2009 INFINITI FX50 consumer reviews

$58,400 starting MSRP
side view of 2009 FX50 INFINITI
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.9
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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"Powerful, safety, style and comfort

Very well put together for transporting friends , my son and the dog in comfort, safety and style. Exceeded my expectations, which were high to start with! Like it?, you buy it.


Extremely Sporty and Fun to Drive

I purchased my FX50S used a few years ago. It was a one-owner car in excellent condition. I test drove other sport style SUVs, but nothing came close in performance to the FX50S. Acceleration and handling are exceptional. Interior is luxurious and interior storage capacity is surprisingly large. All-in-all, a great family car.


My New Whip!

After trading in my F-150, I always wanted one of these since they debuted in 2009. I had it a month and I really love it. I have the "S" model with the Sport & Tech package and it is a joy to drive. I do have an issue trying to connect my IPod Nano to the pigtail being that it is suited for older Ipods. Hopefully I can find an adapter that will play and charge my Nano. I haven't pushed it yet but this thing is fast as heck. I will install a tow hitch for light duty and upgrade the brakes. Other than that, I love my purchase and will plan on keeping it until the wheels fall off.


Best SUV ever

I just got this vehicle yesterday and flew to pick it up and drove 675 miles back same day. Have been looking for a while an SUV that has more horsepower than my previous 07 acura mdx sport pkg that I found BMW X5 2007 with V8 engine better horsepower than MDX, but found out on internet reviews many owners of X5 very disappointed with repair bills and problems that X5 have, poor reliability. So finally I found 2009 FX50S loaded with Sport and Technology package. It drives like BMW to me but just without that BIG REPAIR BILLS. I bought it for me, but after my wife saw it first day on our driveway she said: It's mine. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT........


FX50 Performs

If you are looking for an inexpensive ride, this will probably not be your choice, but this SUV is sharp looking and is a real performer. When my Monte Carlo SS got totaled, I started looking for a luxury perofrmance sedan. A consumer magazine suggested the Infiniti M series, but I saw the FX series at the dealership. After trying to get a reasonable price and delivery date for the vehicle I wanted (the salesman kept trying to sell me what they had on the lot), I started looking at used vehicles. While I had been interested in a new FX37, 2013 is the first year for that model. I then started considering a used FX50, with 390hp instead of 325 for the FX37 at a cost of 2mpg for the AWD. The FX50 base model comes with the equipment I had to pay extra for on the FX37. This thing moves--and has the luxury I was looking for. I purchased a 2009 model for approximately 1/2 the cost of a 2013 model. The reviews and specs are consistent with my experience (mileage and performance). The ride about town is a bit stiff and I've had to relearn my foot control on the accelerator. My FX50 has the heated/cooled seats I wanted, the seats are extremely comfortable as is the seating position. On the open road ride is much smoother and comfortable. I use my old iPhone 3G as an iPod. The FX50 has an iPhone connector in the console, but it does not charge the 3G or my new iPod-nano, even with the adapters (the first negative on this vehicle--bummer) even though the system controls DO work. Dealer says there is no solution in the works. If you can live with these negatives (vehicle has CD player, MusicBox (which must be loaded from CDs) and compact flash player for music options in addition to the iPod connection (sans charging)), this is a fun car to drive.


Best Car I've Ever Owned!

This car is amazing. I was first attracted to it because of it's high safety ratings, but soon found that the performance and handling are superb. I test drove nearly every crossover vehicle on the market, and this was by far the best. (even over the Porche Cayenne) The safety features are too many to even list, the interior is luxurious and controls intuitive. I tested everything from the Hyundai Tucson to the Porche Cayenne, Lexus, BMW, Cadillac, (and everything in between: Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, ) and found that the performance and handling of this car topped them all. The all wheel drive and independent rear steering make the car drive like its on rails. In comparison, the Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota & Acura felt light in the front end, like they wanted to float over the road instead of the solid road hugging feeling that the FX & Cayenne gave. The one complaint that I have seen mentioned in other reviews is that the ride is a bit stiff. This depends on your point of view. This crossover handles like a sports car. It does not have the soft mushy suspension of a typical luxury car. If you prefer a very soft ride you may prefer something else. If your want a crossover that handles like a sports car, this can't be beat. One note, the 21" wheels on the FX 50 S do increase the interior noise level. I found it a worthwhile trade. Others may be bothered by it. The one area that this vehicle falls a tiny bit short is cargo space. Due to the sloping sporty exterior styling, you do loose a bit of height in the cargo area. I have not found it to be a problem, as the seats do fold down if you need to load large items, but depending on your needs, this might be an issue. I actually prefer more cargo space, but after driving this car I realized that I would rather leave things behind that have to give up this performance and handling. Love it, love it, love it.


Liking my 50

I've had the cross over for about 90 days and have enjoyed it. The power is fabulous, technology is great and handling is a dream. A few concerns: Tires are an expensive replacement with few options but I knew that going in based on other reviews. I've had some rough downshifts from 2nd to 1st. Everything else is great.


Best highway cruiser by a Texas mile

Have owned and pushed to their limits many performance cars so I was looking for something bigger that could cut the mustard. This CUV drives like a performance sedan while having the ground clearance and visibility of a truck. The sport version gives you the best of both worlds. Driving it around town causes you to be a better driver with the Lane Departure and Impact Prevention options turned on so you dont ever get too close to the driver in front of you or wander out of your lane. If only every other car on the road had this. Driving it on the highway is where it really shines and with all the technology features aboard, the car nearly drives itself while you sit in absolute comfort letting the miles quickly roll by. Need passing power, this car has it in droves, as well as the braking power to stop it just as quickly. I would not have any other car for cross country excursions. You will never find another car that makes you feel like you are driving the safest vehicle on the road that can turn into a beast when needed.


Excellent car...better price tag.

The FX50 is very comfortable to drive. The interior is full of high tech features, a lot of which are standard. The FX50's performance is amazing and is by far the best value when looking at luxury SUVs.


FX 50S

The 5 liter V8 with 390HP is a huge upgrade from the FX35. 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, 155 MPH top speed, 7 speed paddle shifter and giant brakes. This rides better, handles better due to the adaptive suspension. Nav system with ipod interface works flawless. The front, rear and side cameras make parking in tight spaces or your garage a breeze. This is truly "Mom's Muscle Car"