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1992 Honda Accord consumer reviews

$13,300–$14,050 MSRP range
side view of 1992 Accord Honda
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.9
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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I Love My Accord LX Wagon

I bought my Honda Accord LX new in 1992 and still think it is the best looking car on the road. The interior has carpeting throughout, including the trunk. The seats fit me well. I still get compliments on it from people who know cars and others who want to know where they can buy one too. It hasn't aged at all in my mind. It is a "Classic Car" in appearance and, now, in age.


90-93 Accord, one of the Best vehicles Honda has

I've owned a 91, 92, and 93 all with the 5 Speed Manual transmissions. I must say honda knows how to make a Great manual shifter. A tad notchy through the gates but overall a buttery feel. A pleasant experience. The double wishbone independent suspension on all 4 corners gives these cars a stable, nimble, and neutral feel while driving. Although the car could benefit from a 10 to 15 horsepower gain. It won't Wow you with it's performance but it's definitely adequate. The interior is well appointed and nicely executed and everything is right where you want it to be. The soft touch material on the Dash is great and the plastics never feel cheap on these cars as well. Exterior styling is appealing in my opinion and the headlight housings are made of durable glass that won't haze or turn yellow, unlike plastic. Head room could be better but you get plenty of leg room for both occupants. The Engine is Solid and these F series motors will reward you with longevity, good fuel mileage, and very few repairs other than a timing belt and a once in a while valve adjustment. I had 350,000 miles on my 91 and it didn't burn a drop of Oil. It had regular oil changes every 3 to 4 thousand miles for the 7 years we owned it. Overall this is a Great choice for anybody's needs out of a vehicle. I love these CB7 Accords!


WOW!! This car is a Trooper

I bought a 92 Honda Accord EX-R in 2007 and its still my daily driver to this day. 23 years and the car is still going strong. I have had a few minor problems such as the muffler falling off due to rust, and the alternator has been replaced once, the engine has minor idling problems and the suspension needs to be replaced. The exterior is still in great shape with little to no surface rust, and the interior is also in great shape with no tears and minor wear. All in all this has been the best car I could have hoped for. any car that can last this long is a winner in my books.


Drove a '92 for 21 years

I put 256 K on a two door LX that I bought new in Sept. of '92. If it hadn't developed rust problems, I would still be driving it. I replaced it with an 05 Accord, and it's a nice car, but I miss the old one. I still look on line to find a rust-free one to have as my day to day car. Car never let me down, and the interior looked brand new when I sold it.



I own to 92 Accords one is a coupe dx and the other is 4 door ex. Both run great i got the coupe back in 09 and the sedan in 11 they are great on gas and have powerful engines. The coupe as a 5 speed manual transmission which is great being that i love manual transmissions the sedan as the 4 speed automatic trans which is great being that wife can't drive stick. The coupe has over 190k and the sedan has over 160k. They are both great for commuting and traveling it has a roomy interior and a lot of trunk space. I recommend the accord to anyone who is looking for a cheap reliable car that can get u to point a-z and back in comfort.


Best Car Ever

I own a '92 Honda Accord LX (coupe) and it's been a great car. I bought it from the original owner 4 years ago. She only put 27,000 miles on it 17 years (I had to replace the tires because they were the originals!). Now I've got the miles up to 56,000. She took great care of it, and so do I. I do have rust on the rear wheel wells. As far as repair, I've replaced a fuse (very cheap), replaced the tires, put on two mufflers, replaced the pump seals, and she had some minor repairs, too. All in all, the car runs really well, and even though it's a coupe, my friends says that it's really comfortable and spacious. The fabric is in great condition, no cracking on the dash. I took the original carpets to have them cleaned and now the car looks brand new. My car would be perfect, but there's a huge dent in the passenger door- someone slid into my parked car and didn't leave a note. I didn't want my insurance to go up, so I didn't report it. I will be very sad to see this car go, but based on the reviews, I'll have it a while!


Still going strong

413,000 miles and still going as a daily driver on the original motor and transmission with only being on the 2nd clutch in all that time. I can't see how there can be a better car on the market.


One of the best cars Honda ever made!

I have owned nearly every type of car ever made by Honda and I have to say this generation Accord is one of the best. First, it handles great. Put a nice set of tires on the thing and it can take turns like a BMW M3. It's not the fastest car ever made by Honda, but the 2.2L and manual trans provide sufficient power for merging and passing. The quality of the interior is superior. My 92' is nearly 20 years old with 290,000 miles on it and the interior is nearly perfect. The seats look new and the dash has no cracks or fading. The only problems I have had are with rust in the rear wheel wells. Mechanically, this thing is a ROCK. The 2.2L is bullet proof. Not a single engine problem in 290,000. The biggest repair was a broken CV joint ($350). Other than that just scheduled maintenance and wear items.


Great Car

I've owned two of these Accords, the first being a 1991 Accord Ex and the second being a 1992 Accord Ex as well. I liked the interior of the 90-91 Accords better then that of the 92-93 Accords. The car has been great, pretty reliable. Cranks over on those cold -15 Wisconsin winter mornings. Warms up quick and gets you up to speed a moderate amount of time. I've averaged 19 mpg every tank for the last two months but the car has 200000 miles so that may be why, my old 1991 now driven by my father averages 26 mpg. They aren't big cars but seat four comfortably. I just wish the mpgs were a bit higher. I would drive my car to California or Alaska from Wisconsin in a heartbeat. It doesn't skip a beat and I feel safe driving it.


17 Years and Going Strong!

I've had my '92 coupe since new, March 1992. There have been so few problems, it's crazy. Other than tires, batteries, tune-ups, and timing belt, I've only replaced the distributor housing, the front brakes (once), the muffler (twice), and the antenna (Metra makes a replacement that is better than the stock one). That is all! The muffler was replaced with a factory Honda part carrying a lifetime warranty. I've always tried to keep another Honda in the fleet so this car has been the daily driver for only the last 2.5 years. With 215K miles, it still gets compliments from people for its styling and appearance. The interior has held up very well. No rips or wear-through. The material is better than that on most home furniture. The only concern has been the usual rust that these cars get. I like that there are few cars of the same size with the same ride, fuel efficiency, and reliability. I'm glad that I kept this car when purchasing my new Civic Si!