2005 Cadillac STS consumer reviews

$40,525 starting MSRP
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82% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.1
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2005 Cadillac xxx - good at a used car price

I?m a used car buyer, looking to get more car for the money and let someone else pay for depreciation. I got a 2005 V6 xxx with 47K miles (low for a 7-year old car).You?ll note that this review points out lots of flaws with the car?s basic design, but as of now I still like the car. What this car offers is an inexpensive, feature-loaded, good-looking vehicle that has manageable size, uses regular fuel, and has reasonable power and gas mileage (actual 25 mpg on the highway at 70 mph). My purchase price was less than one third the original selling price and about as much as a low end new Fiat 500, so I can accept some compromises. From the outside the red car has an aggressive stance, a wedge profile, and with tinted windows it looks intimidating. I think so far this is the best rendition of Cadillac?s Art and Science styling. The inside looks good too, but it?s made of very low quality, flimsy, creaky plastic all over the place. The seats and other surfaces squeak and creak just by the materials rubbing against each other. Luckily all the plastic noises aren?t heard during driving, but just when you push on surfaces or when you get in and out of the seats. The front seats are uncomfortable, narrow, and hard. To make matters worse, the foot wells are very narrow and the side of the center console bulges into the foot well, restricting movement of the driver?s right knee. There is very little storage inside the car. The door pockets are small and the center console storage is a 4x4x4 cube, but with build-in dividers which make the small space even less usable. The glove box is a joke: it can hold one business size envelope and a couple of pocket tissue packs ? no kidding. I can?t find anywhere in the interior to store a regular size flashlight. In the back seat area the rear doors have map pockets and there are pockets on the back of both from seats. There is a narrow pass-through from the center of the back seat into the trunk, which is ultimately useless. The trunk is equally small for a car that looks ?full size? on the outside. You cannot fit a 2x4 foot board in the trunk. The height of the trunk opening is only 17 inches, so it makes for a good gauge for sizing your airline carryon bag. On a positive note, the trunk lid is hinged on external gas shocks, so there is no further intrusion into the trunk storage space. This car is loaded, including heated front and rear seats, cooled front seats, navigation with XM radio (I?m not sure who paid for that, but I have it). The NAV is fairly easy to use without having to dig through the user?s manual for basic functions. There is also voice activation for car features, but you?d have to learn some key phrases for the car to recognize. The voice feature can be set to work in French, Italian, or German, or a British accent. The car?s automated and memory features can be configured via the NAV system. One advantage of an older car is that there are still real buttons to control many of the key features, including audio and A/C. The multi-format DVD/CD can also play mp3 files and movies. This car has a Bose audio system with a 6-CD changer in the dash. I?m not much impressed with the sound quality, even though the system has 10 speakers. The car weighs almost 2 tons, but the 260 hp/252 ft-lbs engine has great pick-up and passing power for daily driving. Cornering capability is good on freeway on/off ramps, even on variable radius curves. Turning radius is impressive as you can u-turn almost completely into the adjacent lane on the opposite side of a typical street median. On the road the car is reasonably quite, and emits muffled rumbles going over road imperfections. Odds and Ends: On the Web there is talk about the different sizes of front and back tires: the OEM tires are different sizes only in width, not diameter. The rims are the same size front and back and have the same bold pattern (as best as I?ve been able to find out); so, when you replace the tires you can put the same size tires on both front and back. My car has the same size tires. The car uses synthetic motor oil, so that?s an added expense. Being a GM car, it uses the corrosive DEX coolant and surprisingly the owner?s manual says to change the coolant at 150K miles! That?s insane, given that the old DEX coolant would rot the engine and certainly the heater core by then.


Coolest ride I've ever owned

Beautiful car has been trouble free, plenty of power and decent mileage on regular gas. Mine is fully equipped glad I got a book. Juat like professional reviews the 6 cyl is all the power you need. The V8 is much more costly. There are too many features to review them all but everything is great. I just love the envy from my friends am a very proud owner.


