2007 Honda Accord Hybrid consumer reviews

$31,090–$33,090 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Accord Hybrid Honda
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.5
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maintenance upkeep long-term

Honda Accord Hybrid meets all the requirements that are on a standard Honda Accord which is rated excellent. (Consumer Reports) But the difference between a standard Honda Accord( engine driven), and a hybrid Honda Accord could cost you more money in the long run. Replacing battery packs is very expensive when battery cells start going bad and they do, it affects other functioning electrical parts and equipment of the vehicle. Which will send false readings to the computer operating those systems. To cause warning lights to come up on your instrument panel. And because you need a special scanning tool to read those codes generated by the battery pack failures. (Check engine lights) You're stuck with either buying a scanner or having a dealer do it for you.$$$ Warning; (replacing battery pack can be dangerous) And having a repair shop which are hard to find that I have the proper skills an equipment to work on such hybrids. Can get expensive. So is it worth a few extra miles per gallon to own a hybrid or a standard engine driven Honda Accord which will last you 20-30 years? AS long as you keep doing standard maintenance on it. OIL CHANGES and other fluid levels, checking belts and hoses and other standard maintenance procedures? Which you'll have to do on the hybrid Honda Accord Plus required maintenance on the battery packs.$$$$ that only lasts for a limited time, if you're lucky. UP to a 100,000 miles or less before cells start dying. Until they figure out how to make battery packs that last indefinitely and cheaply and can be charged and maintain a charge. Which I'm sure they have that figured out already. But the cost is the problem. It's your choice your decision Choose Wisely.


Second Honda I owned, both excellent cars.

Great commuting car, welcomed compromise between powerful and responsive engine and gas mileage. Enough legroom and space for a 6'4 driver, very well built interior with strong, quality leather, small details like: dual heated seats, heated side view mirrors, expandable arm rest and 6 CD changer appreciated.


V6 hybrids are the best!

In 2010 I bought my 2nd 7th gen accord being a 2005 HAH. Amazing quickness + mpg’s makes for a great combination, plus the reliability=u can’t beat! Had a minor fender bender (w/high miles)& instead of fixing it I sold it & bought another... my current 2007 HAH, which I’ve owned since 2013 with 40k miles. My personal best mpg’s is 43.6mpg (basically all in 3 cylinder eco mode-manual gas math)going from UT to CA (525 miles)!? & I’ve done that a few times. btw, I was driving no faster than 63mph. Normally averages 35mpg hwy 27-28 combined. Love the interior with the nav... looks much better than some of the newer Honda Acura products with dumb dual screens. I like to add k&n air filter for an extra 5hp, some 04-08 Acura TL front/rear sway bars, & an extendable accord sun visor. Wish this hah had brighter front low beam lights, & extendable sun visors standard. Btw, these Honda Accord v6 air intake tubes like to dry out & crack with age leading to mysterious check engine lights for different things. Mine had a misfire only when coldstarting sometimes but the spark plugs and coils were good, it was a hole in the intake(save yourself some $ in costly dealership repairs) that was leaking air & leading to the MAF sensor reading wrong making it run lean & multiple random misfire. Simple fix. This 7 1/2 gen Honda Accord is my favorite generation accord... the last great accord manufactured/assembled in Japan imported for sale in the USA. I’ve really subjected my 3 different 7th gen accords to extreme driving situations in all different environments from over 120* in Death Valley to minus 5* f in the Rockies & everything in between. Even driven my current hah more off-road then I prob should have & it’s run done everything I’ve asked it to do and some. This v6 hybrid Powertrain is still being used in the current 19 Acura MDX sport hybrid but with extra electric motors for the rear wheels & highly revised. For 0-60 in 6.5sec stock, 40+mpg hwy, & being so affordable to own, this 2007 Honda Accord v6 hybrid is a great pick as a daily driver.


Best car I've ever owned.

I bought this car used 7 months ago and it had 80,000 miles on it. For being an 11 year old car, it has done great for my needs. I have put 15,000 miles on it in the last 7 months. I do the preventive maintenance for the miles and oil changes on it regularly. Gas mileage is approximately 33 miles a gallon on the interstate 25 in town. I don't often see this model on the road. I am surprised they did not continue making them.


