2008 Hyundai Azera consumer reviews

$24,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2008 Azera Hyundai
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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Hard to review

This car has many attributes. On the other side it has almost as many down-sides. I think it is a great looking car. I really like the exterior styling and the interior styling is just a shade behind IMO. The ride of this car is an enigma. My Azera, and a few others, think it rides very harsh. However, most others think it rides like a 2 decade old GM land-yacht without much control and floats along the highway. So, opinons vary widely, or perhaps it's a lack of QC within Hyundai. Performance is great, gas mileage is much better on my car than most others, go figure, another enigma.


Great car, but uncomfortable seats

I really like this car, especially as a buyer on the used car side. Hyundais have not caught on just yet regarding value for the dollar and dependability and reliability like the Toyota et al have. I choose to buy a low-mileage used vehicle and very glad I went that direction. The used car is a steal IF you can live with the very uncomfortable seats. I could hardly wait to get home from a measly 90 mile trip in order to stretch my legs and relieve my back from the pain I was getting during the drive. I also own a Toyota Highlander and let me tell you, Hyundai isn't there yet. The 7 y/o Highlander w/55K miles is much smoother, quieter, and way more comfortable than the Azera. The Azera will be great for around town jaunts to haul kids, go to dinner, movie, shopping, etc. but for the long hauls it'll be the Highlander that hauls me and my gear. There is a tremendous amount of amenities that come with this car at an unheard of price (used). I have no regrets with the Azera, just wish it had more comfortable seats.


Cons of the Azera 2008

My 2008 Hyundai Azera is new. Actually has 1,000 miles. When turn on the air conditioner the air stinks for about 5-10 seconds. Also the gas pedal vibrates constantly from 20 mph and over.


Best Car for the Money

Bought a 2008 Azera with 30K miles. Paid $15.7k out the door. Still has 30k left on bumper to bumper warranty. Has every feature you could want, save nav and bluetooth (I don't need them). Beautiful inside and out. Had the cupholder fixed under warranty. Dealer was excellent and I didn't even buy the car from them. The 12 speaker Infinity sound system is amazing. While the 2008s have no IPOD inputs, you can burn your MP3s onto CDs and they will play on the 6 disc changer. As others have said the suspension is a bit soft but not too much of an issue once you get used to it. With the way Hyundais depreciate, (to me anyway) it's best to find a low mileage used one. Paid about 1/2 of the MSRP of new. Check out the consumer reports ratings. Stacks up pretty well against anything in it's class and predicted reliability is much better than average. Do your research and you won't be disappointed.


Best bang for the buck

I did about 6 months of research before test driving the Azera, and found that on paper, it was the best value. Once I test drove it, I found it met my expectations to the tee. I bought a Azera Limited with the Ultimate package that was just under 1 year old and less than 9k miles, and it used to be a rental car. I was driving a low mileage 98 Cadillac Deville because I commute a total of 105 miles per day, and need something comfortable. The Azera can best be described as something in between a Deville and a Camry, which is the market it is aimed at. Pros: Good handling but still a soft enough ride for highway comfort. (reasonable compromise) Excellent interior design and comfort. Infinity sound is very good. It is less tiring to drive than the Deville, mainly because it tracks better, thus I spend less time "correcting" when steering. Not quite as much low end torque as the V8 in the Deville, but has better mid range grunt and is MORE than quick enough for passing and merging. The trunk is at least as large as my Deville's, although you wouldn't guess so from looking at the car. Engine is very quiet, even when punching it into traffic. Brakes feel solid. Price can't be beat. Cons: A bit more wind noise at 75mph than I like. Steering is a bit touchy/sensitive at mid speeds. Seat could slide back just a notch more, although it is about the same as the Deville. Window tint could be darker. Warranty on powertrain goes from 100k/10y to 50k/5y if you buy it used, which is still competitive. Exterior styling is a bit bland but pleasant enough and similar to competitive cars. I would recommend getting the Limited and the Ultimate package, which offers the bigger engine, sunroof, Infinity stereo, and all the extras that you could expect in a full luxury car, such as seating memory, telescoping steering, etc. If you are buying used, the price difference is minimal. If you are looking for a simple luxury car (entry level luxury) and/or do a great deal of daily driving, it really does offer the best value, as you would have to spend thousands more to get the same quality and features from any other brand.


great buy for the money

i have owned three other hyundai's between my girlfriend and i. this by far is the most comfortable and easiest to drive of them all. i get respectable gas mileage (no where near the elantra or sonata). depending upon the highway, i can get up to 33 miles per gallon according to the on board computer. i like the fact that i don't need premium fuel in a luxory car. the azera is laid out very well. the controls are very accessible. numerous safety features. people often think i have a lexus. i throughly enjoy my azera.


Bang for the buck can't be beat.

I paid $13000 LESS for my Azera Limited than a new comparable Lexus ES350. I have an 06 Lexus ES and I like driving the Azera better because of the engine response difference between them...read on. Make no mistake it IS the pricing compared to other cars that makes this car a best buy. With the Hyundai $2500 rebate I paid less than $27K. It has EVERY option available (except the Bluetooth) including the Navigation/DVD player and upgraded 600 watt 12 speaker stereo. The 3.8L V6 engine performs like a V8. It is the FIRST Asian/American/Japanese V6 that responds like the Germans...torque everywhere without having to spin the motor at 6K RPMs. Acceleration is strong. The Azera gets about the same gas mileage as my Lexus although it's a .5L bigger motor... 28MPG or better on the open road most of the time. The only down side so far for is the suspension, it's a little too soft for me. I would have perferred it a little firmer than the soft wallowing ride. They say they improved it in 08 but mine is an 08 and it's still too soft. Having said that, after all it is in the "entry luxury" market and not a sports sedan. But a $13000 savings makes the ride very tolerable! And the 5 year bumper to bumper and a 10 year 100K miles power train warranty puts a big exclamation point on the value. Before you lay more of your money out for a Camry, Maxima, Buick, Lexus or Infinity take one of these out for a ride. I know there's people who would never put a "Hyundai" in their driveways. Hynundai may be making a mistake by not introducing a new car line like Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura.


best luxury car out there i've owned

Handles amazing, smooth drive, feels like a glove and stands with time. Unbelieveable control! Look forward to the next future Gensis or Azera model. Never by another vehicle, well may be I'll buy two.


Sport Car Excitement

Luxury car that makes you want to drive like its a sport sedan. This car really moves , the acceleration is equal to the Maxima. Excellent all around view. The leather seats are terrific. Manuvering this car in city traffic is a joy, quick response to handling and braking. The power folding side mirrors with turn signals should be standard on the Azera. Great safety feature and really make the car stands out.


You just can't bet the price or value.

After taking a test drive in one of the fewest vehicles that reminds me of a Old School Buick, I was in the mind set that this particular vehicle could not be compared to any other vehicles in its class. Just because when we actually go in to certain dealerships knowing what we will pay for certain vehicles. But with out looking at the sticker, I had my price in mind, and I was only $800 away from sticker. AMAZING!!!