2018 Honda Civic Type R consumer reviews

$34,700 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 Civic Type R Honda
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Fun daily driver

I love driving this car. Plenty of power at the ready but also reliable and practical. I can fit my mother's wheelchair in the trunk easily.


It is the ULTIMATE family racecar!

I purchased this Civic Type R because I was able to jump ahead of dozens of people on the waiting list for their chance to buy one. This is a daily driver that is capable of fitting the whole family and going grocery shopping after going to the road track and setting record laptimes!


I have only put on 20 miles so far but I love it

The style of this car looks very nice and I love the performance. I wish it would?ve come in a two door model. This one is a four-door sedan.


I was surprised at how well it performs.

This little car is amazing. The shifting is as smooth a silk. For a car to perform as good as it does you would think the sell price would be at least double what it is.



Wow! I had read all of the reviews and heard all of the hype about the US Civic Type R. I was originally considering a Tesla Model 3 RWD to offset my raucous basically race prepped DC5 daily driver. The Model 3 has ungodly handling for a huge sedan and I would have gotten it over everything else at its price point except... the Type R. I don?t know how they pulled off 300whp with no torque steer and a featherlight clutch. The steering feel is better than my RSX Type S on Progress coilovers. The unique front suspension design in the civic is working serious magic. So fun to drive while being totally practical. If you have qualms about the styling, I get it. I literally said it looked ?absolutely ridiculous? when I first saw it at the dealer. A week later, I?m in love. Can steering wheels release oxytocin? Worth the test drive if you want a practical track beast. Nothing under $50k touches it. Looking forward to track days!


over priced

Way over priced dealers in this area are trying get to $10,000 over MSRP. You can buy a Lexus is 300 AWD, people that are going to spend $47000 are no going to buy a Civic, STI is around $37000 and is AWD.


Civic Type R lives up to the Hype!

What a vehicle! This vehicle is incredibly quick but more importantly handles amazing! Love everything about this car! 20? wheels, 306hp, spoiler, wind splitters, hood scoop, turbo, gear box, seats!!! The list goes on and on... headlights


Simply Amazing!!!

This Car is everything you read about, its Fast and in every gear when you need it, shifting is very smooth and with the different settings for the suspension there's one for all conditions. Put it in Type R mode and take corners at 90mph (only for truly experienced drivers), myself I've been driving a Manuel for over 30 yrs and try to push the car to the limits and truly drive it everyday and it out performers in every way. I like the fact that you can ride 4 people in it and they get to experience the rush of a semi-super car for its class. I'm looking forward to taking it to the track and testing its limits! I highly recommend this car to someone who is loves driving and 6 gears!!!! Big Smile!!


A Car for Yobbos

Twenty-one years ago, when the Type R had just come out, I thought it was brilliant. Stylish, powerful, not too flashy or look at me. It was perfect. Fast forward to present day. I get word that Honda has come out with a ne Civic Type R, and I think to myself, "Oh brilliant! Can't wait to review it". I was so excited in fact, that I couldn't wait. I went on the internet, and searched it up. Immediately, I began to cringe. It was hideous. Basically the opposite of the old one. Way too flashy, quite ugly, the lot. I hated it. But, I still had to test it. So, I called Honda, and asked if I could borrow one. They said they'd bring one round the next day. Great, perfect. So, the next day, I got up early, and it was sitting in my drive. Well, better get on with it. So, I got in and started it up. The engine made a low rumbling sound. I decided to pop down to the shops. So, I began driving. Fifteen minutes later, I was in London's West End. People turned their heads and gawked at me. They probably thought I was some superstar in an alien car or something. But, on with the review. The Honda is not bad for in-town driving. If you like paparazzi, then then you'll probably love this car, and hate me and want to attack me with a chainsaw. But, on that day in that car, I didn't want paparazzi. I wanted a thorough road test of the new Type R. And I got it. Overall, the performance is sublime. Plenty of horsepower, and a nice noise from the engine. Good handling, etc. But, the main issue I have with this car is its looks. It's hideous. It looks like a monster that some seven year old boy with a wild imagination would draw. The interior is a bit less scary. You've got climate control, a nice clean look. However, it's average. Hundreds of cars have interiors that look like that these days. So, if you're a yobbo from Mars, then this is the car for you. But, if you're just an average human, then get a Golf GTI instead. It's got plenty of horsepower, and you'll look less of a knob.


Head Turner!!

I love everything about this vehicle. The performance of the vehicle is awesome. The stereo sound is ok but I can live with it. A real head turner.