane departure feature is overly sensitive. If you get to within 2 feet of a lane line it beeps so you can?t just drive in your lane you have to carefully stay in the middle. If you find yourself in a badly rutted lane and the ruts don?t conform to the lines you have to turn it off or listen to constant beeps. I turn it off mostly so it?s kind of a ?what for?. Bottom line is if you are looking for a Buick ride like the old Park Avenue, you need to keep looking. If you find a car with that kind of comfort and amenities in that price range (adjusted for inflation of course) please let me know. I will add that my wife agrees with all of my complaints but because she finds it easier to park (due to it?s narrower and shorter size) she likes the car. But then she likes most cars as long as they arn?t a Toyota.