1995 Isuzu Trooper consumer reviews

$22,670–$25,560 MSRP range
side view of 1995 Trooper Isuzu
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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95 Trooper S...Tough

Purchased used at 10 years old and 95K miles; A/C compressor was seized; all else good: Our beloved "Trooper" is a tank. She now has 215,000 miles and running strong. Over the years, repairs have been made, but all due to parts that naturally wear out - clutch, radiator, timing belt, water pump, etc. She has never left us stranded. So much room for midsize SUV! Fun to drive, 5spd manual. Every winter I pray for snow. In 4x4, nothing can beat Trooper...fughettaboutit. Yes, she leaks a little oil, mpg could be better, a tad under-powered and the lifters sound like a one-man band with a diesel snare drum, but hey, she just keeps chugg'n. Style: Very cool boxy look, sexy. Reliability: Excellent Interior: Huge utility space MPG: 16 - 19 Troopers are getting more rare every year. That's another reason they rate high on the "cool" factor. Contrary to what some suggest about the scarcity of parts, that might be true for a few components, like ECMs, timing covers, etc. Still, most parts are easily available from aftermarket manufacturers and parts stores. Anybody can operate a Toyota. Be different. Be bold. Get a Trooper.


Better than an F-150

I bought this car used a year ago I bought the F-150 used 6 months ago my trooper lives up to its name his been a trooper. My F-150 however has given me more problems in 30 days then my trooper has any year. It is more reliable more fuel efficient low maintenance I'd rather own a fleet oh 99 Isuzu troopers then own one single Ford F-150. I'd rather sell my 2015 Ford then to ever get rid of my trooper.


Form following function

I purchased this truck (it's on a frame, not a unibody) new in 1996. It had been sitting on the dealer's lot for 18 months, and I got it for well below sticker. That weekend, totally misunderstanding the depth of our insurance coverage, we took it onto Strawberry trail in the Sierras - a serious 4x4 trail near its more famous sibling the Rubicon. It was rail buggies, modified CJ's, and us in our white freaking yuppie SUV that still had the cardboard placards for license plates! Lol! We camped two nights, crawled our way out, and knowing what it could do, I've trusted the Trooper ever since - often heading down roads where I didn't know what was ahead, but knew I couldn't turn around if it was bad. Only had to back out once that I recall. It's been from Port Hardy to Key West, driven on the beaches of the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf, and has the mass and features which provide my family with a degree of safety that no economy car can match. Which is to say the mileage S-U-C-K-S! 13/16... Two tips that can save you a lot of $$$ in repairs: 1. If the brake light fuse blows, the transmission will go into limp mode. This is easily mistaken (passed off) as a bad transmission 2. If the engine starts making a loud slapping noise that goes away over 2500RPM, it's the timing belt tensioner pusher, and not a thrown rod.


The Undeserved Bad Reputation SUV

The Isuzu Trooper was given bad reviews by Consumer Reports. However the Isuzu Trooper does what it was designed to do very well. On the Highway it giver a smooth ride, (Remember shocks do not last forever, and should be replaced every 50,000 miles.) The seats are firm but comfortable. I have driven 400 miles on a day. Instrument cluster is easy to read at a glance. Off road they perform very well. I have gone to the same trails Jeeps go without problems. You have a good 24"inches of suspension articulation to play with. You can fit 33" tires without a lift. If you want suspension lift you can change the rear springs and adjust ride height with the torsion bars on the front. You can easily take on 12 -16 inches of water, (Always use caution and common sense when driving on water) As far as styling goes, the look of the Trooper is a classic SUV. Nothing extravagant or fancy. But everything is functional. Depending in your area you can buy a used Trooper for a good barging. The BIG plus about Isuzu is how reliable they are. I keep up with maintenance, and I have not needed any major repair at 160K miles. The engine seems bullet proof. The transmission does require service. If you don't keep up on Transmission service, you will end up needing a new or rebuilt transmission. I commute every day and on weekends we go outdoors and camping. We go to the desert, the mountains, the lake. We have fun with our Trooper. I wish the Trooper had more power... But who can have enough power? The Trooper spins the rear tires when you take off hard and does 80 mph on the highway... It's not a race car right? When you have it in 4WD Low it's like a little tank. I do recommend friends looking for a used medium size SUV to consider the Trooper. Take care of it and it will not disappoint!!!


Great Vehicle for the Money - would buy again

The Trooper is a "boxy but good" sorta SUV. It has alot of room inside especially when you fold down the rear seats (like the old station wagons in the 60's and 70's). The seats are firm, but comfortable. Guages and engine information is easily visible. Supprized by the little things that were included, like powered folding mirrors with heat too. Interior layout is smartly done. Grab handles in all the right places. The mechanical systems have been very reliable for me, just routine recommended maintenance. The 4WD has some really great features that help with driving on slippery roads. Mine was the LS model. Purchased it with 104K milers and drove until 198K when it was totaled in a traffic accident. Holds up well to a T-bone roll over. Driver had only bruises. The engine was still running while upside down and had to turn off the ignition. Recommend adding a full width brush guard and P265/75R16 tires.


Most Reliable Car I've Owned

I've had my Trooper for fifteen years, bought it used. It has 147,000 miles on it, and if I could still get parts easily and had a reliable person to work on it, I'd keep it another 147K miles or till I keel over, whichever comes first. I haul lots of large canvases and paint, etc. yet also treat the leather seats with great gentleness: this vehicle has been the all-things-to-all people car for me. It uses a bit of oil and some transmission fluid, but if I were that old, I would too.


Super Trooper

This truck rides smooth, is GREAT in the snow (4x4) and had NEVER left me stranded! Very reliable truck. No major repairs. Great for everyday use! I recommend.


For a 19 year old car- it's great!

I needed a vehicle that can haul a wheelchair and that my wife can get into fairly easily. And due to severe money issues, this fits the bill! Yeah, I know it's a Body-on-frame 4x4, but darn it- it' a vehicle I would have bought new! Instead, I found this Salvation Army auction car at a rural wholesale dealer & paid $1800 for it. The body is great (a few minor paint nicks- no dents!), all glass is intact, A/C works great, interior is SUPER! The %-speed tranny shifts crisply, it has 5 new Michelin tires... and the only leak is a minor drip from the Power Steering Pressure Switch- not a major item- I'm waiting on a replacement one. (Many parts will interchange with the Honda Passport & Acura SLX!) Fuel mileage ain't the best, but better than my 2000 F-150, and it gets better the more I get back into using a 5-speed manual! I LOVE IT!


Not good

I test drove this car and felt the transmision sliping badly.This car needs to be junked now.How can any one try to sell this car to an unexpecting person or family? my advice is leave this car alone or unless you have the money to fix it then by all means do so