You can't go wrong

Really a great car... if it just had bluetooth it would be perfect. Averaging 30 mpg.. but mostly city driving. Just replaced hybrid battery pack with an upgraded one containing ford cells.. perelli tyres make a smooth car even smoother.


Overpriced, overpromised.

Bout 2007 accord hybrid brand new off the lot. Average gas mileage 19-22 miles per gallon freeway and city combined. Way less than promised. 65,000 miles battery need to be replace for $3,000. Valve job at 95,000. Catalytic converter 60,000 miles. Whole new brake assembly 30,000. Brake issues since buying the car. Still have problems so I have to redo brakes every 25-30,000 miles. Drivers side heated seat doesn't work 101,000. Passenger side airbag light comes and goes since buying the car. Seat belt in back seat won't work 135,000. Water leak 145,000. All this with religious tune ups/oil changes/ maintenance.


Long Term Report at 3 years

I continue to get great gas mileage, 33-34 MPG filling up with 91 RON non-ethanol gas. I like the car much better after replacing the Michelin MXV4s with Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422s. WOW. Like a different car concerning noise reduction and ride improvements. 400 mile trips are now comfortable. Recent trip to Dallas with congested traffic the computer registered 39.4 MPG. With the increased ride comfort I rate the HAH as a great computer car. Sustainment costs (bat replacement) not cheap but the car runs like a normal Accord if you choose not to refresh the Bat pack.


I Just Love Driving This Car

I purchased my 2007 HAH used a few months ago, but it only had 34K miles on it, which is practically new when it comes to a Honda. I traded in my 2011 Elantra which was just too small for me. I love the power of the V6 with the effeciency of a 4 cylinder. I get almost the same mpg's from my HAH that I did from the Elantra, which is between 33 and 35. The difference is that I have more interior space, better quality, much more power (this thing will haul), better long-term resale value, and a much more comfortable ride. This is a great car and I wish Honda would have kept making them after 2007. The V6/Hybrid Sedan is nearly impossible to find.


Sips Gas Very Fast

I have a 2005 Model. It has over 200,000 miles on it. At 180,000 it needed a new hybrid battery. It only cost 2800 at the dealer. A lot better than some other competitors that are at 6000 for a new one. Other than normal oil changes, tires, timing belt, shocks and brakes, this car has been virtually problem free. I bought it with 32,000 miles on it. You also will get great gas mileage and V-6 power. This car is a sleeper, I raced a 350Z and beat it. Its off the line power is super fast. Most cars on the road can not keep up with it. As hard as I drive it, it still gets an astonishing 28 mpg overall average. If I take it easy, it will do better at around 30. Don't believe the 34 or 35 mpg on the highway, unless you live in Kansas and drive flat roads. The real world normal driving is probably around 29, taking it easy. Overall this has been a great car. What else can you expect from a Honda. The only thing that is disappointing is that Honda stopped making this car, and there is no other V-6 Hybrid with this kind of mileage and power available on the market anywhere. The other thing too is even Honda's normal V-6 today is only rated at overall 21 mpg. That is terrible and unacceptable. I don't know why Honda does not wake up. They don't have, and are not making a family sedan hybrid. The Civic Hybrid does not count, this car won't get out of it's own way on the road. Right now I am shopping for something different. But have not found anything that can match the power and gas mileage. There seriously is nothing out there that compares.


2 year Update "Making the Case for the HAH"

I've but 35,000 miles on this car in 2 years. The mileage is a solid 33 to 34 mpg measured by filling up the tank vs the electronic display (off by 6 to 7%). The ride is firm & road noise too high to select the car for long trips over our Oddesey. Noise & ride are acceptable for a 50 mile a day commute. Radio speakers could be better. Exterior styling is timeless. The interior tasteful executed. Car size perfect for a second car. No repairs experienced. The original MSRP was too high if the goal was low transportation costs. But a low mileage HAH bought for $16 - 18K is cost effective with $4 gas. In fact,I can't make the case to trade for a new Prius. Highest recorded gas mileage was 42mpg during a 160 mile drive. Still like the car but not a love affair due to previous mentioned road noise and ride qualities; which in fairness are improved over the 1999-2003 Honda. Accord