2005 Hyundai Tucson consumer reviews

$17,499–$18,999 MSRP range
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84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.2
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Very good truck

I would watch out for the newer ones I hear their are problems but this year was perfect . look up stairs reviews and I'll go from there


Most reliable car I’ve had

I bought the car new. Sixteen years later I still love it. Only problem is maintenance since dealerships apparently don’t like to service old cars. I’ve had to look elsewhere for maintenance


This car is a lemon

This car is garbage. It looks nice on the inside & outside but it's been at the mechanic more than I've actually driven it. 0/10


My first car and it served me well

An amazing first find. I was at Community Auto in Cedar City Utah when two friends and I found it in October of 2015. I test drove it and it fit me like a glove it was that comfortable and handled very well and was very responsive. I financed it and drove it for five years and it served me, my family, and friends well. I had owned it for close to seven months and had the title for it in my possession and I just recently got into an accident with it and it saved me and my passengers from harm. I was very upset and sad to have to let it go as I totaled it as well as the other car I hit. I now have a newer model Tucson (2012) and though it is a step up from my first car (2005), my 05 model was what I got my license in and how I learned to drive. I find myself still wishing I were driving it but it did have some problems, some of which I couldn't fix and others I could. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy a reliable SUV as it exceeded my expectations and I hope yours if you decide to finance it or buy it outright.


Good Condition

This car was very well maintained and in good driving condition. Plenty of leg room in front and back. Car was quite helpful when I had to move apartments.


Tucson Owner Since The Beginning

This car was my parents, and as of 2019 the Tucson is still running strong. There are some notable problems with the car though, mainly consisting of a radio problem that will cause the car to die constantly unless an after-market radio is purchased, and a fuel problem where I have to rev the car for around 5 minutes every time I get gas or else it will die on me. If one of my friends wanted to buy this car, I would tell them they should spend their money elsewhere, mainly because the car is old and most of them probably have many problems by now. The interior of the car looks very nice but is made from really cheap plastics, even where there should be higher quality materials, meaning the interior is very easy to break and comes off as cheap. The cargo area is really spacious and has some lighting and a power output. One thing I very much dislike about this car (though it's mostly a problem with it being old) is the foggy headlights. I can barely see on the road at night if I don't use after-market headlight restorer cream once or sometimes even twice a season. Driving this car is really fun even though it is pretty weak (V6 GLS) because it is small and nimble enough to take corners somewhat fast. I would definitely recommend anyone who gets this car to get the 4WD version because this car does like to skid when taking off at lights or especially on gravel. I really like the exterior styling besides the headlights, the seats are decently comfortable with quite a bit of room, the car is somewhat reliable, but with age has declined, the interior is very cheap but with a nice design, and it is underpowered but somehow still fun to drive in my experience. The car also has good safety ratings and I've never been injured in the 3 (although minor) accidents I've had in this. Overall I give this car a 3/5 TLDR Pros -Still runs some 15 years later -Fun drive -Spacious -Good styling -OK MPG -Safe -Good family car Cons -Headlights fogging up from oxidation -Cheap plastics EVERYWHERE -Weak engine -Stock radio issue -Fueling issue


Most Reliable car I owned

I owned this car for 5 years , never had any problems, very reliable car in very good pricing . I can truly recommend this vehicle.


Love the Car. Don't love the AC problems

We've had this car in our family for years, and over all it has been a great car! It is super cute and drives well! There have been some exterior issues, like the side panels coming off (actually I just had the panels screwed back in place because the clips were so cheap). The inside leather seats also have cracked quite a bit, and there are a couple weird quirks like that. My main complaint though is against the air conditioning, where one of the switches broke, and unlike most cars where you can replace it, you have to replace the entire compressor, which is very expensive. Also had to replace the stereo, because of an electrical issue where it kept killing my battery. I think because I live in Florida some of the cds somehow got melted or warped and messed it up and that might've been the issue vs Hyundai being the issue.


Great dependable car!

This car has fit my needs for 11 years. The seats are comfy, I have never had a major repair, and it has pretty good gas mileage for a 6 cylinder. I like the capacity of the rear trunk area; I can fit a lot of groceries in there!


Love the car but expensive to maintain

Bought it used with 24K miles. Love the v6 and true 4WD (not AWD). Car is an easy driver with good visibility, smooth riding, great steering and comfortable seats. Car is also a snowmobile in the snow and capable in the soft sand in Corolla NC. However, timing belt and water pump at $1,500 every 50k miles? new steering rack and struts at 75K miles for $2500? Now the trani is slipping at 115000 miles, forget about it.....