2023 Cadillac CT4 consumer reviews

$34,395 starting MSRP
side view of 2023 CT4 Cadillac
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.5
  • Interior 3.5
  • Performance 2.0
  • Value 2.5
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 2.5
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Think Twice About Cadillac

Have had problems with A/C with 7,000 miles no cold air. They had to replace A/C and had to take out seats and part of dashboard to get toA/C. Had my car for several day. Next think had problems with the engine check engine would come on with 10,000 miles. When I would drive my car local for about 20 miles . Go thru a drive thru window to pickup lunch and have car running, radio on, heat on its winter in Michigan and seat warmer. Then I would start to drive for a mile and the whole dashboard would light up and check engine light. Took it to dealer and they told me they fixed everything they had it for 2 days. Two days later it happen all again doing all the above thinks. I am 80 year old lady so I take good care of this car. This time the dealer had my car for 30 days to fix part of the engine. Just got back hope it works okay this time. I even order this car and it took 3 months to come in so it wasn’t of the lot. It was made in Lansing , Mich and it took 3 weeks to have the car delivered to Rochester, Michigan. You save your money up to drive a luxury car but this car hasn’t been a luxury to me.


Not worth it, sorry I bought

Expensive price. Hard to see out of the windshield because of very distracting and noticeable reflections from the top of the dashboard, mostly during the day. Cheap feeling interior. Thin seats especially in the back. Loose panels vibrate. Little storage space. Annoying safety features like a babysitter as you can’t shift unless they are all met. So if you need to adjust the car in your garage you have to put the seatbelt on before the car will move. Super cruise will give you scares like a driver’s Ed student. Super cruise shuts off abruptly making it dangerous to even use. Thin sheet metal exterior will flex and dent if someone leans on it. Useless back seat. Very wide turn radius. Paddle shifters jammed in the steering wheel get in the way. Noisy motor sounds like a sports car. Does have decent acceleration. Looks cool. Gives off a ton of electromagnetic radiation so you cook a bit while you are in there. Comfortable for longer drives. Ultimately not worth the price. Sorry I bought.