2012 Fisker Karma consumer reviews

$102,000 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Karma Fisker
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.0
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Beautiful car terrible problems

Love driving it and love the attention it gets being such a unique car but it seems to get a new problem every time i fix the old one.


5 years of JOY

The best looking 4 door ever built??!? Definitely. The fastest, most practical car for a daily driver?? Definitely NOT. I have owned all 3 Tesla's, Audi RS7, Bentley GT Speed, MB AMG GTS, ETC, ETC. Noticed how I say owned. As in not anymore. My Fisker has seen them all come & go. There is just something about the feeling driving it, experiencing it, it gives me the feeling I'm in something special. Looking at it in the garage or when I park it after a nice drive, then taking that look back just confirms I am right. Many people judge these cars for what they read, not personal experience. I can tell you, if you can get one with less than 30k miles, with the vin # between 1200-1750, with the updates done, you should be in good shape. Lots of help on the forums and Karma parts availability make this still a no brainer for me. Plus hagerty insures it for a very fair amount. Hasn't lost its value since I bought it 5 years ago. The paint "Earth" is nothing short of perfect. Even though its a 9 year old design, it still has people confused on what it is. My favorite is watching peoples forehead skin fold, eyes squint, and then the word "FISKER?!?" comes out of their mouth, totally confused. Thank you Henrik Fisker!


Don't do it!

50 miles if your lucky? What a joke. The controls of every operation is a chore to learn. I don't want to go to school to learn how to drive a vehicle I that's not very impressive or even practical. Bottom line, this car is worthy of ridicule like no other. Just take that solar panel on the roof. How do you explain that without wearing a clown suit?





Karma turns more heads than any car I know

I’ve wanted one of these cars since 2011 when I first saw a picture. The electric range is sufficient to eliminate the need for gas on most days, but it eliminates range anxiety and the necessary long stops when I need to travel. Yes, the truck is small for a touring car, but big enough. The look is gorgeous and I average about 80 miles/gallon, and I think I can easily save more with a few adjustments. The local BMW dealer provides qualified service on the car, so it is really easy to maintain. Love it!


Amazing Car I drove

This car is absolutely beautiful on the outside, When you step inside it's like your in a space ship that is crazy comfortable. This car is so freaking fast of the line and with no noise, I fell in love.


beautiful with an ugly soul

It is compelling to look at but you can not drive this car everyday. It rides hard and I have had every sort of glitch you c an imagine. It stalled while I was driving. My drivers window stuck. Try to get it serviced. My gas mileage wad horrid 28 mpg. I really loved it but what a pain. I was lucky to sell it for almost $60 grand. Whew!


Super cool design, way ahead of its time and pract

It's so fun to drive. No range anxiety because you have 250 miles on gasoline. Turks heads at every stop light! Drives and handles like a true sports car.


What Can You Say...It?s a Fisker!

When I first saw the artist renderings of this car back in 2009, I told myself...I?m going to get one of those some day. Well...that day just happened a few days ago. I took possession of my 2012 Fisker Karma! I purchased it from a gentleman in Florida who had purchased it new. He took immaculate care of it and did all of the necessary recall issues. I spoke with the service advisor that he has worked with since he bought the car...and he was able to fill me in on everything that was done to the car and also give me some history on the seller. Seeing the car in person is..amazing!! If you?ve never seen one in real life, it?s almost magical. Truly. The sheer scale of the car when compared to most every car on the road is staggering. It?s a big car...and commands attention. The interior of mine is the Monsoon Tri-tone...black with light beige/tan inserts. It is beautiful and quite unique. The car...is beautiful...and extremely unique. Before buying one, I highly suggest watching every video on YouTube and join Fiskerbuzz. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Despite being the most beautiful car on the road, they are quirky. I am very handy with cars, so I?m not too afraid of any issues that may arise. I?m lucky enough to have a Karma Auotomtive Dealer 5 miles from my office in the event something ?big? should happen. These cars are not for everyone. They?re a stiff...yet supple ride when on the rosd...which is great for a car this heavy and big! The infotainment system is a tad bit archaic...but useable. The big thing to check on is the main HV battery. If those fail, they can cost upwards of $14,000 to replace. There is also a 12v battery that runs the starter of the ICM (internal combustion engine) as well as the interior/exterior lighting, radio, HVAC, etc. Those had a 6 year life-span, so make sure that has been changed prior to buying. If not, that?ll set you back $300 for parts and labor). You can?t compare these to Ferrari?s and Bentley?s or any other luxury car...because they do not have the history that those other cars do. These were concept cars that were brought to life. Fiskers owners in a sense are beta-testers. So...that honor does come with some potential headaches...but they are so worth it when you get behind the wheel!


Super sporty Fisker Karma

It's a fantastic blend of high technology and great styling. It uses gasoline and electricity so it's alot more flexible than an all electric car.