2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid consumer reviews

$33,400 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Honda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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Honda Quality, Fit, Finish

I short listed my used car purchase to a Honda Clarity PHEV, Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3. We already own a Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey and Honda lawn mower, and we've enjoyed the Honda dependability. We go on longer trips about once a month, and I'd range anxiety and concerns over charging times if I had a pure EV. The 2018 Clarity PHEV drives like a luxury car - smooth, refined; I manually track my gas mileage and I'm averaging about 195 mpg over the past six weeks! I'll probably eventually buy a full EV, but until then, my Clarity will fit my needs well.


2018 Honda Clarity PHEV

Only thing I really don’t like about this car is that the lane assist does not use GPS in conjunction with the cameras to create a much more reliable experience. Everything else I love


Great around town

Love the quiet and performance when running on battery. Wish it had a bit more battery range, but it's great for most of my daily driving. I really notice when the engine kicks in...noisy and less pick up. Interior is roomy and comfy.


Excellent MPG without driving a freak’n Prius

Great car. About the size of an Accord. Comfortable, roomy, quick, handles great. Excellent fuel economy even on long highway trips. It’s a company car for a sales person. Not a Prius.


Love our infrequent gas fillups and room for frien

We are happy we waited for a serial hybrid that can be driven most of the time on pure electric power. We also wanted space for at least two friends in the rear seat and space in the trunk for when we travel together. We found it in the Clarity. The touring model has leather seats and backup camera and other safety features so the value seems good.


Clarity needs Clarification

The Honda Clarity has nice styling, but, needs to be Geared more to the driver rather than what Honda thinks the car should do for the driver. When accelerating fast the car goes into charge mode. Why? Who thought that if you Put your pedal to the metal, Put the car in Charge mode. There should be a Switch for the driver to put the car in charge mode. The car Starts off in EV mode which is good, but, if you are on the highway, YOU need to put the car in HV mode and if you don't you loose all of your EV power. If EV mode goes to zero, it does not seem to have any regenerative power. In HV mode the car goes in to very high rev at low speeds. Went to the dealer about this. Tech gave me excuses that this is how the car works in certain modes and Charge amounts. It should not rev so high and this should be corrected. Car lacks basic features: No lumbar support, no sun roof, no blind spot or back up indicators, no automatic trunk opener, no spare tire (not even an option), no body side molding (this should be standard), no heated steering wheel, no cooling seats, navigator cannot understand any verbal commands, but, If I use google, it will pick up any spoken destination. Does anyone at Honda test the voice recognition? It is horrible. so, I have options I can't use and options that should be on the car. It does get good mileage, if you have the opportunity to charge the car often.


When does lawsuit start ???

Car was bought for EV capabilities . Advertised o get 47 on a single charge , I don't get over 30 I get run around from dealers two of them, Honda customer service is HORRIBLE !!!!


Not safe for children

My son is 15 and we were leaving to go shopping, he went inside the car to get his phone charger, and from no where the car reverse back and went 360 hitting two other cars inside the parking lot. I saw that and all what I thought is my son inside this crazy car. The car was Honda clarity, the electric car. It was press bottom car, so I think my son pressed on the reverse bottom accidentally while leaning to get his phone charger. Now, my car insurance total the car and paid off the Honda dealer for the rest of what I owe. Therefore, I’m warning people who have kids to be careful with this press bottom to operate the car. Imagine if a toddler stepped on one of those bottoms?! It’s scary situation. I just had the car for few months. It was hard to operate. I couldn’t change the lane without using the signal. It almost got me in couple of accidents because it kept jumping especially if it was operated by battery only. It didn’t stop fast enough if a car stoped suddelney in-front of me. I had couple of issues with it, and I told the Honda shop when I took it for oil change and was told to watch it for next time. I think the car had a mani factory problems with it. Honda refused even to look at it before my car insurance finish the claim. Therefore. I lost my down payment and all the payment I did for the dealer.


First hybrid I have owned

Truly a vehicle of the future. Built well and performs well including in winter snow conditions such as deep snow and icy roads and easy to handle


Great Plug-In, Comes As Advertised

The plug-in hybrid is a great car for a 45-50 mile round trip commute. I have a free plug at work, which makes it a great deal and means that I can run errands, etc. without using gasoline. The car runs fantastic and delivers on the mileage. The only problem is getting in early enough to take a plug-in spot away from the Teslas. Given the tax credit and availability to use gasoline too to extend the range at a good MPG this can work for an active family. If you work it right you can only need to fill up less than once per month.