1994 Honda del Sol consumer reviews

$14,400–$15,380 MSRP range
side view of 1994 del Sol Honda
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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most reliable car i ever owned.. and the most fun

this car is fun... some say hard to get in and out of but it has the only car seats where my back does not bother me on ling rides. it is super dependable if you are servicing it right. mine is about to hit almost 400.000 miles and still running well getting me to work.


Amazing vehicle

Works as good as any front wheel drive car in the snow, it's amazing on gas, very smooth, very roomy for a small two door car, trunk has plenty of room for subs or whatever you want to put In there, it has many storage compartments inside of the car.(mostly behind the seat.) it's a great first car for a teen.


My Recent Experience with the 94 Del Sol

Recently purchased an Si Del Sol 94'. Was drawn to the car by its unique sporty appearance. After acquiring it learned of the many key features. Yet, with all positive used car purchases there are issues. The good news is that with this vehicle they are few. Yes, the roof weather stripping is a traditional problem. I caught it in time with a clear silicone gel and it worked. The gas mileage is super and I found many accessories and parts available on line. Lots of fun to drive. The radio and cassette, although dated compliments a stock 4 speaker system that has volume that will surprise you. This car with its looks and limited production has what it takes to be a collectible someday...


Del Sol Review And What To Watch Out For

I love my '94 Del Sol Si, i've had it for years and she has never given me any unexpected issues. Bone stock with 167k and still runs strong. The Del Sol is heavy for the size and underpowered, she only fits two, the targa top takes up a lot of trunk space and the interior lighting is poor. The Del Sol is also a extremely reliable and fun car to drive, fantastic gas mileage and has impressive leg room and trunk space (when the top is in place, that is) Every used car has issues and the Del Sol is no exception. I'm going to list these issues and what a buyer can expect when buying a Del Sol today. Top leak: Not unexpected and can be fixed. Before you buy, check under the seal for rust as water can gather under the seals. You might want to remove the visor assembly and check there as well. Try using silicone lubricant gel as a fix. Most honda dealership sell it, if this doesn't work, replace the seals. Expensive but worth it. Seats: Seat tears on the corners are common as people tend to slide into the car and wear down the fabric. If a seller has seat covers, it's probably because they're hiding torn seats. Not much you can do abut this except to replace or reupholster with stronger fabric or get seat covers yourself. Steering wheel: Del Sol steering wheels flake over time. Check under steering wheel covers and push down on the top of the wheel to check for sponginess. Again, not much one can do about this except to replace the wheel or cover it up. Door bubbling: This happens by the armrest and can tear. Reupholster is the only way to fix this issue but it's only cosmetic. Make sure to check around the trunk, especially under the spare tire and around the antenna as both of these areas are trouble spots for water and possible rust. I hope this helps in your future purchase.


**CAUTION**: 1994 del Sol S - $4,200 - accident!

1994 Honda del Sol S - $4,200 - blue vin JHMEG1143RS006836 being sold in Johnstown PA has been in an accident, it does not show up in the CARFAX report. Owners had me drive 3.5 hours one way to see it, claiming the car was in excellent condition. IT IS NOT! There are a number of things VERY wrong with this car not the least of which is ... it has been rear ended and not very well repaired. On inspection, you can easily see that there is rust busting out from under body putty on both sides in many places of the rear of the car. Further inspection underneath and in wheel wells gives it away. Owners told me the car was painted to " take car of a little rust". I asked multiple times about this before driving 7 hours RT. I wanted to be sure the car was truly in excellent cond. They said it was and it was well worth the drive. On arriving, I immediately inspect body since a paint job in general is a red flag hiding something in many cases. Found many rust spots surfacing under body putty. Found many other indications of a serious accident. I asked "how bad was the accident this car was in?" They admitted to being rear ended. The car also has a significant rip in the drivers seat, the brakes are very unsafe, pedal went to the floor on a rapid stop brake test 40mph to 0. Spongy/dangerous imho. Car hesitates and misfires and has no power. beware of this vehicle!


i love my honda

i have a 94 del sol vtec that i absolutely love! fun, sporty, excellent on gas, cant say enough. so far i have put on a invader body kit, invader carbon fiber hood, sound system, custom interior. too much too list. next upgrade is gonna be an engine swap from a d16z6 to a b18c5 then boost it to over 700hp. LOVE MY DEL SOL grab one if you can, sorry cant have mine. lol


Honda Del Sol is another Best & Dependable car!

I owned Honda cars & vans for 15+yrs. all were great cars. I have had my Del Sol for 3 ? years & it has never given me a problems, it is great on gas, good on looks & a fun car to drive. I recommend Honda to bring this car back, I?m sure the S2000 is great too but the Del Sol had a fit for many different reasons.


practical car

i find the car awesome, reliable, practicsl, almost low to minimum maintenance car and it's stable even with its size. i would say it's a near to perfect car for those who don't have much time and money to spend for maintenance.


Extremely good car!

I have had my del sol for about 6 months now and I love it. The car has barely given me any problems at all. It may have the smallest motor but being so light it fly's down the road, and with the thousands of available customizations for the del sol, increasing power or styling of it is easy.


set to run

at barely over a ton, you can make these bad daddies run quick, with a little power and imagination.