2006 Cadillac STS consumer reviews

$41,020 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 STS Cadillac
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.5
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Most comfortable luxury sedan i've owned

Comfortable seating, luxurious interior, great V8 performance, descent gas milage, excellent handling, OK navigation system (old generation).


it is the small things that add up....

These xxx cars, like most American cars seem to not be a problem in the drive-train any longer but little things always go wrong with them. Radio, windshield wipers, buttons, etc. real performance machine but a constant trip to the dealer to fix the things you take for granted in german and japanese cars.


Value for your money

I recently purchased Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Cadillac xxx V8 with every option but the oversized wheels. It is a fantastic car that handles well and has plenty of power for daily driving. If you are looking at an Audi A6 or Mercedes E series, take the time to drive a Cadillac before you buy your next vehicle. I suggest researching the car?s features before you test drive it. Cadillac?s can be highly customized. Buying a CPO Cadillac is the preferred option if the vehicle is highly customized. I?ve owned 7 Cadillacs (new and used) and have learned that it is best to have the dealer worry / pay for any service related issues.


Why Would You Want BMW or Benz?

This is probably the most comfortable car I have ever owned. The ride is superb. The V-6 has all the power I need when merging onto freeways and the hiway milage is terrific. Averaged 28 mpg @ 70 MPH on recent trip. Cadillac did it right this time. Dealer service is poor, but that is not the cars fault.


I Love This Car!

This is my 3rd Cadillac, and I'm 33... forget the stigmas.. if you drive this car, you will love it and lose your perceptions of who drives a Caddy. I had a Seville before this and the new xxx definitely is an improvement. I bought my car with less than 20k, certified with a great warranty and for a great price. I'd definitely recommend the warranty. I find that I am in need of more than usual visits to the repair shop both with this car and the last.. but I wouldn't trade it for the world. The styling, power, and fun to drive experience outweights the fact that the car needs a little more TLC than most. And who cares if it is under warranty. My car is for the weekends and fun to drive times, I don't use it for daily commuting. Keeping up with the maintenance gets a little pricey, especially if you are hard on the gas pedal/brakes. I have a V8 which gives you more power than you would possibly need. This car strikes the perfect balance between power and luxury. My only disappointment.. it does ride a little rough even when set to touring -- I am told this is a flaw of the V8s with the performance package/18inch wheels. I recommend buying one without that option. Features can not be beat and I would by another one hands down. I love it!


Great Car-Great Value

As a first time Cadillac buyer I was not sure I was redy to step into my fathers vehicle but this did not look or feel like my fathers Caddy. My car is a V6 with every option including sport package and 18" wheels. Overall it feels like a much smaller more nimble vehicle on the road. Its very responsive and even with 18" wheels and only 45 series tires still rides like a Cadillac should. I've found the power to be more than enough and the gas mileage is very good for a vehicle this size tipping the scales at over 3600lbs. Comfort is premium. I have leather heated and cooled seats with full power and they work great. The multi-zone heat and ac is great but can be a problem if you have a child with idle hands in the back seat as I've quickly found. The controls are well layed out and while there way to much on the car to play with I find it very relaxing to drive and just stick to the basics. I've turned off the traction control during a rain shower and was quickly assured it works well and the car is adquetly powered as I drifted around a corner. If you have this type of driving in mind I dont recommend buying a car with stabilitrack or tracktion control as these two features even keep those of us with a lead foot from being able to put down the occasional burnout but overall for what they where designed to do, they do it very well. All accessories function well and the Bose Sounds System is great. The Stereo and Integrated DVD/Navigational system is a bit cumbersome to learn and I'm an IT Manager by Trade but it does come with a DVD for those who dont mind reading the instructions before use. The backup system is a nice surprise and helps a lot although I find the rear view to be adequate for backing into a tight spot. Overal a 10 of 10. I bought my car certified with less than 40k miles for under 20k dollars. I'd say if you can find a comparable deal I highly recommend it. Look for factory certified though. With this many electronics built into a vehicle I wouldn't feel comfortable without the additonal bumper to bumer zero deductable guarantee.


Cadillac Man!!

This is my 5th Cadillac. I had a 05 xxx V6, which I traded for a new 06 xxx V8, with the navigation system. I love it!! from the voice activation, windows down by voice, push button start, keyless access, 15 speaker bose digital stereo and plays DVD's and MP3's. This is the best car I have ever had. I had (2) 2001 corvettes, and I loved those, but this car with all the options, and 320 Horsepower beats em hands down. My next purchase will be the xxx V with 469 horsepower!!! Drive one and you will love it too!!!


Great performance great ride

Cad. did it right here. Performance you dont expect and are glad to have. And a ride quality you expect, with handling beyond your expectations. A Corvette with 4 doors? Almost.


switched from Audi AWD to xxx AWD

At first I felt the difference in the Audi and the xxx in the steering and ride. The A8 was heavier and the ride is softer. The performance is good off the line for a six and the mileage has been good. I like the onstar and the xm radio. With the rear vision in most cars being less because of the designs the rear sensors are a great idea. The interior doesn't feel a plush as the audi but it is a smaller car. People turn their heads when at a light. The style takes alittle to get use to. Right now it has been great with no problems at all!


Fast every day driver

I owned a Bmw M5(2001) and a M3(2002) and wanted a fast ,good handling every day driver.Docile in traffic and comfortable on uhe road Drove the Benz E55 and chose the Caddy/Very happy with my choice/as a bonus when driven on the road under 75MPH I am gettung over 21MPG/The headliner does not match the otherwise first class interior