2021 Hyundai Sonata consumer reviews

$23,950 starting MSRP
side view of 2021 Sonata Hyundai
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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Great car

I drove 3500 dually diesels for 25-30 years and then went to a Honda ridgeline 2018 new, love it until I drove my wife’s new car and decided I needed a car. My best friend had a Hyundai and loved it so I did hours of reviews Hyundai vs many others. All factors considered I decided to test drive a few. All things considered the Hyundai won and a low mileage 2021 caught my eye and I got it. After apps 1000 miles I am so glad I got it. Pros and cons Honda (H) push button start Hyundai (hy) key start, H remote start hy no remote start, H good ride hy better ride, H noisy hy less noisy,H electric keypad with gloves on more user friendly for me, hy parking easier, hy cornering better, H acceleration a bit stronger but hy smoother, both get the job done, I am 74 yo so I understand knobology better than the slow digital control for heat radio etc.,hy wins there- breaks equal, dashboard info hy wins, seems to love Google maps tolerates Waze, I prefer Waze. Pros and cons about not locking keys in car - can’t dash out start it w/o leaving key in ignition,physically gettin and out of the vehicle is harder, in a nutshell the things that matter more to me the hy wins so far.The salesman, Lamar was exceptional, a young family man earning a living by hustling but not rushing! Remember Lamar at Southern Auto Group in Newport News VA. Oh and the warranty was winner!



I have been driving Sonata Hybrids since 2011.This one is the BEST. Never a problem and fantastic gas mileage. I'm waiting for my 2024 Sonata Hybrid LTD to arrive


Good car

Im very happy with my new car and recommend it, all the work was very easy And I love it very much, great choice for me


Car review

Great car, but the safety features is to much. It puts emergency break on everytime you park even at the slightest elevation. When you're going down hills it will not let you accelerate to be able to get up the next hill.


Slick looks, jerky power delivery!

The design of this car - inside and out - drew me in. Add to this the comfortable front seats and the pleasant dealer experience, and is was a great start. Like many turbo engine cars, the Sonata is difficult to drive smoothly. Upshifts and downshifts are inconsistent and usually NOT intuitive. Step on the gas pedal...lag, lag, then suddenly power is abruptly present. In normal traffic conditions, when you must continually vary speeds, the 1.6L turbo lag is aggravating. When lifting off the throttle and coasting toward a stoplight, (30 down to approx 18 MPH) the sensation of "drag" or engine braking is annoying, as it scrubs off natural momentum. If you are not sensitive to certain mechanical and momentum-related quirks, the car is great.


2021 Rear doors already rusting.

The rear doors have a drainage problem. They hold water, after a rainstorm. Rust has already begun to form. You open the back doors and several ounces of water run out. Every time. This was an engineering mistake.


Overall, a comfortable vehicle.

My only complaint is the GPS system is not very user friendly. Most of the input is counter-intuitive when trying to enter a destination. Aside from that, the car runs great, handles well and has excellent overall gas mileage. I wish it came with a shift handle rather than the push-buttons on the transmission, but it eventually has sunk in what to reach for. A shift handle can be used without taking one's eyes off the road, but push-buttons can't.


Great vehicle

Great vehicle. Joe Barker in service was very helpful .look forward to owning a hyundai for a very very long time. Recommend to all family and friends.


Outstanding vehicle and value

j Just purchased this car in February but have enjoyed it around town and one longer trip with four in the car. It has met my expectations as i drove a Kona Ultimate for the last 3 years. This car has more features and all excellent: the lane corrector has improved; the parking views improves your view around the car and best is the stop and go speed control. Ride and quietness is great and the Bose speakers have garnered accolades from my riders.


Love this car!

This car is comfortable as a driver, passengers say the same. (Rather luxurious) It has lots of technology I’m still learning- most for safety (like lane corrector). It has a solid, smooth ride. I’ve had it only 3 weeks so dependability is unknown but I’ve had Hyundai before and it was.