2012 INFINITI M37 consumer reviews

$47,700 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 M37 INFINITI
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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M37 Sport

I use to own a 2011 Infiniti M37S and I can some it up in one word Outstanding. I test drove every car in its class and choose the M37S and I am glad I did. The car was totaled the safety feature did it's job for a head on collision and the windshield didn't even crack. If I find a Storm Front Grey M37S I will buy another one.


Loved it and im looking to buy another one

The car is beautiful it meet all my needs and im looking to purchase another one in the future but just a different color definitely would recommend it to a friend


Most comfortable car I've ever driven.

I have driven this car from Mass to Florida many times, and have never had an achy back or any discomfort. This car is the way to go, gives most bang for your money. Only downfall is oil in the 3.7L needs to be changed every 3k miles. I love my car!


Solid Car @ at great value

Sporty, roomy, super comfortable, and very reliable. Also, low cost to maintain. This is my third one. I traded my second one in for a Lexus lease, and couldn't wait to end that lease and get back into this car.


My second Infiniti. Most Reliable cars I?ve owned.

Fantastic car with great features and ride. It gets around 21 MPG, Very comfortable and quiet. Has a lot of safety features and a beautiful interior.


Built to tell its younger brother to calm down

I love Infiniti--they do great-looking cars that feel wonderful to be in and hold their own with the big dogs. If there are two bodies where Infiniti really nailed design--and I mean turn your head while driving nailed it--it would be the 2010 G coupe and the 2011-2013 run of the M series. I used to own a 2007 G35S 6MT and it roared. This guy is like that car, but grown up and calmed down a bit, but that's understandable given greater curb weight (3850-ish to the G's 3500-ish) pushed by not a whole lot more power (330 hp versus the G's 306) and nearly identical torque. In some ways it's better--bigger wheels offer a smoother ride, the console looks and feels more grown-up (after I once rode a loaner M37 I always felt my G's console looked a bit dorky), the interior is simply bigger and more lush. But alas, not all that is bigger is better. The greater power-to-weight ratio of the G35S means the M37 feels sluggish by comparison, and there's simply no way to compare the driving experience of an auto-manual transmission to the electric charge of the G's six-speed manual--with the former it's like you're sending orders to the transmission through a drive-in window. Maybe that's a big harsh, but there's a learned art to controlling the gearing at lower speeds with an auto-manual--it generally consists of telling the transmission to stay the frick put--that just feels silly compared to real shifting. Not sure if it's specific to my copy or the model in general, but slowing quickly in full automatic transmission (not tree-falling-in-front-of-you quickly, but just slowing faster than normal) tends to cause the transmission to drop gears too fast, resulting in high revving, which makes me worry about stress on the gearing. Another oddity that was specific to my car but seemed like a forgivable sin was a programming error that caused the battery to drain sharply. My dealer fixed it immediately and no problems since. This is much more of a family car--more space, great lines, very nice ride with an outrageous Bose sound system (14 speakers) that's perfectly acceptable audio overkill. Still, sometimes when I'm out with this one, I find myself thinking about the other one that I used to go out with. Is that bad?


Best Car I have ever owned!

Just turned 56,000 miles. Best car I owned, beating out by a long shot 05 Acura TL. The M37x was bought 1 year and 18k miles used. It has never needed anything besides the regular stuff. Very comfortable, very fast, great highway car. I have replaced tires in last year, the rear brakes (front still ok) in last 3 months, one battery (lasted 5 year) and oil changes. That's it. No warranty issues. Nothing broken. Only my dings, dents and some hail damage. Complaints - gas mileage is not as good as factory indicates in city. When battery was going bad all the electrical was going haywire. Nothing worked. I looked online and people said change battery and all ok. One would think with all the bells and whistles they could have critical battery notice. Some of the road sensing features don't work well on country curvy roads. Love this car!


Incredible car

This car has everything and more. Power, leg room, heated and cooled seats, and it even has a heated steering wheel for those cold winter mornings.


Great car!!!!

It is a great car! Fast and luxurious. It fun to drive and is a head turner. Has all the bells and whistles!


Fantastic car. The BEST value ever.

The best car Ive owned so far to date. Lafferty Chevrolet was fantastic to deal with. Had I not saw the listing at cars.com I never would have known about this vehicle. I drove five hours one way to get this Infiniti g37x. It was well worth it.