2012 GMC Canyon consumer reviews

$17,490–$22,385 MSRP range
side view of 2012 Canyon GMC
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.7
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A fine 'no frills to break' truck

Ok Readers looking for a used GMC Canyon truck, read on. I bought this 04 door SLE model used. It has a towing package and a chrome upgrade, and the odd 05 cylinder engine. I have had it 04 years, and just now replaced the traction control components. That is all the 'big work' of repairs its needed. Its a good size, very useful, and rides well. It does seem to 'list to port' a bit on level ground, reasons unknown, but common for the brand. I have ZERO complaints of it. It is far and away better than the Scion Xb I used to drive!


Great size for our needs

Great size and met our needs for hauling a trailer. Perfect for our family and out door sports events. Good on gas mileage and east to drive


Very happy

Last two trucks were Chevy put 327,000 on one. 190000 on the other. Hope to have the same luck with the GMC Canyon love the four doors


Best truck that I ever owned.

I have 172,000 miles on it; I have owned it for 6.5 years. I still have the original brakes on it. I get 25-26 mpg highway. I got 137,000 mile on tires that are rated for 60,000 miles. It has 2.9L 4 cylinder engine. It’s a great truck to drive on highway, and It got a lot of highway miles on it. I use for work, and I put about 600 miles on it per week.


I love these trucks.

I've owned both a Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. Both with the 3.7 Inline 5. They're fun trucks. Very reliable. Can't imagine how fun the V8 model is.


Loaded 2012 GMC Canyon

Car was loaded with options at last 2012 run. Has a lot of accessories. Has H3 5L engine. Back seats are tight. It came with GMC bed liner.


With a few minor things, exactly what I needed!

My wife and I were longing to return to owning a truck again, but living in Norther Virginia and having to drive into DC, and park in Garages kinda crushed the idea of a 2500 diesel. I must say, for what it is, what it cost, I love it! I love that the interior is not covered in fake wood, there is no multimedia screen, and that it sounds/rides like a small truck should. Spending weekends hauling 1k lbs of rock, and seeing no issue at all. We just took a short road trip on it and without a bed cover we were able to get 27mpg...WOW...say what you want about the I5 engine, but I really like it. For a "city truck" as my wife calls it, It is awesome. The cruise control is solid. Now, like my wife's prior truck, this thing does not like being started up and driven immediately, in fact I would say a minute of idling is what I do, otherwise you are dealing with a rough sound for a short time as she warms up. I love being able to toss my kayak in the back, or quickly take my mountain bike over to the single track without having to lift either item over my head to the top of the subaru I replaced! Ok, now the gripes, which I understand the 2015/16s have addressed. The crew cab seats, while fine as seats, fold in a completely illogical way. The seat backs fold forward, vs the bench folding up. I can see NO advantage to this, minus cramming various items like rope and tarps behind it. I have the "bench" front seat, and the flip down center armrest is very cheaply made and the cup holders are not very well designed. I know I said I like simple, and It is. My last thing is just trim line specific, I wish it had a sliding back window.


Great truck

Own the 2012 4WD crew cab; auto 4 speed 5 cylinder. I use it 70% as a car, 30% as a light duty truck. It is very comfortable to drive and has all the power needed. I haul plywood, rocks, etc. Never any kind of problem except tires and normal maintenance. MPG is about 21 overall. The interior is functional, not frilly. Big knobs on the controls and laid out sensibly. Turning radius is my only gripe, but it isn't so bad once you are used to it. It should last me a long time and I would definitely recommend it.


Solid Mid-Size Truck

I've owned this truck for nearly 3 years (2012 GMC Canyon crew cab) and have had no major problems.The truck has a great exterior design.The inline 5 cylinder has plenty of power for hauling small trailers, boats,etc. The gas mileage is not great but not the worst either.The interior is far from high tech but everything works well. There's plenty of leg and head room for the driver and passenger side. The back seat is perfect for kids and but not so great for tall guys like myself. I would recommend the Canyon to anybody that's looking for a solid mid-size truck. Glad to see GM has brought the Canyon for 2015.


Fuel economy for this truck???

Bought a 2012 Canyon 4 door 2WD with 2.9 Lt. 4 cyl. eng. earlier this year to replace a 1995 Sonoma with 4.3 W code V6. Always thought the '95 got only mediocre gas mileage till started using the 2012 in mixed use driving. The Canyon will barely get 14 MPG!!! The truck runs perfectly, has no check engine lights on and onboard diagnosis shows no trouble codes or other abnormalities. Found the previous owner and asked him about this and he said that's the main reason he traded it in with only 12,000 miles on a Nissan. Can anyone offer any thoughts or ideas on this, or is this par for the course for this truck? Thanks for any info on this, brgrds, Dave F.