1995 Cadillac Seville consumer reviews

$41,935 starting MSRP
side view of 1995 Seville Cadillac
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 3.8
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value for the money 5.0
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.5
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1994-97 Seville Is A Car Mans Dream

I purchased my 95 Seville SLS from an older couple for $800 with a bad water pump. $1,000 later I was turning heads with new plates on my Caddy, purring down the road. I was skeptical of the Northstar engine and overall reliability of Cadillac as I purchased a 1986 with the 4.1L engine and was highly disappointed to say the least.....worst engine ever!! I knew overheating would be a problem so I did research on the Northstar; use high quality parts and fluids (especially coolant and oil), use failsafe thermostats and make sure the engine fan works. Just keep up on maintenance to prevent any overheating by having your mechanic inspect it every 5k. Even an average mechanic can work on a 1995.......the Northstar has proven worthy as am from Oregon and have driven to California twice to car shows with no issues but I won't anymore, it's too old and a classic. These cars are still head turners after 25 years and the Northstar still outperforms most engines with it's combination of power and economy. If I drive lightly in the city I get 22mpg, 28 on the highway using cruise. If you have a nice engine keep it tuned and supplement with additives and this car will keep a smile on your face. Single guys women love Caddys!! Get you one.


Rides very smooth and comfortable to drive.

It?s a very fine luxurious car. Drives really smooth. It?s just an all around fun experience. I would recommend this car to anyone. Come text drive today and experience the brilliance of a Cadillac.


One of the best cars of 95

My dad just gave me his 95 Seville sls for my first car. It is a very reliable car and didn't have any major problems till after 100,000 miles. It now has 150,000 miles and the only problems it has is a oil leak and it needs new suspension. This car has alot of power with 280 hp. It also has a very smooth ride. Also has a low growl to it. The outside of thee car is great but I am not so crazy about the interior it could be fancier. The car does have alot of great options such as a sunroof, power steering, power seats, heated, power mirrors, suspension and many more.


My favorite car of all I've owned; a 4-door GT

Power, luxury, and performance; I love this car. No mechanical issues (I hope this remains). This is by far the fasted, most comfortable car I've owned. Drove for 250 miles immediately after purchase for no reason whatsoever. I find excuses just to drive it. Handles better than any car this size has right to. Definitely get the xxx if you're a car guy. I hate, hate, hate the cup-holder location (in the center arm rest and blocks the shifter) and needs more storage cubbies. The words about the Northstar needing a quart of oil every 3k miles are true in my case; stay on top of it. This car does NOT have the road isolation of a MB, is not is quiet as a Lexus, and doesn't have quite the the curb appeal as a Jag, but it is at least 7/8 as good, WAYYYYYY cheaper to boot, and by far has more character (I did meet a mechanic that said that this was his dream car, however). My wife is ecstatic w/ the purchase; we wrestle over the keys on the weekends. This is a long distance cruiser's chariot. If it had two-doors, it would be America's quintessential GT (that was the Eldorado's job). I by all means plan to buy another Caddy; it's NOT just for old...er..."mature audiences" anymore