2021 Honda Pilot consumer reviews

$32,550–$34,550 MSRP range
side view of 2021 Pilot Honda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Maintenance Cost

I've owned my 2021 Special Edition AWD for a year now. Put 14,000 trouble free miles on it. No problems at all. Just 2 maintenance services. The second service required a differential fluid change along with the normal maintenance. Kind of surprised it needed such an extensive service so soon but I hear the cross vectoring AWD needs frequent fluid changes. Cost $500.00. Otherwise I am completely satisfied with my purchase.


Great vehicle for pulling light weight trailer

The Pilot is an excellent vehicle and easily pulls a 3500-4000 lb trailer. Over its first 20,000 miles we have consistently gotten 24-25 mpg which is higher than its sticker rating. While pulling a travel trailer, it gets about 12-13 mpg, which is to be expected. We love this vehicle.


2021 Pilot Defect Goes On

Driver's side mirror fell off and Honda nor the Dealer has the part to fix it. Waiting 10 months and still can't get a replacement. Honda continues to sell the Pilot with the defective mirror. Buy a Toyota instead.


Driving my new Honda Pilot

I'm very happy so far with my brand new Pilot. It handles well and has plenty of pep for highway driving. All the electronics take a while to master, but we are finding even more things about it to like.


the best car ever

rides smooth, smells good everything is new just i love the 2 sun roof tops the tv the 2 head phones and i love the color , i always wanted a white car.


So far so great!

Semi replaced my 2011 Odyssey (kept it for a spare car since it’s still running great with over 200k miles). This was a great transition. Interior is very simple yet has everything I was looking for in a new vehicle. The recent facelift of the Pilot looks good and I got the special edition which added to the appearance.


A great family car for a large family.

I was shopping for a vehicle for the entire family. I have a wife and five kids. Therefore I was in need of a spacious but yet compact vehicle that my wife and my teenagers were able to drive too at a glance I was not to thrill for it but when my whole family stated how spacious it was, well it started growing on me. I drove from Brownsville, TX to El Paso, TX and let me tell you it was smooth and very comfortable plus it was very economical on gas. Great overall car.


I love the car and all the extras.

The car I now have just completed me others tell me the dash is really fascinating and I found a mp3 player with some of my music downloads.The color is great.


Great Car, Couple of Gotchas.

This is the third Honda Pilot we have owned. Overall, the car drives and handles well. It feels heavier than our 2007 Pilot, and it seems like you have to press down on the gas pedal more to get it going. Pick up is good however. Inside is nicely apportioned, comfortable leather seats. Lots of technology to get used to. The constant switching back and forth from Driver 1 to Driver 2 is annoying. The mirrors seem to have a mind of their own and are never in position for either driver. Couple of gotchas. . . the mid-range Pilots come without a navigation system or Rails. The sales guy will tell you that you can can connect your iphone/android directly which you can. Down side is that if you can't get phone service your SOL. Rails, used to come standard; now they're optional, the cheap option is decorative not functional; The higher end option requires both the rails & the cross bars (both extra). Bottom line, they've cut out a big chunk of function, you need to check if the price you're seeing or getting corresponds with a missing nav system & functional rails. The one annoying item is the eco/idle thing. When you hit a full stop, the engine idles down . . . when you start back up it shudders when it comes to full power. I personally don't like it. .. can't think it helps engine life going on & off like that. If you want to continue with normal idle at a stop, you have to keep a light foot on the break. Sales, guy said there's a way to turn it off, but you have to do it every time you get in the car. These new cars have a lot of alerts, guides (lane assist), etc. . they vary by car & they're not all easily or possible to turn off. Make sure you read up on the features & options of all the new tech. .. and whether you can disable it . . .on any of the new cars coming out. Other item is the ZAZ GPS app. . .looks somewhat dodgy. Check reviews of the app & it's functionality. . I think the dealers get a kickback if you sign up to use it. Other than that. . the car is quiet, solid, rides well. Should last a long time if taken care of.


Wonderful car glad we bought it

We are so happy we purchased this car. We are excited to test it on a long distance trip. Our buying experience was great and would recommend to others.