2018 Jaguar E-PACE consumer reviews

$38,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 E-PACE Jaguar
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.0
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best suv ever

above and beyond of any vehicle i ever owned. which includes all american brand suv from navigator to explorer to suburban all trash.and i mean trash.


Pretty Face... Ugly Heart

It is probably the best way to describe this vehicle. My wife and I both loved the way this thing looks. After test driving it and seeing all the standard features that were options on other vehicles we decided to buy it. But my vehicle came with a defect - stains on the headliner from the factory. While the service manager was getting the vehicle detailed he noticed it, brought to my attention and did his best to make first impressions. We brought it back as instructed to have it cleaned (no big deal) but after a week I was informed that it was not possible to remove the stains and that he would need to speak with the sales manager to see if Jaguar would cover the headliner for replacement. Jaguar did not cover the headliner as a warranty item and the dealership decided to have it resurfaced with an aftermarket detail shop. The result has been an off-color shade of grey that is noticeable to me. Wrinkles in the fabric and rubber door weatherstripping that has been warped. Needless to say the ugly heart in this story comes from Jaguar directly. Other issues: I found a loose bolt in the inner door pocket Apple CarPlay crashes ALOT Touch unlock on the outer door doesn't work all the item. Front 12V Power on the dash does not power off with the vehicle Trunk is really tiny - cannot fit 5 bags of groceries.


Well worth the money for the comfort & performance

Overall it?s great. It doesn?t come with Apple play but I can for go that feature considering it didn?t always work in other cars and trucks I?ve driven. My E-Pace S is comfortable find to drive and loaded with nice features. Love how it was designed inside and out. It?s my first Jaguar and I don?t think I?ll be buying any other kind of vehicles if Jaguar vehicles stay like this or get better!


The Absolute Worst Vehicle I Have Owned!

I am actually scared to drive my E-Pace. The engine loses power (both on the freeway and in the city) and no matter how hard I tried to accelerate, the engine would not go over 30-35 mph. This is frightening, especially when on a 5-lane freeway. Jaguar's response, "take it to the dealer, have them ride with you and see if you can replicate the problem." The dealer stated they already aware of the problem and Jaguar is testing a "software patch," so why would I risk my life trying to replicated a problem that they know exists? My E-Pace is literally parked and is only driven when a second vehicle is not available. A horrible vehicle!


Best Compact SUV by a mile; simply outstanding

Pros: Best looking, best handling in class and fun to drive. Stunning looks & style for a SUV, well laid out & comfortable sporty cockpit (F Type copy), good driver visibility, brilliant performance technology, great features, smooth quick-shifting nine-speed transmission, quite nimble, precise steering, super stable braking, great cornering & windy conditions stability, excellent surround camera system, brilliant adaptive cruise control, unbelievable self parking, very good sound system, good interior fit and finish, and great storage capability considering vehicle size. Cons: Little expensive, feathery overly sensitive accelerator pedal (spurts), washed out touchscreen display, windshield blocks radio frequencies, and a few other minor issues listed under, ?Details of Issues?. Overall: A vehicle well suited to city driving and equally at home in the country; but not my first choice for long distance trips (full-size SUV time). The vehicle is best suited to a family of four or less (children and smaller bodies in the rear). The 21 inch wheels provide a great ride in ?Comfort? & ?Dynamic? modes, better than the smaller offerings. Brakes are excellent and feel stable under hard braking. Has ?ECO? mode to improve fuel consumption. 6 -different models and a plethora of options to suit most needs. Has all the latest safety features and collision avoidance. Top model could do with a more powerful motor. It is miles better than the competition. 5 out of 5 if it wasn?t for the touchscreen display washout and the feathery throttle pedal. Bottom Line: If you want the best looking, best handling compact SUV in the world, your search stops here. Details of Issues (nothing major) Expensive Has better performance technology than the competition which costs a little more; but even so, still seems a bit pricey. Windshield Blocks Radio Frequencies The windshield is metalized resulting in the blocking of radio frequencies. There is a small clear patch to place your Toll Tag. So the range of wireless devices will be reduced (up to 95%), including; door and gate openers, phones, RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and medical alert. Feather Light and Overly Sensitive Throttle Pedal Almost no foot feel and too sensitive. A bumpy road, a sharp corner or just acceleration forces can cause unwanted acceleration spurts (jerking). Also, you have to hold your foot up all the time when just cruising. It feels unnatural and a little uncomfortable. Thank goodness for the excellent adaptive cruise control. Touchscreen Washout The touchscreen difficult to see in bright daylight and is barely visible in bright sunny conditions. The problem is that the display sits angled almost flat well ahead of the roofline and there is no sunshade, so the sun shines right on it. Accentuated by no high contrast color scheme option, just ?Light? (light pastel) or ?Dark?. It?s fine at night or on dreary days. Windshield Reduces Night Vision The windshield is metalized to block UV rays which it does well. It also cuts down visible light reducing normal vision just like sunglasses or regular window tint does. The problem is that it also reduces vision at night too when you need maximum clarity. Road Noise Road (tire) noise is noticeable and could benefit from improved floor and wheel arch insulation. Automatic Relocking & Arming Only the dealership can turn it on or off. I can see the reason for automatic locking and arming in high crime areas. In the country, the automatic system is annoying and inconvenient. There should be an easy way to turn the feature on and off. Door Locked Condition Indicator No visible external indicator that the doors are locked (except the folding door mirrors). In a noisy bright light situation, it?s difficult to see (light flash) or hear the doors lock. Automatic Power Fold Door Mirrors Useful option, but it can only be turned on and off by the dealership? Keyless Door Locking Keyless locking is overly complicated and imprecise (Unlocking is great). The manual goes into detail not to grab the door handle while touching the lock sensor. In reality, it is only necessary to be lightly touching the handle for the sensor not to work; or if your finger touches a little outside of the sensor area. One could turn on the auto locking full time, but that causes other irritating convenience issues. Restricted Driver?s Foot Well No good place to put your left foot if you have long legs. Wheel well intrudes into this space. I guess people with long legs shouldn?t drive compact SUVs on long trips. Reflections from Bright Shiny Bezels Reflection in driver?s side mirror from bright shiny driver?s side air vent bezel. Can be a distraction. Reflections from bright shiny bezels (air vents and display) on front windshield. Driver?s Maximum Seat Height The front dash and side windows sills are quite high. I found that with the seat all the way up, I still felt like I was sitting a bit too low (1 inch).


Such a fun and sporty car!

I went to the dealership to get a Discovery ( I was trading in my Porsche Cayenne) but once I saw the E Pace on the showroom floor, I knew I had to have it. The SE is fast has all the bells and whistles plus 5 USB ports. Jaguar also adds subtle ?Jaguars? throughout the car... from the mother and baby Jag on the windshield, to the puddle light, the outline of. Jag where the rear view mirror is and one on each brake light! Everyone compliments me on its appearance! I just love it


Awesome Car

Best car I have ever owned. Have the R- Dynamic and its fast, handles amazing, has awesome tech and features. Costs a lot and we will see how it holds up in the reliability department, but otherwise I highly recommend!


Perfect styling & contemporary requirement profil

Perfect styling in a contemporary requirement profile It just fits everything. A perfect all-round SUV. Not too big, great handling, great driving experience, comfortable and of course with a touch of regal image .... Unbelievable what this vehicle offers for noble predicates. As the owner of so far 6 different Jaguar's the best you can imagine.