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2004 Honda Element consumer reviews

$16,100–$18,300 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Element Honda
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.4
  • Reliability 4.9
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Just what I needed

Good car with great interior flexibility. Comfort and roominess are better than expected. This is a great vehicle for hauling, camping, and ferrying dogs to hikes!! Suicide doors are better than I anticipated. Fuel economy is lower than expected. We bought a bare-bones model, so many features just aren't there. As for the looks, they're certainly polarizing. I like the fact that the form follows the high level of function in this car.


FUN Car!

I love how the element looks and how it drives. Very good handling and the plastic floors are so practical with kids. My daughter gets a great view from the back in her car seat with the "stadium seating" and she's protected from the sun with the standard tinted back windows that pop open. Really the only thing I don't like about our element is the "suicide doors" that open without a center pillar. I know it's great for some purposes, but it's a drag when you are wedged in a tight parking spot and you have to juggle getting a kid in the back. When you take out the back seats, you have an enclosed area for moving furniture, etc. so forget about borrowing a truck for hauling things! Thinking about buying a newer element now that our 2004 is getting a little dated, but it's paid for and was worth every penny!


Best Vehicle For Car Seats

I love my Element. Its a great adventure and city driving vehicle. I love the fact I can easily put in a car seat without struggling and bending. I easily open the doors we both hop in and I place her in her base. I even have a tick of closing the doors while Im in the back and hopping to the front seat to start the vehicle. That way I dont have to leave my child alone and I can switch from back to front easily.


Best Winter Car I've Ever Owned

This car handles winter driving with ease. Snow drifts and black ice don't faze it. It is very roomy and comfortable. Great visibility (even from back seats). Car has lots of pep. Rear doors open wide so that putting kids in car seats is easy. I will replace this with another Element!


Funky Looking but very comfortable

People either like it a lot or doesn't like it at all. I always plan to buy this one but always bought the other SUVs. I recently sold my MDX and since then test driving all the Small SUVs but did not like them at all untill I test drove the element at a local dealership. I am a big man of 300+ lbs so naturally I need more space and comfortable seating as well as handling. The car hugs the road and you actually feel nice. I only had it for a day and already drove over 300 miles to test it.


2004 Honda Element AWD

Great car, consider before buying any other small SUV. I went to the Honda dealer to look at CRVs and hadn't considered the Element (too boxy). But boxy means functional, maximized interior space, and great head room(I'm 6'3" and don't fit into many cars comfortably). I would ding it on road noise, but that is due to the voluminous interior/hard surfaces. I've also had a problem with the seat belt retracting and often slam it in the door. Not a big deal but annoying, I notice that they have redesigned this feature in later models. There is no protection from door dings. No mechanical problems to date (2008). Windshield cracked after getting hit by a big rock, but other than that haven't had windshield problems as has been reported.


Fun, functional auto

The Element, when you first see it, is obviously different than any other car. It earns the 'toaster' nickname that the devotees pin on it, sitting tall and offering spaciousness available nowhere else for the wheelbase. Despite it's design, it's nimble, holds the road extremely well, and makes for a fun ride. You feel and hear the road a little more due to the carpetless interior, but the payoff is that it's very easy to clean up. The two side doors on each side open to reveal a wide space with no pillar, making it both easy to load and a great 'base station' for an outing at the beach or camping. Available options cater to the biker, kayaker, skiier and other active types by customizing hauling and stowage choices. the versatile seats fold flat to form a platform for an air mattress that's about queen size, or fold the back seats up to clear a long, wide cargo space. Typical for Honda, the Element is reliable and very low maintenance. It delivers on it's promise and surprises with the simple luzury of it's appointments. The premium sound system makes you feel like you are in a $40,000 sedan. the round A/C vents are a triumph in simple and elegant function. I've loved my Element, and would recommend it to anyone who leads an active lifestyle.


Funny look, fine drive

Comfortable, roomy and economical, the Element, with AMZOIL and tires at 40 inflation, we get between 27 and 30 mpg depending on the wind. We especially like how easy it is to clean, and the roominess for hauling hay bales or camping trips. And reliable? Wow!108,000 miles in 24 months with never a blip. Love it! When will Honda come out with a hybrid or flexfuel version? I'll buy another Element when that happens...maybe two more!!