CADILLAC xxx 2005 4.6L AWD

This is a nice car with plenty of performance but everything breaks like it's envoge. I would not recommend this car to anyone due to it's unreliability.Sorry GM but until you make a Cadillac thats not high maintance you won't see me again. I have put over $9,000 into repairs for this $66,000 car and it's only got 82k on the clock.


cadillac xxx

desent car for the money but something is always going wrong with this caddy. you can buy if you want but you have been warned.


price was right

My xxx caddy I purchased just days ago was for a good price,they didn,t have a 2nd set of keys but that was no issue.salesman sunny was very pleasant for someone,s 2nd day as a salesman.I wasn,t happy with the extra $599 for dealer cost ,but I gave them an offer they didn,t refuse.I traveled from SC because Georgia dealers are more affordable than SC car dealerships.


most complete ride i have ever owned

outstanding ride...prettiest "hog" i have ever owned or driven....everybody should own a Cadillac/"hog" before they meet their maker!!


Smartest Car I've Ever Owned

The Good: Heated seats front and back, cooled seats up front. No touch key fob allows easy entry, pushbutton start, leave your keys in your pocket. Adaptive Cruise Control is a dream come true, no 'fishing for traffic speed', set it and forget it. 15 Channel Bose Surround system is the best 'factory' system I've heard in a car so far. It's not as "loud" as some of my high end installed systems but it's got incredible imaging and response. The Bad: Front Door entry solenoids are prone to going out. 16-18mpg avg with the AWD and Northstar setup. Restrictive navigation and configuration controls only available when stopped. Dated Nav system, have to pay for updated maps. Staggered tire sizes look great but pricy to replace tires. Overall: I love this car, I love its comfort, its ease of use, it's raw power and I'm looking forward to seeing how it does this winter with the AWD and stability control. I never knew I wanted cooled seats until I test drove an xxx in late July. :)


A Stunning Piece of Garbage!

This is the least reliable car (aside from a Jaguar) I have ever owned. Sure...it was super fast, handled very well and was a real head turner. BUT...the car was in the shop every few weeks over the course of several months...to the tune of over $10k...AND it had less than 60k miles on it. Keep up the good work GM...NOT!! I now am the proud owner of an Infiniti M45 and I hope the fact that the car was made in Japan will serve me well.


Awesome Vehicle

Love the auto dimmers and AWD. The V8 power is awesome. Mileage is not great, but could be worse. The headlight cleaners are unusual. Absolutely love the car.


Got a Great Deal on a 35k mile '05 xxx

Picked up a perfect 05 xxx for 17k last year. Very nice looking car. You might lose some weight owning one of these--will wind up parking way out in the empty sections of the parking lots to avoid the thought of anyone putting dings on these beautfully crafted car bodies......V6VVT. Avoided Northstar - even though it is a very good engine - over it's discontinuation and also the Prem Gasoline requirement. Glad we did. The V6 has all the power needed. Very responsive and smooth. Car will do 100mph quietly and very smoothly, without laboring the slightest. So far no problems, exc for volume knob on radio stopped turning volume up/down (use steering wheel buttons). Very much enjoy the car. The design is solid yet advanced. Not much good getting around in the snow (constant traction and stability control engage), but parked it to keep it off the salt anyway. Extremely fun to drive. Whipped a college boy in a early 90's Z-28 during a "traffic light challenge" that he initiated. Great Bose stereo. Have heard the batteries in these cars get used up quickly due to all of the active electronics - so far can say it overwintered 3 months without being a prob - recognized the key fob and unlocked the doors, engine started without a prob. Have noticed the plastic parts finish on buttons and interior door handles was sub-par quality for any manufacturer. Caddy quality control was asleep at the wheel with that one. Is a minor issue, though. Haven't put enough miles to give an adequate mechanical review (6k so far). Car is very, very smooth and solid feeling. Last thing to note is this car uses expensive tires. The different front/rear tire size was stupid. Going to try and use a uniform size at repl time and see how it goes - that way they can be rotated like normal cars.