1996 Eagle Talon consumer reviews

$14,830 starting MSRP
side view of 1996 Talon Eagle
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.0
  • Interior design 3.3
  • Performance 3.5
  • Value for the money 3.5
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 2.8
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Been there done that

I bought my Talon from my brother. Was a AWD TSi. And it was good until it's problems started kicking in. Eventually had to replace the ECU (random shut downs at any speed), turbo stopped working, hatch shocks going out... and the usual wear-n-tear of age. at 161k miles, it just gave up. Given proper maintenance, it could've gone a lot longer. As far as getting around time, it does the job pretty good. It's spacious... so long as you're the only person riding. Handling is outstanding (AWD can handle frozen overpasses like dry roads). All in all, decent. Downsides aside from upkeep: requires premium gas and it loves to drink it.


Nice first car

I bought this car with 108,000 miles on it when it was 10 years old. Owned it four years and when I handed it down, it had 134,000 miles. This car is nice, sporty, almost exotic. Problems: Really cramped inside. Back seat mainly for show and children. Replaced: AC pump (bad when bought), lower compression arms (both, twice), door handles (2), rear strut mount (twice). Was in bad shape when bought, continued to rust extensively. Old car, falling part. But nice while it lasted. Nice start, pull, coasting, makes you want to speed.


Mercedes quality at Camaro performance

I bought a loaded turbo awd Talon brand new and put 120k on it. The turbo cars come with the Mitsu motor. Car assembled in America. No break downs, nothing broke on the car. Fun and light, easily maneuverable, quick and great in the rain. I would put the quality up against any car. It still has the original turbo, shocks, exhaust and rotors on it! The biggest surprise about this car is how much you can haul in it, as the back seats fold down and it has a hatchback, that has a rear windshield wiper. While the drivers seat is 6-way power and the wheel tilts, the wheel does not telescope - that is my only complaint. The car is fast, handles great and gets 25 mpg. Nice leather interior. I also looked at the '96 Z28 and Corvette, which were the only cars faster, and they road like clunky wagons compared to the Talon, and were priced higher. My car stickered at 25k and is still tight and doesn't rattle!


mechanics must see dollar signs when these come in

My husband bought one of these used a few years ago , based on its "coolness". It was his third Eagle Talon , the other two had died on him when he was a teenager and now at 25 he thought he needed another one.He commented that he didnt remember them being so cramped , and boy was it ever.At 5'6 , I was unable to sit in the back without curling into a ball,and im only 125 pounds!The ride is bumpy enough to induce nausea and the road noise is almost intolerable.The seats are hard,but of decent size in the front . With no rear passengers , it is possible to put the front seats in there back-most possition and have a decent amount of room . The handeling is tight and better than you might expect from a cheep ride like this.And the exterior styling is what keeps people my age comeing back for more,despiet the flakeyness of the car mechanically.With 113,000 miles on it and my husband being its third owner,this Eagle died also.He had it for 3 months and spent hundreds in repairs , although the car had passed a inspection with our much-trusted mechanic before we purchased it.The head gasket was replaced and a valve bore out and replaced and it still would over heat and burn oil.When we finally thought it was fixed it died.If youre shoping for a Eagle Talon,good luck with that.They sure are..uh..pretty.