2010 INFINITI FX35 consumer reviews

$42,850–$44,300 MSRP range
side view of 2010 FX35 INFINITI
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Best vehicle ive owned

I owned a 2003 & loved it. So i updated to a 2011. Overall, I love it! - 1) the night time head light position is low. I cannot see very far in front at night, unless i turn.on brights, which annoys other drivers. 2) Drivers door is heavy & has shut many times on my shin - caused a small fracture last yr 3) The transmission has a lag when taking off.



This is a great vehicle I would just to replace the one I have for a later model. A very reliable car.


Horrible transmission and blind spots.

I tested drove this car and was in love with it. Great power and performance. Once I purchased and started drive normally is when I realized the acceleration was horrible. You step on the gas in January and the car shoots in February. Has power but not when needed. Started hating the car with 3 month. I have a full size Sequoia now and prefer driving it over the FX. I think I am going to be sticking with Lexus and Toyota in the future.


I'm only 5 feet and the car has no leg room

It feels more like a 2 seater because you have no room in the backseat. Would not recommend for a family.


Nice Vehicle!

Bought a 2010 FX35 with 35k and saved a boat load from a new vehicle. Highly recommended vehicle...no complaints so far.


most problems ive ever had

luxury car? ive had nothing but problems and went japanese for reliability. I also went cheaper to be more economical, i average around 10 mpg with mixed driving, didnt expect that! my 08 escalade did better and didnt need premium! my biggest issue is the car hesitates starting, my record is 8 attempts b4 starting and has been to the dealer 3 times with nothing resolved! when it does start, after driving and shutting it off the car usually claims its not in park and gives this annoying noise! both very frustrating and (starting) dangerous! i can keep going back to the dealer but for what? they cant fix it! so its just a waste of gas and time! also had the tranny stuck in 2nd gear, thank god i was on local streets and not the highway... this is by far the least reliable car i've owned and i've had a range rover! dealer seems nice but cant seem to fix the issues which is all i really want! a friend of mine has a g37 and complains about some of the same issues so to me it seems infiniti has some issues that they arent owning up 2! a car can be the best but if it doesnt start whats the point? i also dont find the interior comfortable at all! the driver compartment i cant seem to get comfortable in and im average size. passenger seat has weird humps on the floor where i have to stretch my feet further than i would normally place them and a honda crv has a more comfy rear seat! this is literally the worst car ive owned and im stuck in this lease for another year, hopefully with these list of issues im having they let me out or replace it, but luxury to me is the complete experience including issues getting resolved when they should, they sure know time is money, the hourly rate would tell you that! unfortunately they dont apply that to their customers especially once your stuck with them!


2010 with premium package

drive and performs like a sportscar,very luxurious interior and unique/modern exterior styling that make other current SUV's look like boxes with wheels...i love every minute on it and loaded with advance sefety and convienience features.my only gripe are gas mileage and bouncy ride on bumpy roads(ok on potholes and road cracks fortunately)but otherwise if you want a fast muscular ride but needs a more space for your baggage and necessities then what are you waiting for!!!


Went from a 1991 accord to a 2010 almost new Fx35

My first time buy a car over internet and in another countrynever thought i would spent 41400$ and would do it again saved big time money


Best mid-size SUV

WOW! what an extraordinary machine....best of both world, sport and roominess... This thing handles and drives like a 350Z yet have the room and cargo space of a range rover.....The 7 speed transmission is outstanding. Quickly shifts with precision and smoothness. The Nav is on point, the system sounds like you have subs in the back, the camera system is a must (no more getting out to look to see how close you are), and the quilted stitching on the leather is something you only see in high end cars..anyhow, i can on and on but if you are in the market for a mid-size SUV, then I urge you to at least go test drive the 2010 FX35.


FX35 is best in class IMO

I've researched and driven many cars prior to purchasing my 2010 FX35. I've looked at Lexus, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Acura, and Mercedes. Each manufacturer has their own niche', but the FX35 has the best blend of luxury, sport, and technology. This car is very masculine and fun to drive. I highly recommended it!