2016 Jaguar XF consumer reviews

$51,900–$54,900 MSRP range
side view of 2016 XF Jaguar
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 3.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.2
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Great driver

Great driver , like it so far. Great driver , like it so far . Great driver , like it so far . Nice looks


Gorgeous sedan

Anything most people would want in a luxury sedan is present in the XF. Another attraction is the you stand out because one is not seen on every corner. Many compliments will come your way.


Has a sporty drive feel when driving

Vehicle is very comfortable and the performance is outstanding. From the exterior to the interior the car looks and feels like a sporty luxury car. If your looking for an XF with all the extra features I recommend the XF Prestige model.


Unique styling, a real head turner

The Jaguar has plenty of power, gets great gas mileage, and looks like few other cars. The interior is luxurious, and it handles the road very well. I would highly recommend this car to any sports car enthusiast.



This vehicle is made to move, and move quickly, from point A to point B. In comfort and style, it should be one of the highest rated vehicle in its class, over Audi & Mercedes. Great reliability, it's one car company who has learned it's lesson over the years in quality and customer satisfaction.


Well put together and looks good

I just stumbled across the XF while I was looking for a Mercedes E350. When I drove it I was hooked. I have the supercharged 6 and it has all the power I need. This year and model has really good looking lines. I am very happy with my Jag.


Top notch materials with excellent ride/handling

Overall this car is fantastic, Anyone looking for a comfortable and capable Mid Size luxury sedan should really give Jaguar a second look! The XF was restyled for 2016 with all aluminum body. Tight as can be, 17k miles now with no squeaks to be spoken of. The ride quality is incredible, even with the 20" wheels my S model has, the ride is the best I have ever experienced this side of a maybach, defiantly better than any comparable German sedan. Power is good from the supercharged V6 at 380hp, though I do still wish for the option of the supercharged V8 that was available in previous years, honestly anyone who is looking at a vehicle of this caliber should not have to worry much about fuel consumption and for the MSRP of over 70k a little more power would be nice. The 8 speed transmission works well and is very responsive in all situations, skipping gears on hard downshifts and performing completely seamless up shifts in traffic, and it is competitive at 5 seconds to 60, though with a little abuse I have managed 4.7 with my gps. Handling is something that continues to amaze me, a vehicle this large, comfortable, and heavy should not be able to hold a line around a corner the way this car does. The magnetic dampers, combined with the torque vectoring all wheel drive system enable it to bend the laws of physics, I can only imagine what it would be capable of with some summer rubber as mine is equipped with the Pirelle all seasons. Only issues with the vehicle have been minor electrical hiccups which are to be expected from any vehicle, though nothing that has ever been more than an annoyance. Mirror not returning to the normal position following reverse dip, infotainment taking longer than expected to load, and poor gps directions with multiple reroutes have been the most of it. Overall it ticks almost all of the boxes. Comfortable for a 10 hour trip, large enough trunk to hold weekend luggage for 4 with ease. Most powerful 6 cylinder in its class. Acceptable fuel economy. Premium interior materials and construction, with the little bits of flair that make it stand out from its competition (moving ac vents, pulsing start/stop button, rising shift selector). Exceptional handling ability, sharp automatic transmission, and the best electric power steering I have ever felt. Jaguar, Give us the option of V8 power in the XF! You already have the best mid sized sedan platform, and the best sounding V8 available today. Put two and two together and they won't be able to build enough.


Handles like a dream.

As far as fantasy cars go, this Jag is just the bees knees. ... Giggity... Allll right. In overall pretentiousness, it's right up there, 'ol bean.